Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

10. It’s Spacious

What about my change of clothes?’—this vital question only popped into my mind once I passed through the door that lead to Captain’s room.

Captain’s private chamber was located behind the office; on the opposite side of the aisle and near the entrance of the tower where I was staying.

In other words, I only had to go downstairs from the 4th floor, cross the 2nd floor’s passage, and voila, I had arrived at the office!

It was closer than I thought—!!

Your resting place is here, huh, Captain! Never would have I guessed about the existence of this private room, nor the fact that it was in the back of your office! 

The office that sneakily hid such a secret was extravagant in terms of size; there were chairs and a large table clearly meant for conference purposes along with bookshelves full of rich and varied information.

Pinned on the wall was a map centered on the spiral castle with detailed illustrations of the area around it. Some other papers containing either plans or reports were also affixed next to the map.

This was the very first place I had visited upon my arrival at this fortress.

Here, was also the very place where I met him. It was during an occassion honoring guests and the like; greeting them with a warm welcome.

Thinking about that time, I recalled that both of us were wearing pale colored attire.

At that time, Captain was standing firmly before large, black-framed window, with a black desk right in front of him.

The sun shined through the window, his golden hair and pure white feathers glittered in radiance… the beauty of that scene was perplexing. The first line he had said, If I am not mistaken was —

“—I’m in your care. Oh, and the witch over there—yeah, you, take care of yourself. Don’t be a nuisance.”—was what he had said.

…Uh, do I truly like this person?

Meanwhile, while I was lost in wonder, Captain had taken one of the many lit-lanterns from the top of the desk.

Yep, we were still holding hands.

Captain’s hand was wrapped around my palm, and our fingers were entwined.

Um, for that matter, I had to admit that it felt a bit ticklish. Even so, from the way Captain held my hand, or to be more precise, seized my hand, I also caught some possessive vibes—‘You shan’t ever escape my grip, guhehe…!!’—that kind of feeling.

Mhm, I was definitely scared because of it.

And by the way, the stacked dishes that Captain had brought along were placed on one of the benches in the waiting room in front of the office.

Is that kind of conduct OK!? Please clean them up properly!

Both of my eyes were full of protest. Seeing that, Captain casually explained that that’s what they, the higher-ups, always did. Especially when the meeting was prolonged, the bigger task in their hand prevented them from carrying out those trivial things. Usually, the servants would be the one to take care of it.

Uh. Great. How dedicated. (Do I truly like somebody like Captain..?)

Anyways, I passed through Captain’s office, to the back room that contained his private chamber. The pattern decorating the office walls disappeared as the door was shut—Oh yeah! My change of clothes! I again reminded myself of that, and cried out about it in my heart.

“Um, Captain…”

Carefully, I let go of his hand as I entered the dark room. As familiar sounds of footstep echoed around, I finally found the courage to speak;

“I forgot, those, uh, change of clothing—“

“I’ll get the bath ready. Wait here a bit.”


Currently speaking in sheepish manner and tone was the same Captain whom frequented the battlefield and ensured victories under his strict command. He gently propped the lamp into the wall, letting the light illuminate the room.

W-what now?

Left with nothing to do, I stood in front of the door, waiting. I  look around my surroundings.

This is Captain’s room, huh…

Not as luxurious as I thought, hmm.

To the right there was a check-up report while to the left was a self-written journal. However, it was such normal stuff to find—okay, on one side of the wall there was also a grand looking armoire, but there was nothing unique inside it.

…It’s pretty run-of-the-mill.

But, the main focus of the room was clearly highlighted by the presence of the bed located in the middle of it.

The bed is gorgeous, with four pillars at the corners supporting the canopy. Also flowing smoothly down from said canopy, was a drapery of curtains.

The smooth-looking sheets were pure white, and looked extremely fluffy, unlike what my room had.

I, I should stop here…

Thus I adverted my eyes, before the lust invariably showed in my gaze.


On top of that bed which was bigger than my room’s bed—

That bed’s top—

On top of that big bed—!!

… …How amazing!!!

Due to my virginity, the brain of 19 years old me was immediately filled with vivid and colorful ‘imagination’ at the mere sight of that bed.

Indeed, I am the 19 years old witch; both virgin and also delusional—Saliroza Senette.


About my change of clothes, Captain promised that he’ll take care of it (this time I was listening properly…). Thus, from the place I was standing on, that is by the side of the bed, I was guided towards the bathroom.

To call it a bathroom…, wasn’t quite right. What separated it from the bedroom was one decorative shelf that reached the ceiling. It expanded and continued until a narrow space was created. There were tiles on the wall as well as the floor, but the most important of all was the slim, white bathtub inside of it.

“When it finally seems like the water has fill up the entire tub, you can turn this device to stop the flow of water.”

Holding a lit-candle, Captain gestured towards the edge of the bathtub where the water was currently flowing. Through the radiance of the candle, I could see the glint of a silver device operating the faucet.

Okay, understood.

After affirming my nod, Captain, lightly playing with the rising steam with his hand, suddenly used the same hand and grabbed my shoulder, drawing me closer to him.

“The shelf over there is well-stocked, you will find whatever you might need there. Use it as much as you want.”


‘Thank you very much’—the words failed to form as my mouth let out a gasp instead—is there any need for you to breath in my ears as you instruct me about it?!

Don’t you realize my situation or what might happen to me if you suddenly did that kind of gesture—!?

The way he was blowing my ears almost made both of my knees to tremble unsteadily—!! However, Captain only chuckled—ugh, way to get away with what you just did—!!

Of course, I also didn’t fail to notice how effortless he was when attempting something like that. Experience; is it because of the difference in experience—!?

“Well then, I am waiting for you.”


Please stop—!! It’s bad for my heart—!! Okay, okay, I’ll admit that I have zero EXP over this kind of thing—!!

To cool my head, I decided to enjoy the warm bath to the fullest!

**T/N:  And then–!? What shall happen next–!? As the translator, me too, is anticipating a steamy…bath…scene, so shall you all readers! But ofc I can’t tell you what will happen next….BUT,

I can tell you, to stay tuned.

Because the next chapter, is an extra.

And it’s told from Judius, aka Captain, Point of View.

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