Translation Yankee wa Isekai de Seirei ni Aisaremasu.

6. Ugh, I’ll see you home!

Gusu-oyake asks me a strange question just as we’re reaching the town.  “Zero-san, would you mind covering yourself with that hood before we enter?”


Hood?  Oh, she means my parka.  Why’s she want me to do something annoying like that?  I bet it’s some sort of tradition, but why’s she saying this now?

“Sure, sounds like there’s some sorta reason for it.  I’ll do it.”

Gusu-oyake gets all happy at my agreeing to her request.  “Thank you very much.”

Oi, I’m not so much of a blockhead that I can’t understand logic.

For now, since we’re getting close, I pull on my parka’s hood.  Surrounding the town is something like a wall while standing guard are some guys in armor.

I say, “Hey, what’s that?”

Ah?  Right, that’s just a small check in area.  They keep out things like monsters.  It would be terrible if something like that got in.”

“Okay, yeah, I get it.”

Hm?  Am I going to get treated like a monster?  Well, it’s probably better than them getting freaked out…  Actually, thinking about it, what about the chibi?  Meh, they’re cute.  They might just get a free pass once they’re discovered.

Just like that, we reach the gate.  I walk right behind Gusu-oyake and am completely lost on what I should do.  She says to the people there, “Yes, in that case…  Yes, that person is with me.”

With her?  Well, I guess there’s no helping it?  Not like she can say I came from another world.  Although, those two guard like people have it completely out for me.  The hell did I do?

Gusu-oyake keeps saying to them, “No, that’s why…  Ughh, alright, but please don’t over react.  Zero-san, would you mind removing your hood?”

I look at the guards from earlier and say, “What, they wanna see my face?  Sure.”  I then take it off and try showing my goodwill with a friendly smile.

One guard shrieks while putting a bit of distance between us.  “Hii!”  The other does the same, but without making any sound.  Both of them are trembling.

Dammit, I’m already used to this, but it still hurts.

Gusu-oyake says, “Huh?  He isn’t a bad person, his eyes are just a bit… No, they’re utterly terrifying.  That’s why he was wearing a hood.”

“W- We understand, please come inside.”

“Thank you very much!  Come on, Zero-san!  Let’s enter this town!”

Gusu-oyake is happy, but my heart took a blow.  Shit.

We enter the town and the chibi, just like I expected, get a free pass.

I say, “So, what are we doing first?”

“Today I want to look for an inn and prepare for the search.  Tomorrow, I think we should go look for spirits.”

I see, good plan.  Let’s start by looking for an inn.

Gusu-oyake, without getting lost, immediately leads us to an inn.  It looks like the dwellings of this town are near the entrance.  Gotta say, it’s pretty convenient.

This building… it’s made of wood?  Nice, you don’t see too many like this back home anymore.

Gusu-oyake is over by counter feverishly talking with one of the staff.  Actually, thinking about it, I’m broke.

Gusu-oyake says, “Excuse me, the two of us would like to stay here for the night.”

Hai, hai, will a shared room suffice?”   

“No, no, no, no, no!  Two rooms, please!”

Ahra, then why are you traveling with a man?  Very well, two rooms, is it?”

“Y- yes.”

Gusu-oyake returns and says, “I got us a pair of rooms, so let’s go store our luggage.”

Ah, hold on.  What about the bill?”

Gusu-oyake covers her mouth with a hand as she chuckles. 

What the?  Is telling me a problem?

“Zero-san, are you not my benefactor?  Please don’t mind something like this.”

“Your benefactor?  Were you really that hungry?”

“Not that!  I’m not talking about food!  Didn’t you save me from those goblins!?”

“Oh yeah, that did happen now that you mention it.  You just scarfed down so much food that I totally forgot about it.”

“Ughh, my stomach is a different matter…”

Ahre, that’s weird.  I was about to praise Gusu-oyake, but then she got upset.  Dealing with women is hard…  

The rooms we are given are right next to each other.  We leave our things inside and then leave to go shopping and grab a bite.  Guess we’ll be looking at tools or something like that.

While I walk to a second-hand shop with Gusu-oyake, I notice something strange.  “Hey, Gusu-oyake.”

Gusu-oyake has somewhat gotten used to speaking with me.  She’s slowly becoming able to hold a normal conversation with me.  “Hai, hai, what is the matter?”

But she still won’t look me in the eye! 

I say, “About that.  Is everyone’s head here colorful?”

“Oh, are you asking about hair color?  Guess I forgot to mention it.”

Huh?  There’s actually a reason for it?  Everyone isn’t just trying to be fashionable? 

Gusu-oyake says, “Hair color is influenced by magic power.  Take me for example.  Since my specialty is fire magic, my hair is red.  Those with blue hair have great command over water magic.  Zero-san, since your hair is brown, you are probably good at earth magic?”

Ehh, that’s pretty useful.”

Got it.  So hair color and magic power are related?  That’s something.   

We continue on our way to the used goods store.  Once there, Gusu-oyake explains all kinds of things to me, but even with that, I still have no idea about what to get.  All I have to go off of is the basic explanation she gave me after all.

…Ahre?  Am I actually just deadweight?

As we leave the store, I carry as much of what we bought as I can.  I even take Gusu-oyake’s.  “Hey, come here.”

Eh?  Ah, the bags…”

“Leave carrying it all to me.”

“I know you don’t really want to hear it, but thank you very much.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

That’s when I hear some angry voices.  I take a look and see that they’re coming from a buff jii-san, a big guy, and a shrimp.  “Quit making me repeat myself!  I have no interest in making any weapons for you!”

“What!?  I don’t like your tune, jijii[1]!!”

“Aniki!  He needs an accident!”

Che, there are people like this no matter where you go.

Gusu-oyake is staring straight at them.  Is she thinking about getting involved?  I better tell her to just leave it alone.

“Well then, I have work to do!  I’ll be going now!”

“This, jijii!” 

The jijii drops after a single kick from the big guy.  “Guh.”

Gusu-oyake can’t stand watching any longer and says, “Zero-san, please wait here for a bit!”

“You should stand back instead.”

“But!”  I give Gusu-oyake everything I’m holding.  “…Zero-san?”

I then march straight towards them and slam the big guy’s shoulder.

“Huh!?  Bastard, watch where you’re going!  Or do you want some of this too!?”

I don’t waste a second and kick him.  “Oraa!”

The huge lump falls over and crashes against a wall.  “Gugee!?” 

Even just looking at him is pitiful.

“Ba, bababababastarrd!  What did you do to aniki!?”

“Nothing much… You could say I just felt like kicking him the same way he did.”

The shrimp flinches before reaching behind himself to point something at me[2].  “Qu- quit messing around!  Oraa, you want some of this!?”

I look him the eye.  “Ahh?”

The shrimp’s eyes begin to swim in their sockets.  “Hiiii!”

Haa, my eyes are actually useful during times like these.  One more push should do it. 

I take a deep breath and shout.  “Whaaat’s thaaaat!?  Oraa, you want some of this!!?  Say your prayers, oraaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

The shrimp hoists the big guy over a shoulder and takes off.  “I’m sooooorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

Keh, they’ll never show their faces again.  The chibi pull down their eye lids and stick out their tongues at the two as they escape.  Not a bad idea.  I also hold up my middle finger at them.

Right, I should see to the jijii.

I say, “Oi, jijii, you alright there?”

“Ye- yeah.  Sorry about that young ma… Hyoo!?”

Che, even if I help them, this happens the second they see my eyes.

However, the jijii then shakes his head and looks me straight in the eye… only to turn away.  He says, “No, you saved me, young man.  I’m truly grateful.”

“Yeah, anyway, I’ll see you home.”

“What, you will?  Sorry for the trouble.”

I then help the jijii up.  He doesn’t seem to have been hurt that badly.  Anyway, I’ve decided to see this guy home, but what about Gusu-oyake?

“Zero-san!?  You just kick that guy out of nowhere!  That you help this man is praiseworthy, but you cannot just kick people!”

Che, don’t get into a fight without getting ready to be hurt.  Honestly, if I really went at it, then they’d be headed straight for the hospital.”

“That’s no good!?  For real, please stop…  That worries me.”

She’s worried?  About me?  Her putting it like that makes me feel lousy.  So, now what, should I apologize or something?

I say, “You’re worried?  My bad.  Next time I’ll be serious and properly finish them off.”

“Please don’t finish them off!?”

The jijii smiles as he watches Gusu-oyake and me argue back and forth.  Him looking at us like that is completely embarrassing.  Well, whatever, let’s just see him home for now.


Manai Zero

Skill: The Person Loved by Spirits

Special Feature: Intimidating Eyes

Item: Stone Ax

Objective: Assist Gusu-Oyake

T/N: Another chapter down.  I’m pretty sure I said this last chapter, but this is starting to get easier.  It makes me quite happy.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to finish one of my projects this year.
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[1] Old man/Gramps

[2] 小さいほうはポカーンとした後、俺にガンつけてきた。

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