The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

5. Lizette’s Battle and her Master


Lizette’s sword pierces through a Black Monster’s throat.

The small “Black Goblin’s” blood sprays out as it collapses.

Ten monsters remain.


A child’s voice cries out from behind the Black Monsters.

Just as Lizette thought, the children from the village are surrounded by the “Black Goblins”.  They are at the rock pit by the edge of the forest. 

As this is the foot of a rocky mountain, a spring flows down nearby.  The surrounding pools are for catching large fish. The children probably came to catch something for their family to eat.  We’re currently in an important period, so it’s understandable that the children have a desire to provide their family with delicious food.


[Didn’t I say children aren’t to approach the waterfall?]

That’s another story.

When you have to scold, you have to scold properly.

[When there are no adults around here, Lizette is everyone’s guardian! I will scold you later. Is that okay!? Answer me!]

Lizette puffs out her chest and yells.

[[[We’re sorry!]]]

[Good answer.]

『Gugara~tsu! ?』

During the time the children are apologizing, Lizette leaps off a monster’s body and lands in front of the children.

[Are you guys injured? You’re safe now!]

[[[Yes, Lizette-sama!!!]]]


While nodding to the children, Lisette readies her sword.  She wears a smile to keep them from worrying, but her forehead… sweating.

Lizette jumped over the monsters to meet up with the children.  Naturally, she is also now surrounded by them.

(I need to buy time for the villagers to arrive…..)

Nine enemies still remain.

Lizette’s stepping stool is currently rolling on the ground in tremendous pain. By cutting off its ear during her jumped, she was able to slightly decrease the fighting power of the monsters.

[…And there’s another injured monster over there.]

Lisette looks at the enemy in the centre of the monsters.

It’s big for a goblin. It has thick legs and wears metallic accessories on its head. Not only that, it also gives a different impression from the ones surrounding it.  It is stronger than them and is enveloped within a dark aura. Just looking at it makes you understand how strong it is.

But that monster is also missing its left arm.

[That’s a black goblin lord. The one who cut off its arm is quite skilled.]

We are in critical period now, so almost every man from the village is out.

The one who cut off the black goblin lord arm is a strong person.  Only one person other than Lizette can do that, but this definitely cannot be her.  She prefers using blunt weapons. After her…….

[….Could it have been….. Shoma-sama?]

Within Lizette’s head appears the face of a man she just met.

He’s a mysterious person.

When he emerged from the “Dragon Temple”, Lizette really thought he was the reincarnation of the Dragon Emperor.

The Dragon Emperor should have the same silver hair and purple eye like Lizette, but Shoma-sama had nothing in common with me…..

But even so, why does Lizette feel like he’s the reincarnation of the Dragon Emperor?

Is it because Shoma-sama came out from the “Dragon Temple”?

Even so, why does Lizette feel so close to him?

[Our fun has been taken away…]

The black goblin lord opens its mouth and spits out foul words with a rough voice.

[This place is our lord’s territory. All one who trespass will be eaten.]

[This is the place where Lizette and the others live.  It’s the territory of the “Hazama” village!]

[A aijin! One below humans is talking!]


The black goblins attack at the lord’s shout.

[—Wake up——Dragon blood–]

Lizette takes a deep breath and concentrates magic power into her right hand.

[Take this! “Dragon Scale”!!]


Lizette shocks the monsters by stopping a sword with her palm.

Riin, a clear chime rings out.

Appearing upon Lizette’s palm are pearl coloured scales, her “Dragon Scales”.

It stopsthe black goblin’s sword. 

Not even a cut from a rusty sword can harm the “Dragon Scale”.

Lizette just takes the monster’s attack and counters with a kick.  The Black Goblin, who’s posture broke with the attack, gets struck without mercy in the back of the neck.


The “Black Goblin” rolls over the ground and falls into the waterfall’s mouth. Lizette can’t confirm its death before readying her blade to engage the next enemy.  All she can do is verify the safety of the children by her side. As children born in that chaotic world, they are forced to gather together as the goblins wielding weapons draw closer.

 [I said get out of my way, little girl!]

The Black Goblin lord jumps forward and swings its sword.

Lizette dodges by leaping back.  Its swing is weak, leaving her ample time to evade. It must not be used to fighting with one arm yet.

Lizette would have been in danger if it still had both arms.  She can’t take a goblin lord’s full powered swing.

[Flame of purification that purifies the monsters——right here!]

Lizette casts a spell.

Magical power gathers around her hand to produce a blue flame ball.

[Take this! “Purifying flame”!]

Lizette strikes the spell against the goblin lord’s face.


The goblin lord screams in pain as its skin burns, but the flame is weak.  That is a spell used for purifying items. 

The flames soon fade, taking the skin from the goblin lord’s face as they disappear.  This only gives us a small gap.

[——Lizette will open a blood path. Use it to escape and run to the village.]


[There’s no time to hesitate, hurry!]

Lizette yells at the children, urging them to be ready.

The chance arrives as the monsters begin to move.  Although Lizette is still wary of the lord, she must take this opportunity to break open a path for the children.

[….I can do this. I’ll do it. I have to do it.]

Lizette grips her sword with both hands.

[Don’t run away!]


The Lord’s loud voice echoes as the goblins begin to attack.

Lizette pushes the children onward with her hand.

[Let’s go everyone.]


[Don’t worry, believe in my body’s dragon bloodline.]

[That’s not it…]



The children point behind Lizette.

To be precise, in direction of the small pathway leading to the village.

[[[Who’s he, Lizette-sama?]]]

A black haired man hurries down the pathway.

[–Sorry. I’m late.]



Two goblins are blown away without trouble from a body blow.  The attack comes from a man with “Dragon Scales” running along his arm.


The pair of goblins fall into the waterfall and get washed away.

[I’m still learning how to use this power, so I couldn’t run very well. The pathways around here aren’t straight……if I run full force, I’ll crash into a tree.]

While mumbling, the man comes in front of Lizette and swings a sword he takes out from nowhere.

A goblin gets hit on the arm, is blown away, and stops moving.  His sword skill is awful. He uses it like a blunt weapon and simply hits his targets using pure power. The bitter smile he gives Lizette and the children is born from his own understanding of that shortcoming.

Despite that, he looks so reliable to Lizette that she wants to cry.

[Anyway, I came to help.]


Lizette stares at his shining arms.

Even though his dragon scales are the same as the kind on her hand, his cover his entire arms. Lizette hasn’t reached that level yet. Furthermore, his movements are same as, or even better, than Lizette’s. That means he has instantaneous and explosive power comparable to dragon blood.

[…..As I suspected, Shoma-sama is of the same race as Lizette.]

[Sorry, but it’s a bit different. I’ll explain later.]

Shoma gives his head a troubled scratch.

[And I’m not used to fighting yet.  It’ll be a big help if you can teach me how.  I don’t know if I’ll be any good at this, but at least I can help out.]


Lizette wipes off her unexpected tears and grips her sword.  She stays close to the person who might be of the same bloodline as Lizette and forms a wall to protect the children.

[This Lizette Luge will follow the lead of Shoma-sama.]

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