The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

2. The Awakening of the Dragon’s Power


[Predation target.]

[Gigi~tsu! Gaga~tsu!]

These things…. Aren’t human? They’re too small to be describe as human. They are creatures with human form, split mouths, and scurvy skin. Of the 3 of them, only one is the same height as me.

Those creatures are holding rusty swords and looking at me.


The goddess did mention, “monsters exist in this world,” in her letter. I guess I’m still using the logic from my old world since I hadn’t accepted it.

Shouldn’t I have learned after seeing that dragon statue just now?

That monsters and dragons exist in this world…….

[Kill …… and eat him]

After all, there’s a big monster in front of me licking his lips……

This is not a joke.

Can I really defeat these monsters…..?

What should I do? Run away? Can I really escape from them? No…… that’s impossible.

I don’t know how far the village is from here. If I use up my stamina and tire myself out running away, it would be the end for me. I wouldn’t even be able to resist after that either.

Fighting them is also impossible. I was just a salary man up until yesterday. I don’t have any combat training.

…….Can I just chase them away by intimidating them?

The goddess did give me a sword. I take it out from the King’s Vessel.

[Well then….]

[[[? Gigagagaga! ?]]]

The monsters open their mouths and laugh.

[Heee! Hahahahahaha! Hihi!]

Those monsters are swaying their weapons while screaming loudly.

The threat failed and I ended up being threatened instead?

Calm down…. Calm down….

There are three monsters while I am alone. It’ll be the end for me if I get surrounded.

What can I do now? What should I use in order to get out of here? A skill?

The goddess only gave me a storage skill and a translation skill….

Why didn’t she give me any combat skills? The letter mentioned, “giving skills to the summoned.” Why was I the only one being left out? Despite not having any combat skills, why was I throw to this place with monsters? I don’t understand, damn it!


The monsters are slowly closing in on me.

I hold up my sword and step back.

What should I do? Are there any skills that I can use from the “King’s Vessel?” Where are the other skills?

I verify the skills in my head.

…….The skills displayed are….two?

Is it increasing?

When did it increase?

What’s this? How does this skill work?

[Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin]

“Activates upon confirmation towards the existence of dragons.

You can use a dragon’s physical might, defensive abilities, and skills.”

Is this also a skill given to me by the goddess?

Confirming the existence of dragons…..That’s a quite the harsh activating condition. Luckily, I saw that dragon statue earlier or else I would be getting finish off by these guys….

No, now is not the time for complaining.

If it can be used, then I’ll use it immediately.

[Gigigigaga!][This land is the lord’s property, you imbecile. You must be removed!]

[Activate—-“Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin”]

The moment the monsters rush me, I activate the skill.

The enemy appears to be looking down on me.  They don’t even try to evade my attack. So, when I swing my sword, I land a direct hit.


While I was thinking about swinging the sword, my arm had already swung and the sword had hit an enemy.


The monster couldn’t react.

The sword pierced through the monster’s body.


Blood bursts out from the black monster’s body and then it collapses.

[You bastard———–!!]

While stepping over its companion’s body, another monster attacks me. This one has the largest body and quickest movement.

Before I realise it, he’s already swinging his swords at me. It’s bad, I can’t evade it.


The black goblin like monster hits my left arm.

Kachin! From it rings a sharp sound.

Scales are spreading across my arm and they repelled the rusty blade. Is this also the power of the dragon?


[Just hurry up and disappear already!]


I swing my sword and lop of the monster’s arm.

[Ouch!? You bastarddddddd!!]

The goblin-like monster jumps back and stares me with its red eye. Then, it turn its back towards me…..

[Gigi!!][He’s a monsterrrrrr!!!!]

[….I don’t want to be describe that way by you.]

The monsters then just run away. After a distance, their figures disappear within the forest.

They just ran away…..

I sigh, [………Haaa]

When I noticed, I was already sitting on the ground

I couldn’t chase them. The sword I receive from the goddess broke.  I used it to kill a monster. Its skin was pretty tough to pierce through too.

[So this is the power of a dragon……?]

Blue scales still cover my left arm.

They prevented the goblin-like monster’s sword from injuring me.

I also obtained great power too.

If I think logically, a normal office worker like me shouldn’t have the strength needed to cut off a monster’s arm. This means that, whenever I activate the dragon’s power, my power also increases.

In other words, the effect of “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” functions by using the scale to increase my defensive ability and physical prowess.

……. I feel like there are other things too.

[So “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” is a skill that activated when I confirmed the existence of dragons….. Is that how it works?]

Then, now that I have been convinced towards the existence of goblins, do I also have the skill, “Awakening of the Goblin’s Kin”?

Let me try concentrating on my consciousness.

[…. Nothing changed?]

Then, I only have “King’s Vessel” and “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin.”

[……if I want to learn more about these skills, I’ll need to find a village and ask someone there.]

I need to get out of here as soon as possible before those monster return with reinforcements.

I kick the ground and start running.


My body feels very light.

The goddess said she returned my physical ability back to my high school days, but this is definitely better than that.

A regret I came to have after I started working for Arasa in my original world was losing my ability to run. While I could start a faster pace, I’d be seriously out of breath after a few steps.

So, by maintaining my current speed, I continue down the trail.

The path gradually widens as I continue and the road becomes easier for me to run over.

But the sun is beginning to set.

…..This is bad

If this keeps up, I will need to camp out in the forest.

I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to use my dragon’s power skill.  Also, even if I can maintain it until the morning, I still don’t have any combat experience. If those goblin-like monsters comeback with their companions, I will be done for.

It would be quite awful to die on the same day I came to the other world.

[…..I still don’t see any houses.]

While I was running, I heard an alarm go off in my head.

After confirming the skill, the dragon’s power effect is coming to an end

Somehow, I knew that was going to happen sooner or later. I feel a mana meter inside my body, and using my skill decreases it. Once I use up my mana, the effect from the dragon power skill will stop.

[….I need to find a place to hide.]

A cave or the shallow area of a big tree would do, but my surrounding seems to be just trees.  I don’t see any caves or big trees.

I’m not even sure if I’m going straight down this trail anymore either.  I can’t hesitate now though. The skill effect will be cut off if I do. Instead, I need to just continue moving forward.

I decide to proceed on to the pathway and soon reach a fork.

That there’s no guide boards around is inconvenient, but the left side seems to have a wider road. On the right is a stone building.

[For the time being, I’ll take the right path.]

Although the left path will probably take me to the village, I don’t know how much further I’d have to go.  As I can’t read the time either, I’ll just use that nearby building for shelter.

I knock the door.

[Anyone there? Erm, I’m a traveller and I’m lost.]

There’s no reply.

This is a square shaped building with two doors in the center of the wall.  On the roof is a statue.  It looks exactly like the dragon sculpture I saw earlier.

[There’s no answer…… I guess no one here. What is this place? I don’t think this is a graveyard.  There’d be graves around if it were.]

I knock again, but there’s still no reply.

……illegal trespassing. Is that also a problem in this world?

While keeping that in mind, I turn the knob and the open plain door.

I peer inside the building….

[As I thought, no one’s here.]

Other side of the door is a stone room. No one inside and there’s nothing I can use either. Hanging on the wall near the ceiling is a big sign.  Despite the dim light, I manage to read the words written on it.

 “Dragon Temple”.


My strength fades from me.  The effect from the dragon’s power skill disappears and it takes the scales covering my arm with it.

I picture the contents of the skill – the gauge of mana for activating the, “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” is empty. Guess I can’t use it until it’s fully recharged.

[…Anyway, I should get some rest.]

I stand up and close the door with staggering feet.  I make sure to check whether or not it can be opened from the inside first though.  Yep, it works.

Is there a small inlet here? The air inside this temple is quite fresh.

Moonlight slips in through the window. When did it get this late? I neglected my surroundings too much during my struggle to survive.

[…..I can’t move anymore…]

I’m too tired to eat anything.

I take out the convenience store onigiri from the “King’s Vessel.”

….Why am I so tired?

I think that this fatigue is spiritual. My strength should have been returned to that of my teens.

I can’t believe I can cope up with everything that’s happened so far. I was summoned to a different world, left alone, and even fought some monsters.

[“Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” and “King’s Vessel”, those are my only weapons at the moment.]

Other than that….

What did the goddess say again….?



Before I noticed, I’m lying on the ground. I’m too tired to even concentrate on my thoughts.

“I can’t give you any abilities from my power.”…the goddess did say that at the beginning. But in my body, I have those skills. The inventory skill and the skill using the power of dragon.  If this wasn’t given to me by the goddess, then what is it? Is it because I confirmed the existence of dragons……? Just what is going on?

[….Ah, I can’t take it anymore. I’ll sleep”]

The ground of the hall is warm.

I took off my coat and rolled it and laid it under my head. It can’t be helped if I care about the wrinkles of clothes.

[….On the day I lost my job…Why did this happen?]

The moment I close my eyes, I’m instantly overcome by sleep.

 […Holder of the King’s Vessel..]

A very long time passes until I remember hearing that voice within this temple.

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