Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! Translation

32. A Dazzling Back More Radiant than any Other

A gust blows across Rajas from behind.  He wonders if it was called by the silent boy standing before him, or if it’s simply the voice of the wind.  Regardless, neither the air that burns around them, nor the cool breeze that passed through, prevent those words from ringing within his ears.

His grim expression hides his concern as he repeats Suimei’s words.  “A… magician?”

Rajas has trouble identifying Suimei at first due to his different outfit, but soon recognizes his face.  Realization lights his eyes as he says, “I get it.  Bastard… you’re that bratty spell caster from before.”

Suimei responds by lowering his stance.  Without a word, he continues to stare Rajas down. 

Rajas gives a heartfelt laugh full of ridicule at the sight.  “So a lousy spell caster made it all the way here.  I bet my subordinates must have been a handful.”

“Yeah, it was a complete waste of time.  They were nothing but garbage.  I don’t even remember how many times I almost threw up.”

Rajas sneers as he says, “Hearing that from someone as beat up as you, I believe it!  Hahahahahahaa!”

Suimei is undoubtedly riddled with wounds, but other than a shallow cut across his face, none of them aren’t visible.  His long, black, jacket, however, is ragged and frayed from abuse.  His utter exhaustion suggests the path he took there must have been over flowing with hardship.  Not only is he struggling to breath, but his posture and gestures all lack energy.

Rajas, interested in how Suimei was put into such a condition, calms his loud laughter.  With a condescending tone laced with merriment, he says, “Well?  How’d you even make it here?  I left quite a number of them back there.  Did you just force your way through?”

Suimei, despite the condition of his body, gives a curt, “How? I moved aside everything in my way.”

Rajas continues to laugh and ridicule Suimei.  He takes those confident words as an injured man’s bluff.  Suimei, to him, is nothing more than a person who hates losing.   “Hou, big talk with that shabby state.” 

He then says, “Tell me, what’s so important that you’d wear yourself ragged just to come here?”

“Isn’t it kinda pointless to be asking something like that now?”

“…Impossible, you came all the way here for this woman?”

“And what if I did?”

Suimei came to assist Lefille, to lend her his strength.  Even though she already slapped away his hand and there is no need for him to do such a thing, he refuses to standby any longer.

Haa!?  Kuhahahahaha!!  You’re seriously saying something as ridiculous as that!  In a situation like this, you came to help a woman like that!?  Is something wrong with your head!?”

Rajas’ words are correct, Suimei is out of his mind.  Only such a person would force his way through a mazoku army and come to place fraught with death.  Although he has a reason for going, nothing anyone would want exists there.  Instead, just by coming, he risks losing everything. 

He adds, “You, you’re saying a wretched woman like this is worth saving?  A woman who can’t save anything, who runs away just so she can save herself?” 


Rajas is baffled by Suimei who shuts his eyes and nods.  Worse, Suimei even recognizes how dimwitted he’s being.  “Fu— why go this far for her?  You should just abandon a woman like this if you value your own life.  It’s easy, all you need to do is forget she ever existed.”

Suimei did not need to go there.  Just as Rajas spat out, he could have simply let the mazoku storm past him by hiding in the forest.  No danger would have befallen him that way.  All he needed to do was pretend not to see anything.  Instead, he chose the foolish option of abandoning all safety by diving straight in. 

Suimei shakes his head while saying, “No, I can’t do that.  I wouldn’t be able to help her if I did.”

Rajas frowns at the unexpected answer.  “Nu—?”

Suimei, meanwhile, continues challenging him.  He declares his reason for being there and his commitment to fight back.  “To save those who grieve at their misfortune is the path I believe in and I refuse to abandon it.  That’s why—

“—That’s why I came here.”

  Rajas is taken aback at Suimei’s resolve.  His blank stare soon vanishes as he lets out a sigh.  “Ha—” 

He then releases a loud laugh.  “Hahahahaha!  Moron!  That’s why!?  You came all the way here for a reason like that!?  You fought your way through my subordinates, through certain death!  You’re saying you did all of that just to save someone who can’t be saved!?  You came all the way to a place like this for such a pathetic notion!?  There a limit to stupidity!  Fuhahahahaa!!  What a ridiculous—”

“So what?”

Suimei’s cold reply shuts down Rajas’ loud laughter.  His tone is colder than even the gusts blowing through the most northern of countries.  Not only does it chill the heart, it replaces the lingering sounds of laughter with a sharp gasp.  No other sound is allowed to remain. 

“— —!?” 

A frigid dryness fills the air.  The cold isn’t so much an enveloping sensation, but more a piercing arctic gale rolling in from far away.  It’s enough to shrivel up anyone’s desire to fight. 

Not even the heat being given off by Rajas’ overwhelming power is enough to disturb the now frozen soil. 

Suimei, having caused that dreadful chill, stares down the Mazoku General with unwavering resolution.

Rajas says, “…Boy, don’t you look at me like that.”

“Are you saying you want me to stop?”

Rajas’ aura swells at Suimei’s laidback response.  He says, “If you don’t, then I’ll make you!!”  The roar Rajas howls shakes everything around them.  Clumps of dirt, sand, and small stones are sent flying by the shockwave.  At the same time, a fist and arm the size of an oak tree’s roots fly towards Suimei.

Confronting that fist which turns all who oppose it into chunks of flesh, is a peculiar chant Rajas has never heard before.

“Primum ex Quintum excipio!!”  (Rampart, quintuplicate deployment)

Five, shinning gold, magic circles extend before Suimei’s hand like a shield.  Regardless of whether they form from fragments, take shape, or appear, each piece takes an original design. 

Suimei’s golden defense shifts into place.  His magic is in time to clash against Rajas’ fist and gold sparks shower about from the strike.  That’s when the second and third magic circles, either because they’re unable to withstand the assault or because they have a different roles to play, break away from the formation.



The enormous fist tries to pierce Suimei’s magic circle, but is resisted with the glimmer of more golden particles as Suimei raises the magic power of his spell.  The clash crushes the ground underfoot and emits a burst of wind.  A raging tornado soon forms around them.

While the two roar out, the fourth magic circle begins to rotate.  Suimei flips Rajas’ overwhelming power back on the mazoku and blows him away.  A tsunami’s thunderous roar accompanies Rajas as his massive body carves a ditch through the ground.


Che—, even with the Attenuation Rampart, he was still sent flying…  This guy’s stupidly powerful…”  Suimei’s shoulders heave up and down as he curses Rajas.  His current battle coupled with those he fought on the way there have exhausted him.  He thus looks behind himself and says, “Stand up, Lefille.  Let’s take this guy down.”

He’s wants me to fight with him.  To form a united resistance.  He’s requesting my cooperation— No, encouraging me to stand.  Suimei’s bewitching scarlet shining eyes earnestly, truly, wish for it as they burn with a passion as bright as iron smelting in a forge. 

These eyes, I’ll never forget them.  His eyes are those of a man who’ll sacrifice his entirety for the sake of his ideals.  Just how many has he swept away with that gaze?

Lefille, however, no longer has the desire to answer such a call.  Rajas already shattered it.  Without lifting her face from the ground, she says, “It’s impossible.”


“It’s impossible.  We can’t beat him.  You, me, we’re going to die here.”

Suimei is taken aback by Lefille’s desolate resignation.  “Heyare you alright?”

He must have thought we’d be able to combine our strength here, that we’d be able to defeat him together.  But, it already too late.  There’s nothing left we can do. 

Lefille says, “You can’t beat Rajas.  That mazoku is too strong.  Suimei-kun, even with my power, we’d still lose.”

“Something like that, how can you know without trying?”

“I already know it.  He’s strong.  The countless soldiers of Noshias renown for their strength all fell before his power.  That’s why, you and I, us two alone can’t beat him and there’s nothing we can do about it.  That’s why, it’s our fate to die here by his hand.”

That’s just our fate.  We can’t fight destiny.  Since his heart still hasn’t been broken, my bleak prediction must come off as nothing more than cowardice, but that’s reality.  No matter how strong you want it, no matter how much you encourage one another, sooner or later, before that overwhelming power, it’s all nothing more than a spring night’s dream.  

Suimei’s shoulders droop and he closes his eyes.  Is he disappointed?  Lefille can’t get a clear look at his face.  He surely must be.

He says, “…Are you satisfied with this, Lefille?  Is such an end truly alright with you?”

“Yes, it’s already enough.  It doesn’t matter.  I don’t care anymore.  I’m tired of it.”


Lefille hears Suimei consent.  He understands?  I’ve made him realize the truth?  That there nothing we can do?  That doing nothing won’t hurt as much as resisting?  We’ll have to endure a little more pain, but then we’ll be free.

By the time Lefille looks, Suimei is facing forward.  He’s doing the complete opposite of what she wants.  The man in black clothes before her stands as her shield against the looming threat of Rajas.


Suimei’s words are laced with hope and without a shred of doubt.  “In that case, I’ll do whatever I want.  Lefille, if you say you won’t move from that spot, then I’ll just crush that brute here and now.”

To Lefille, his tone does nothing more than betray an ignorance she can’t bear to hear.  “You don’t know Rajas’ true power!  Don’t you see that he’s nothing like the other mazoku you’ve fought!?”

“Probably, but if I give up here, then I won’t be able to save you, nor grasp what I’m chasing after.”

What he’s trying to grasp?  That thing he declare to Rajas earlier?   

Lefille says, “To save those who can’t be saved?  That’s ridiculous!  Misfortune always strikes all around this world!  It happens all the time, everywhere, without exceptions!”

“Even so.”

“That’s just fantasy!  An illusion!  The empty dream of a child!”

“Even so.”

“What’s with saying, ‘Even so’!  Those’re nothing more than fancy words!  Does saying them guarantee our safety!?”

“Even so.”

“Such a thing will never come true.  It’s impossible.  Absolutely impossible.”

Never.  People everywhere in this world are going hungry.  They fall to their knees in despair.  They die with fury raging inside of themselves.  Right here, right now, are two more people who can’t be saved.  There are no exceptions.  Those with no hope exist.  They’ll always exist.

He has to know that.  Any rational person can see it.  Anyone who looks at reality can see that such childish fantasies should have been abandoned ages ago.

Regardless, Suimei gives her a gentle shake of his head as though he were admonishing an unreasonable child.  “Lefille, that’s not something you decide.  Whether or not everyone can be saved is something I’ll discover by seeing this dream through.”

“What are you going to do chasing something like that?  Such an indefinite ambiguity.  Even if you chase after it, it won’t stay as something you couldn’t find.  At the end of the road, your aspirations are going to bring you nothing more than despair.”



“However, I refuse to look back.  Why should I?  I won’t find the dream I’m chasing by turning around.  The moment I surrender the dream I swore to chase on that day is the when I’ll stop to exist.  That’s why—

“—That’s why, just watch.  Watch as I reach for this aspiration.” 


How is his figure, after only giving me a resolute, “just watch,” overflowing with dazzling radiance?  I’ve never met another like him in this whole world.  Could this be the brilliance of a soul belonging to a person who does nothing but challenge the impossible?

Rajas, who had been blown away, returns.  His steps are heavy from the rage of his unsightly defeat.  He glares at Suimei with murderous fury as he says, “Boy, you bastard…”

“Go down when you get thrown aside, you brute.”

Rajas’ aura swells at an explosive rate on his palm as he roars, “Quieeeeeeeet!!”  

Black swallows black as it dyes the surroundings under a shadow of purple.  Rajas is once more unleashing the technique he used to obliterate a fortress in Noshias.  Just earlier, he used it to transform the area into a desolate space of land.  “And with this, disappear!”

It’s over.  This’ll end it all.  I no longer have any more power of the spirit.  I can’t endure against something that powerful.  There isn’t a spell in the world that can oppose it either.  That’s why, this is the end.

“Suimei-kun… already…”

Despite the situation, Suimei doesn’t pay Lefille any mind.  “—fun.”  He instead mutters a spell.  His attitude is one that doesn’t find the situation worth getting excited over.  “Non amo munus scutum.  Omnes impetum invictus”  (My shield is not a shield.  It stands firm against any attack.  It won’t waver before any fire.)

Suimei’s magic power rises with his chant.  Its golden light shines as though intending to resist the encroaching darkness before then revolving like a whirlwind.  “Invincibility immobilitas immortalis.  Cumque mane surrexissent castle.”  (Indestructible, immovable boulder.  That which gathers the essence of stars and decors the strong fortress with golden radiance.  Your name is)

The golden light divides itself as it moves towards its required locations.  Each beam of light sparks forth like a bolt of lightning where they then click into place.

“Firmus!  Congrega aurum magnalea!”  (My durable, radiant Golden Fortress!)  Suimei’s words end with his magic circles layering themselves on top of one another.

A step behind the spell’s completion is the encroaching darkness swallowing everything in its path.

“— — — —che!!”

…This is the end.  Of everything.  That attack, its darkness will snatch up our bodies and souls and then eradicate them.

The end doesn’t arrive.  Lefille closed her eyes to the approaching death, but upon still seeing the darkness of her eyelids, opens them.  Both she and Suimei are present and alive.

The dust clears away to reveal another being equally shocked at their survival.  Rajas takes in the breath taking scenery with a shock that resounds all around them.  “Im- Impossible…!?  My power once blew away an entire fortress!?”

Letters and numbers protect Suimei and Lefille by forming geometric patterns around them and then shielding them with golden light.  On the ground is a magic circle incorporating a clock’s minute and hour hands.  Other unknown magic circles of various sizes also float around them. 

We’re surrounded by golden magic circles.  It’s just like being enclosed within the walls of a fortress constructed entirely of magic circles.

Suimei says, “Haa— My Golden Fortress isn’t as pathetic as those stone and wood shacks.  This guy is modeled after a military base on the other world.  You’ll need twice more the power than the Red Dragon’s roar to do anything to it.”

“Did you just say, ‘other world’…?”

Suimei holds out his right arm and creates a silver sword.  He blows away Rajas’ doubt along with the lingering dust and smoldering embers while saying, “That’s none of your concern!”

Rajas finally decides to treat Suimei as a proper opponent.  He unleashes the full limits of his ferocious brutality against him.  “You bastaaaaarrd!”

His style of fighting is straight forward, but he’s also nimble and strong.  Furthermore, his massive frame makes even just a scratch enough for him to shred off a chunk of flesh from a human.

Regardless, Suimei releases his defensive fortress, and with his sword, meets Rajas in close quarters combat.  He courts death.  All it requires is one mistake.  Despite that pressure, he doesn’t waver.  

He dodges Rajas’ crude onslaught and retaliates with both his magic power laced silver sword and the spells he invokes by stringing together his words.

Just a single punch would be fatal.  Yet, despite being stuck in the middle of such a hopeless fight, he looks nothing like a tragic hero.  His back is steady, almost as if he’s being supported by iron pegs while a blazing resolve hidden within his heart drives him to continue.  His unyielding and uncompromising figure is stronger than anyone else’s.

Small wounds appear across Suimei’s face and body as the mazoku’s aura brushes against his skin and clothes, but they fail to deter him.  With a ferocious roar, he reinvigorates his spirit.  The fear creeping into his heart is evicted. 

Suimei fights with his all despite being riddled with injuries.  Lefille, enraptured by his zeal, comes to her senses.

—Just what am I doing?


In a situation like this, he’s fighting like that.  After I gave up, abandoned everything, denied all his words, and dropped to my knees.  Now all I’m doing is watching.  I decided I can’t do anything and settled for just watching.  How long would I have watched for if I didn’t notice?[1]


All Lefille can see is Suimei’s back, a dazzling back radiating his earnest determination.  It reveals his fervent desire for everyone in that unreasonable world who’s overwhelmed by despair to instead find happiness.

To save those who can’t be saved.  The determination when he spoke those words.  It fascinated me.  Am I just going to watch without saying a word?  Can I really just stay here without doing anything?

The heavy pressure weighing down on her body vanishes as she voices a precise, “No— —”  The words of resignation she spoke earlier are the entire reason she’s being bound and now her response is the key.  With it, she unravels the chains holding her down.

Am I fine with this?  No, I’m not.  I refuse an ending like this.  I absolutely don’t want it.  I’m not finished.  I want to chase after my dreams one more time.  I’ll never stop, just like him.

Therefore, one more time.  I’ll fight with my power, one more time.  I’ll endure the pain, even if I’m covered in blood, no matter how unsightly I look, this, here and now, is my dearest prayer. 

“Our revered goddess, Alshna.  This me who could not change anything, this me who could not save a single person, once more beseechs thee for the courage to change.  I pray once more, once more for this one—”

Lefille’s prayer voices her desire.  The method of motivating herself to once again take up her sword is the same as a ritual of resurrection.  The goddess will never save her, but she understands it’s because the goddess doesn’t exist in her world.  The goddess does nothing more than watch over them at the moment entirely because of that reason.  That’s why, for Lefille to change herself, those words are meant only for herself.

Then, upon opening her eyes, she discovers that her body is brimming with unknown strength.  The surge is such that it makes her think the frailty she felt back when she collapse was nothing more than a dream.  Gone is the helplessness that dwelled within her body and heart.

That power, the courage to overcome, comes from none other than the young man before her eyes.  The thoughts, he taught me to believe, he reminded me how, run though her mind as she stands back up. 

Lefille once more grips her discarded sword and, with both hands, holds it ready with all she has.  A scarlet wind whirls around her great sword and cuts between Suimei and Rajas. 

Rajas is shocked to see her standing once more.  “Wha— you!?  Bitch, where did you find this strength!?”

Suimei grins while saying, “Lefille…”

She radiates all the power of the spirit she possesses.  The vermillion wind she unleashes is quickly answer by the crimson, warrior spirit, Shakti.  Everything is enveloped by glittering scarlet.[2] 

That gust forces Rajas to step back.  He protects his face from Lefille’s detestable wind with an arm.  “Nu, uugh…  This,”

She then points her sword at the mazoku and speaks her resolve.  “Rajas, even if you’re a bastard, your eyes still work.  This power will vanquish all you disgusting mazoku.  It’s the power of the spirit granted by the goddess’ loyal servant.”

“You’ll vanquishes us how!?  You’re nothing more than a little girl who ran away while cowering from my destructive might![3]

“—Shut up…  I won’t run anymore.  From anything, from anyone, not even from destiny!  I’ll stay true to myself!”

Rajas’ black aura swells from his body as he says, “Little girl!  Spare me your prattling!”  It then wraps around his arm and fist as he strikes.

Lefille faces Rajas with her great sword and scarlet wind.  Without flinching, she clads a vermillion whirlwind around her slash and deflects his enormous fist. 

Guugha, wh- what the!?  This is nothing like before…”

Lefille isn’t surprised by her change.  The weak her from before has died.  The one now standing in her place is a new, stronger, person.  Attacks that would once overwhelm her are no longer effective.  Not that I have time to spare explaining this to a bastard like you.

She no longer wants to hear his bewilderment and so strikes again with her sword.  “Hyaaaaa!!”  The results are opposite from before.  She’s now faster than him and able to get in many more hits.  The power within her blows are also obvious.

Rajas, getting desperate, tries brushing Lefille away with a frantic backhand.  The swing is crude and unfocused, but luckily, also with excellent timing for landing a vital strike.  It would actually have to hit me first, though.

—Lefille emits the same glittering red that fills her surrounds and becomes wind.

Her movements can no longer be followed by anyone.  Even the scarlet silhouette that’s left behind gets pulled along with astounding speed.  It’s a speed beyond comprehension, almost like teleportation.  With it, she takes his back.

Rajas notices and turns around while saying, “Bitch, when did you—”  But is too slow.  Lefille finishes materializing and slashes down.  She catches Rajas mid turn and cuts him clean across the chest.  “Guh, ugaaaaaaaaaa!” 

Although she tore through Rajas’ bedrock like chest, the wound isn’t deep enough to be fatal.  However, from that opening gushes out the source of his power.  That power which tormented her evaporates away. 

Lefille recognizes the opportunity and circles her great sword overhead while sliding a large step to the side.  Then, as her foot comes to a firm stop, swings down with all her might.  “Basan[4]!!”  (Gala-Varna!!)

She drops her posture down so low with the swing, she’s almost bowing.  Her slash floods that area with a scarlet gale as it tears through the Earth and splits apart the heavens. 

Rajas was complete engulfed by Basan, yet remains strong. 

“How obstinate…”

He is riddled with cuts from head to toe and is leaking a black vapor from all over, but remains whole.  “Guh…!!

Despite having been blown away by Suimei and face Lefille’s barrage, him falling over is doubtful.  Just how tough is this mazoku?

While Lefille frowns from impatience, Rajas takes a sudden step back.  She tenses herself for his next attack, but his massive body instead turns around.  It can’t be.  Is he retreating after all of this?

Lefille says, “Wha- Sto, stop right there!”

Rajas, having judged the situation disadvantageous for him, acts as if he doesn’t really want to leave, as he tries to escape.  “…We’ll settle this another time, swordsman of Noshias.”

Despite all that happened, he has enough strength to leap into the night sky and, before their eyes, fades from sight.

Lefille swings another Basan towards Rajas’ retreating figure with the intent of slicing him in two.  “Hyaaaaaaaa!”  Her scarlet wind, however, fails to touch him.  He has reached a distance where her vermillion gale dissipates into a normal breeze. 

—He’s getting away.  I can’t reach him with this much distance between us.  It’d be different if I could soar through the sky too, but I don’t have that sort of ability.

This ends the battle.  Despite all he did, despite saving me, I let the one enemy I absolutely had to kill escape. 

“Damn it…”

Having to end this later.  I don’t want this.  Coming this far for such a lousy ending…  One more step, if I only had more step…  Just a bit more, I just needed to surpass that bastard by just a bit more.  Then I could have…

As Lefille bites down on her lip from disappointment, she feels a rise of magic power from behind herself.  No, calling this something lukewarm like, “a rise” doesn’t match it in the slightest.  This is an explosion of magic power from a sudden and massive surge. 

“Su- Suimei-kun…?”

Is this boy’s magic power bottomless?  He charged through the middle of a massive mazoku army, warded off Rajas’ power, fought Rajas, and still hasn’t exhausted all the energy in his body? 

Suimei walks towards Lefille while brimming with energy.  His pace is that of a leisure stroll full of arrogant composure.  He soon stands next to Lefille and with an echoing tone from his magician’s voice, says, “Abreq ad habra…”  (Die. Thou shall perish before my lightning…)

–inverse cute star makes a guest appearance here today–

…The enormous, glittering red, clad tachikaze[5] dissipates into a breeze behind Rajas.  That was dangerous.  To think that Noshian swordsman would stand backup that fast.  No, she didn’t just stand backup, she got stronger.  I don’t know what happened, but it had to have been that spell caster.

Rajas grits his teeth at being forced to escape from humans.  “I won’t forget this humiliation.  I remember your faces; once this wound heals, I’ll return to payback this debt…” 

Rajas charts his path of retreat, soaring even higher into the sky as he gets deeper entrenched within his fury.  “…Plunging into a thunder cloud with this injury might be dangerous, but I don’t have another choice.”

There is a possibility that they will chase after him if he flies too low to the ground.  Not that it’s very likely considering how far away I already am, but after that flip, I should play it safe.  They definitely won’t be able to find me once I’m beyond the clouds. 

The deep injury Rajas took at Lefille’s hands frustrates him to no end.  He’d rather avoid entering a cumulonimbus cloud in such a state, but success requires some sacrifices.  This is the only way for me to get back safely.  

—I should start considering how I’m going to get through that cloud.

Rajas looks up and blanks to a stop. 


Reality is nothing like he expected.  There is no cumulonimbus cloud, anywhere.

“— — — —!?”

Rajas is so startled that he begins to look around.  That which should be there isn’t.  There should be dark clouds full of lightning and rumbling with thunder. 

He wonders if his eyes are playing tricks on him because he can’t find a cumulonimbus cloud, only clouds blocking the starlight of the night sky.  However, just earlier he heard thunder roaring.  Not even his fight against Lefille was enough to tune it out.  What’s going on?  How can there be thunder without a thunder cloud?

Raja’s gaze then drops downward.  “Wha……!?”  The disaster unveiled before his eyes robs him of his voice and words.  His breath then gets caught in his throat as he looks even further.

His army which should have been gathered in the plains lying between the foot of the mountains and the forest is absent.  In its place is undying and ever burning fire along with fissures of raised and collapsed land.  Many of his forces are imprisoned within eternity ice or repulsively melting as they are cooked within a wide spreading acidic ocean of toxicity.  Also on the ground is the figure of a familiar retainer.  More shocking than anything else, however, is that the remains don’t match the number of subordinates he brought.

More than half of his army, somehow or another, vanished.

“Wh- what happened here…”

This can’t have just happened.  Such devastation is utterly impossible.  Even if the humans rallied their forces, they can’t have done this. 

Rajas is familiar with what humans are capable of due to his experiences in Noshias, but the atrocity before him clashes with that knowledge.  Someone has to be responsible for this—

In that case…

“—I moved aside everything in my way.”

That man’s words return as a whisper in Rajas’ ears.  They link to the carnage below.  Right, before that man arrived, his path must have been blocked by my subordinates.  When he said, “everything in my way,” he meant anything that would block his progress, such as my subordinates.   

That means, what? 

Before Rajas is a clear scene depicting his subordinates having been crushed one after the other. 

Then, that man, against the forces I brought to eliminate the Yuusha, repelled them just because they stood in his way?  

“It can’t be, one person annihilating a force of ten thousand…”

As Rajas arrives at an answer, the deafening roar of thunder sends a cold chill down his spine.  

Impossible, there are no thunder clouds.  Then how?  Where did that sound come from?

“It can’t be…”

Now that Rajas pauses to think, he realizes he never saw a single cumulonimbus cloud.  He only concluded there would be one from the thunder he heard.  However, if a cumulonimbus cloud was never present to begin with—

“No way…”

If all that thunder was caused by something else…


The sound he hears behind him is exactly the same as what he heard during his bout with Lefille.  He turns around and finds the answer to his earlier question.

As the ground shakes from the thunderous roar, a midwinter, bluish-white, lightning bolt falls upside down towards the sky.  Upon the black night sky, appears a circle that quickly fills in with shapes and characters.  Soon completed is an enormous— No, a grand and ambitious magic circle.

Mid-sized magic circles are distributed midway across the circle.  The design is apt for unleashing a devastating spell.  Standing at the heart of the magic is that man.  That human who introduced himself as a spell caster.

…Lightning smashes into the ground.  The wind shrieks.  Everything gets destroyed.  The power generated by the man at the heart of the spell blows away sand and stone and then turns all of it into ash.

A shockwave, that was just a shock wave. 

The power being used in that spell’s composition to bring about a phenomenon is so strong, the surplus repulsive force tramples down on the surrounding environment.   The lightning raining down and the tempest that’s building up are nothing more than demonstrations to the phenomenon that will be unleashed upon him. 

“Th-this is just a precursor…?  That’s, preposterous—”

— — — —The Mazoku General, Rajas, has no way of recognizing a spell from the Abra= Merlin • Abraham magic system. 

More commonly called, “Holy Magic,” or “Sacred Magic,” it borrows power from holy guardian angels to repel, disperse, and free enslavement from, demons.  The strongest and most renown spell is Bath in Death by Thine Thunder (Abraq • Ad • Habra).  Also called, Abracadabra, it is the most well-known incantation of Earth. 

Suimei Yakagi, through modern magic theory, transformed it into one of the most aggressive spells in his arsenal.  It is also his strongest spell for dealing with demons and evil spirits.

A female statue manifests within a heat haze behind him.  Despite being modeled off a woman, it doesn’t give a lifelike impression.  Instead, it appears to have been carved from a material colored somewhere between white and ash.  Finally, while it is neither divine nor maleficent, it radiates a terrible power. 

The sculpture opens her mouth and releases shrill screech that calls down lightning from the heavens.  “Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….”

…I’ve never heard of a human like this before.  One wielding an unknown power like that.  That mysterious power, it isn’t a power humans of this world can possess.  Even if he was summoned from another world through the Yuusha summoning ceremony, it would be impossible.  No Yuusha summoned through the power of the goddess was ever granted this sort of power.

That man isn’t a Yuusha.  He lacks all the traits.  Yuusha aren’t just granted power far beyond that of ordinary humans, but also a tremendous divine protection by all the elements upon being summoned.  Suimei’s spell doesn’t even have a single divine protection from the elements. 

He’s manipulating phenomena that should be impossible to manipulate, combining phenomena, and altering the world created by the goddess to his own will.  Even that lightning before my eyes has more divinity, and is more repulsive, than anything I’ve ever encountered.  I’ve never heard of a technique existing to create power like that.  Humans capable of wielding power like that don’t exist in this world.  They absolutely don’t.  So, who the hell is that man?

—A magician…, Yakagi Suimei.

“A… magician?  The hell is that!?  That man, he isn’t a spell caster!?”

The statue continues to shriek as the falling thunder splits into a thousand branches.  Each of them gathers at the center of the magic circle with shrill echoes trailing behind.  The entire world from the far off ground and sky at the end of horizon flickers a pale hue. 

Rajas’ heart is shocked by the expression on the woman’s face.  It reveals the same steel resolve projected by that man’s crimson eyes.  More than that, the death falling upon him is unavoidable. 

“Dammmnnn iiiiiiiit!!”

— —Now, vile creature that sips on the nectar that is human suffering, before my ideals which I aspire to with the Magician’s Organization, decay and vanish from sight.

As Rajas pieces together Suimei’s words through the movements of his lips, Suimei places a finger upon the center of his magic circle.

The ear deafening thunderclap runs by in an instant.  Several thousand beams of light from the magic circles within the concentric circle gather as a ray system of thunder to create one enormous pillar of light that swallows everything within Rajas’ field of vision.

Not even a fragment of the evil god worshiped by the mazoku exists within it.  Not anywhere. 

Soon, the Mazoku General, Rajas, while screaming his resentments, is engulfed by the radiance of the sacred thunder before then being swallowed by its torrent.

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[2] 赤い風、戦いと緋色の精霊イシャクトニーその赤迅(せきじん)に応ずるように、全ての風が緋色の煌めきに染まっていく。
[3] 「何が滅する力だ! 己が身の滅びをを恐れ、逃げ出した小娘がぁあああ!」
[5] Sword wind:

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