Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely Translation

Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely [Chapter 7]

Finally, the day had arrived!

That’s right! Today was my sixth birthday. Previously, I had asked my father for a pet and received an immediately positive response after playing cute.

I’ve been waiting excitedly since then.

“Allen! Today is my birthday! It’ll be the special day that I receive a pet!”

“Rose-sama, congratulations! You’ve been looking forward to it this entire time.”

“Yeah! I wonder what kind of animal father has prepared? Though, I’m confident that I can love it no matter what kind it is.”

“I’m looking forward to it…However, I’ll be lonely if you spend all your time with them so please remember to spend some time with me as well, okay?”

“Of course! Allen and I will be raising them together after all. It’ll be fun.”

“…That’s not what I mean though…”

“Huh? Did you say something?”

I couldn’t make out Allen’s last words because they were so quiet but decided not to worry about it after he said: “it’s nothing.”

Kon kon.[1]

“Milady? May I enter?”

“Ah! Mary! What’s the matter?”

“Milady, happy birthday. The Master and Madam are calling for you.”

Mary’s birthday greeting made me very happy. As for my parents calling, it couldn’t be about anything other than my request.

“I’m coming immediately, let’s go Allen.”

Allen and I followed Mary to the living room where my mother and father were waiting.

“Master, Madam, Milady has arrived.”

Mary opened the door to the living room; my parents were sitting together on the sofa.

“You’ve come. Happy birthday my adorable Rose!”

“My cute, cute Rose, happy sixth birthday!”

With those words, my parents hugged me and I felt a warm feeling enveloping my heart.

“Father, mother, thank you very much.”

“…Now, about that matter. Do you remember?”

“Yes! I remember.”

“Fufu, your eyes are sparkling. You were really looking forward to this, huh. It’s really frustrating that she went to you. I wanted to see the cute face Rose made when asking too.”

My mother repeatedly shifted her gaze between my father and me, her cheeks puffed out in protest. My mother was such a beautiful person that it made it difficult for me to look her in the eye.

“I-I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! T-then Rose. I brought the animal like you wanted, so please close your eyes.”

Apparently my father couldn’t meet my mother’s gaze right now either, so he averted his eyes and apologized before turning to me.

I closed my eyes like father had asked and awaited his next words.

“…Rose, you can open your eyes now.”

What kind of animal is waiting for me, I wonder. A puppy? A kitten? Or in anticipation for the future, is it something like a horse? Ehh— I wonder what it could be.

With those expectations, I slowly opened my eyes. In front of me was…

[1] Sound effect for knocking on a door

Notes: Oh Allen…hang in there (´∀`)