Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

12.1 But, That’s Totally a Different Thing

For me, to absorb Inki without having a visual grasp of it is practically impossible.

Actually, until this point, my only opportunities for me to absorb Inki were when Merrilond—my younger sister— decided to share it through her magic during the Senette Family gatherings. That was when I was finally able to perceive it; a billowing, slightly colored smoke—Inki.

“That’s why it’s fine even if you’re unable to perceive it~” Said one of my cousins playfully while shrugging his shoulders.

When everyone is together and wrapped in the festive mood, that’s what they would say with a worry-free smiles plastered on their faces. But in a different place, in a different situation, their smiles would turn depreciating. They would bitterly say,‘it’s a shame that you couldn’t.’ to me.  Always.

but not Merrilond.

She’s different.

The strong get it tough. Take the assigned missions for example, she’ll usually get those with higher difficulty. Yet, not even once has she tried to burden or flaunt her hardships to me. And I know it isn’t because I don’t understand a thing about it as I haven’t ever been tasked with one.

Instead, she will show a genuine interest towards my progress with minuscule tasks, or into trivial matters such as why haven’t I settled down yet.

However, Merrilond also…

‘Spit it out, Onee-chan!! What kind of trick did you use to make stuff disappear in a puff?! What kind of mastery do you need to separate your mind from your actions during emergencies?! Or, to be able to spontaneously spout rapid sentences like that?! Answer me, Onee-chan!!!’

I, Saliroza Senette, even with a man standing right before me, still can’t perceive any signs of Inki. . .

But at the very least, now I’ve seen the first man ever outside of the Senette Family, whom is able to absorp Inki—Captain Judius Ellara etc. Captain had released golden-colored Inki before, but now I can’t see anything resembling it—in fact, I can’t see anything at all!!!



After seizing both of my wrists, Captain bends down to kiss them. He smiles as he whispers my name.

“Use my name when you call me.”

“…na, me…”

“’Judius’, and only when it’s the two of us together.”

“Ju, Ju, Judius-sama?”


“…Judius.”—Ellara, etc.

Captain’s name—I’m allowed to refer to him as Judius—i-it’s so embarassing!! This is so unlike me!!

Captain—no, it’s, Ju, Judi… Judius!! Kyaaa—!! Even my own heartbeat sounds like it’s thumping ‘Judiusjudiusjudiusjudius’ all over—!! And when I’m too flustered, it would get switched to Judith, ..argh!

But that’s not the main point right now! There’s something else other than calling each other’s lovey-dovey nicknames that I need to focus on! Inki, it’s Inki!!

Okay, I get it now! Captain’s intention behind spreading his feathers is to prevent me from absorbing too much Inki—but at the same time, the feathers make it as if there isn’t any Inki being released in the first place!

Is there nothing that can possibly be done about it?!

“Um, Captain, uh, Judius…”

When he tries to kiss me once more, I evade as best I can under my overwhelmed state. This causes Captain to stare at me. Captain raises his eyebrows, signalizing ‘What?’

“Um, …um.”

Hold your gaze, Saliroza! Keep. It. Busy! Do not stare at what—or whom—is in front of you!

Pure, white feathers spreading out on both sides of his face—the shadows cast upon their inner sides, creating a dusky shade—and the overall fluttering and fluffiness of them—This is no good! Not good at all! How is this person able to incite such lascivious feelings in me!?

“—the lamp!! Please turn off the lamp!!”

I need to concentrate.

The dark will take care of these impure thoughts, along with the impulse to instinctively laugh due to the awkwardness!

…Well, I do know that it’s only natural to be thinking about lewd things, especially in this situation. Or rather, especially because it’s this kind of situation that I should be making those lewd thoughts my number one priority—


Inki comes first!!!!

“It’s really embarrassing, turn it off, turn it off, please~!”

If the surrounding is veiled by darkness, I can focus only on the Inki. And with luck, I might be able to finally grasp it. Absorb it, even.


“Request denied.”

“But, why?”

“It isn’t even that bright in the first place.”

“But still! You can see just fine through it and I’m embarrassed…”

I wonder if Captain thought ‘how annoying’.

One thing that I know for sure is how determined this guy is. He won’t give up that easily.

“That’s exactly what matters the most. Anything other than that is nothing of importance.”


Shocked, I let out a stupid sounding voice.

So, it doesn’t matter that I can’t see Inki? It doesn’t matter even if during ‘the act’, we don’t speak to each other, as long as we can see that both of us are enjoying it? Or for me to say ‘no! Not that place!’, or ‘Yes! That! Do continue!’—it doesn’t matter at all? As long as he can see?!—

Heck, as if.


My name.

“Uh, Judius… the lamp, please…”

“I’ll think about it later.”


“Yes, later.”


‘Later’—or do you mean, afterward?

Is that so, huh.

Judius(kya!) laughs, causing not only his shoulders to shake, but also brings some tiny fluttering to his feathers.

Could it be, has he seen through what I’m truly thinking?

It’ll be fine, he says. He then releases my wrists while lowering his head, pushing me until I am on my back.

Suddenly, I am already being carried in his arms. Sideways. This is obviously a princess-carry.

My upper arm touches his chest. I can feel its broadness and warmth… I already feel like I am melting away…

There are people in the world that can survive without Inki, and despite that, enjoy to be in this position, without the any slightest bit of embarrassment.

While I, despite my need of Inki, can barely survive this!!!!

As his grip around me tightens, I shy away. Judius starts walking until we finally reach the bedside. He opens the curtain suspended from the canopy, and the lantern’s light illuminates the white sheet softly.

A, and what should I do next?

In the teachings of Senette Family about sex, I need to take off this clothes first. Obviously. And then ‘lick-lick’ and ‘touch-touch’ will happen before then moving to the bed. From thereupon (the bed), it shall continue…

Heck!! This one’s barely starting and yet we’re on the bed already!! Now, he totally will start with ‘it’!!

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