Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely Translation

Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely [Chapter 2]

From her words I have grasped the current situation.

First, I must have died in my previous life. After all, it’s hard to imagine that I could survive after colliding with that truck. Second, with how this maid named Mary was addressing me – “Ojou-sama” – I must have become the daughter of a wealthy household.

Mary left the room exclaiming that she needed to call “Master and Madam.”

My parents will be arriving soon, before that I have to take a look at my current appearance.

Getting up from my bed, I walk towards the full-length mirror.

“…Is this me? This countanence, I know it…!!! That’s right! From the otome game that Erika was playing…”

In my past life, Erika was my best friend. She was an otaku who often encouraged me to play otome games. But I was never good at them and I preferred novels.

This was the figure of the villainess from the otome game that my best friend played.

“No way…I reincarnated as a villainess.”

Though I understand that I’ve been reincarnated as the villainess, I’ve never played the actual game itself. I only know second hand information from what my friend told me.

‘I know that the villainess is engaged to either the Prince or Marquis depending on the route, but it’s a bad ending for her, because her engagement is canceled. It’s the heroine that gets a happy ending.’

I don’t know the actual contents, only that she meets a bad end. I might have been able to avoid it if I knew the cause, but I don’t know the details at all.

“There’s no choice but to live freely…Let’s not get engaged.”