The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

4. The Girl who Succeeded the Dragon Bloodline and the Future of the Summoned

[…..Erm… are?….]

She is a pretty girl.

Her purple eyes are wide open as stare at me while her silver hair entangles over her pearl white cheek.

She also has a pair of special ears.  They are a bit sharp, but also short.  Their ends even almost look like the tips of crystals.

She looks a bit like a dragon.  Is it because she inherited the bloodline of the “Dragon Emperor”?

Her height is slightly lower than mine.

She isn’t moving move.  Is it because she is surprised, or she is afraid of me?  Although if this where in my original world, now would be the right time for her to scream.


Her purple eyes shine as she speaks.

[So, Ryuutei-sama responded to Lizette’s wish and sent the chosen one to this place….?]

[No, you’re wrong.]

For the time being, I need to deny it first.

I step back, slowly, while raising both my hands to show a harmless pose.

In order to not scare the girl, I put some distance between us.

[My name is…… Kiryou Shoma. I’m a traveller. While I was lost, I came across this building and spent the night inside. I don’t have any hostile intentions.]

[But…. You…. Didn’t you just open the door of the “Dragon Temple”?]

Zun ~tsu

She starts to close in bit by bit.

She’s probably angry? She raises her eyebrows and continue to stare at me.

[The door of this “Dragon Temple” can only be opened by the successor of Ryutei-sama. This fact is well known to everybody from this continent. Even Lizette…..only managed to open it a little bit after using all her power…]

[…. Sorry.]

[No, if the successor of “Ryutei-sama” has appeared, then that’s already enough for Lizette.]

She presses a hand to her chest and breathes.  Afterwards, she takes a step back and pinches the bottom of her dress to give me a bow.

[Then I— Lizette Ryuge, declare by bloodline of the Dragon Emperor, shall serve under you. Here, right at this moment, with this sacred oath.]

[You don’t need to swear the oath, it’s a misunderstanding.]

I hurry up and interrupted her speech before she can finish her serif.

I feel like this matter will escalate into something serious if I overlook it.

[I have nothing to do with “Ryutei”. Of course, not even with the king.]

[But you opened the door of “Dragon Emperor’s Temple”.]

Her face suddenly comes close to me.  She’s so close, I can feel her excited breathing. I guess this facility is just that important to her.

It can’t be helped.  I don’t know if she will believe my words, but I’ll tell her the truth.

[Actually, I’m a human from a different world.]

Looking straight into the eyes of the others seems to be the way of this world, so I stare back into her eyes.

[I was caught up in an accident by the goddess who was gathering the “young souls of the departed” to help restore peace to this chaotic world and ended up being summoned.  She left me in the middle of a forest due to falling outside of her expectations.  This all just happened yesterday.  Thus, as I was wandering around looking for a village to stay in, I discovered this building and decided to use it as a shelter from the monsters. I’m sorry for my selfish actions.]

I don’t tell her a single lie.

Although the goddess summoned the 30 years old me and dropped me in a forest, I still find lying to a girl who looks like a middle schooler kind of……… disgusting.

Besides, she is the first person I’ve met in this world who I can converse with.  While it might be arrogant of me to wish to be treated as her companion, I need to learn the geography of this area.  As such, being friendly towards her might be better.

[I do not know if you can believe me or not, but I did not lie to you.]

[…..I understand.]

Lizette nods her head.

[If the reason for your ability to open the “Dragon Temple’s” gate is because you are from another world, then I can understand it.  Lizette believes in Kiryuu Shoma, no Shoma-sama’s words.]


I’m glad….

I sigh and sit down on the ground.

It seems that I was more nervous than I imagined.

[Thank you for believing me…… I’m really grateful.]

[If you wanted to deceive Lizette, then you don’t need to go as far as saying you’re from another world, right?]

[And from Shoma-sama, I feel something close. Somehow, I feel like I’m meeting distant family.]

[Is it because…. I came out from the “Dragon Temple”?]

Could coming out from the “Dragon Temple” make me feel like I’m related to the Dragon Emperor?

[It’s not that case…..well. I don’t really understand.]

Lizette tilts her head.

To be honest, I don’t understand either.

In my case, I don’t even know what the capability of my skills are.

[I will listen to the details later, but Shoma-sama came to this world by accident?]

[Yes, but if I restore peace to this world, then I can return to my home world.]

Although I don’t really have high hopes on that.  That goddess, even though she looked serious, I somehow feel she’s a bit dumb.

[But, before that, I need to survive in this world. That’s why, can you tell me the way to the village?]

[That’s fine with me….. but after that, what do you plan to do?]

[First of, I need to find a place to stay.  I’ll think about it after that.]

My reality processing capability is still okay. I am good at prioritising my tasks due to working in programming and system engineering in my former world.

First of all, the most important thing is looking for a safe shelter.  Next is food and water….. If possible, I need to consider how I’ll acquire them.

I don’t have many options for what I can do in this world.

  • Find the people who reincarnated from Earth and rely on them.
  • Find a job with my own strength and live on.
  • Live in a remote place and achieve self-sufficiency.

First of all, (3) is rejected.  Living alone in this monster filled world is too risky.

(1) has a fair bit of potential…… but thorough consideration reveals possible hardship.  As someone who wasn’t officially summoned, I may be deemed a weakling and thus useless by the reincarnated.   Thus, I will only use this plan if I am really out of options.

That leaves me with (2) which is a more realistic choice.

For that purpose, I need to find a place to settle down.

I have some skills, but I don’t know how strong they are in this world.  Their duration of use is also unclear.  I need to analyse them.  That’s why I need a place to stay…. in the end, my conclusion is to search for a village.

……I don’t even know if this will work out.

Perhaps it’s because I worked one task after another in my original world, but I have the habit of thinking logically. Because I wanted to be treated like a companion by my co-workers, I took on many duties.  I wouldn’t have had time to sleep if I didn’t think efficiently.

When did it start…….and become like this?   I feel like things were a bit different when I was a student.

[I understand.]

After listening my story, Lizette nods her head.

[In that case, please come to our village. Lizette will ask everyone in the village to accept Shoma-sama.]


Is that fine?  Even though I’m from a different world?

Our culture and ways of thinking are different.  I don’t even know a thing about this world. Even though I’m saying it myself, but is accepting someone like me really no problem?

[I don’t want to trouble the children.]

[Lizette is of the bloodline of the Dragon Emperor.  She values righteousness.]

She looks at me with a strong glance.

[I don’t have the power of a king and I can’t use the power of the Dragon, but Lizette is a proud descendant of the Dragon Emperor. If someone before Lizette is troubled, I can’t just leave him alone, right?]

She doesn’t have any hesitation.

Is it alright to believe people that easily?

[…..For the time being, let’s put that on hold.]

I say.

[First of all, I will be saved if you guide me to the village. From there, I will continue to think about the future.]

[Erm….Shoma-sama, perhaps you don’t understand your own value.]

Lizette tilts her head with an expression of disbelief.

[This place is called the frontier. Many monsters come out from this forest.]

[Yeah, I met a group of black monsters yesterday. They were small humanoid types.]

[Those are black goblins. To be able to meet them and stand here means that Shoma-sama has the ability to fight or to escape from monsters.]

[Well, I wonder if that’s the case.]

[And this world is currently in a mess. Everyone is fighting and hurting each other.]

After saying that, Lizette looks at my face.

[But, Shoma-sama talks to me calmly.  Little horns are already growing on Lizette’s head, yet you speak to me without minding that I’m not a pure human. Fighting power, the ability to communicate, and the possibility of becoming a friend.  Don’t you think such a person is very valuable in this chaotic world?]


That was a blind spot.

In my original world, physical fighting basically didn’t happen and communicating was very common.  In this world, is friend or enemy decided upon first meetings?

If that’s the case, then I was lucky for my first encounter to be Lizette.

[By the way….. do you want to enter the “Dragon Temple” and have a look?]

I forgot. The gate of the “Dragon Temple” was left unclose.

Lizette’s dream is to enter the “Dragon Temple”, so now might be a good chance. It’s my thanks her for helping me, even though it’s a bit cheap.


But Lizette shakes her head.

[Right now, helping Shoma-sama is my priority. Helping people is such a thing.]

[If it’s necessary, I can tell you about my skills.]

[You can do that after you calm down. Other than that…. I have something I want to ask.]

Lizette’s face suddenly turns red mid-conversation

[Did you heard Lizette crying earlier?]

[……I didn’t hear anything.]

I shake my head while answering.

Because she was speaking privately, I’ll pretend to have not heard anything.

[I was still asleep at that time. I was very tired.]

[Is t-that so….. then it’s fine.]

Lizette raises her face.

[If you heard anything, please pretend you didn’t. As the person who inherited the bloodline of the Dragon Emperor, Lizette must protect everyone. So, so……]


Suddenly, there is a strange sound in the woods.

[── A whistle! What? Is someone calling for help ─ ─?]

Lizette lifts her head and turns around.

At the same time, I can see a red object flying above the forest.

[Two arrows with red cloth. “Black monsters” have appeared! Someone is being attacked!]

[“Black Monsters”?]

Black monsters……., that reminds me, the ones I fought were “Black Goblins”.

I cut their arms off, but I didn’t kill them.

If they are attacking people nearby…… this is bad.

[Shoma-sama, please hide inside the “Dragon temple”.]

Lisette takes the long sword that is on the ground.

[I have a bad feeling about this. The children in the village might be in danger. I have to help!]

Lizette takes off after that.  Her silver hair flutters in the wind as she heads straight into the forest.

[….What should I do…?]

I check the status of my own skills.

Although the mana gauge that was empty yesterday is fully recharged, I only know how to use “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin”.  I don’t know how to use the skills obtained from the “Dragon Temple,” “Naming Bless” and “dragon pulse”.

I don’t understand how to use them at all.

Why am I so familiar with “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin”?

[I’ll think about it later.]

What can I do in this occasion?

I barely know a thing about this world. I only just started learning about it.

Who is my enemy and who is on my side, I don’t really know a thing about any of that.

[But……. that girl just said that she was afraid of fighting.]

Besides, children are being attacked by the monsters, and the ones attacking are those I failed to kill yesterday ─ ─

[Activate….. “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin”

The ability from “Awakening of Dragon’s Kin” is using the power of the dragon.  Not only do my physical strength and reflexes vastly increase, I’m granted dragon scales and enhanced defence.

I’m not used to fighting, but I think I can at least help children escape.

[……I may end up indebted to you in the future, so let me do something for you now.]

I begin to run and chase after Lizette.

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