An Angel's Thesis Original

SS) Servitutde

“I’ve been waiting for you, Aiden.”

Aiden spins around mid-step to find Wulf, the academy’s number two student, at the edge of his practice field.  The place is secluded within the forest, but anyone could find it with a simple search.  Most people, however, would consider such effort too troublesome.

The young duke steps away from the tree he leans against and takes lofty strides towards Aiden.

Aiden can guess Wulf’s business with him.  With his background as a duke, he approached Camillia various times the previous year with clear intentions of recruiting her into his faction in order to raise his prestige.  Every attempt was followed with her complaining to Aiden about the dullness of politics and the stupidity of power struggles.

And now that I’ve shown my worth at the previous competition, I his next target…

Aiden might have been born a failure of a magician, but he was also born an average member of society and knows he wants nothing to do with what Wulf will offer him.  His sole goal is to research magic and develop himself as the world’s first synthesis magician.  “You want something from me?”


Aiden’s head snaps towards Wulf’s while saying, “Like hel…” His remark trails off as his eyes turn lifeless upon crossing with Wulf’s.  With a blank expression, he drops onto a knee and lowers his head.  With a flat tone, he says, “As you wish, master.”

Satisfaction spreads across Wulf’s face as he says, “Good, good… You know, I was afraid hypnotism wouldn’t work on you.  I guess even if your body is ascended, your mind is still that of a human’s.”

Aiden doesn’t twitch from his position.  He speaks with his head still down.  “It is as you surmised.  My body ascended, but my mind remained.”

“How much do you know about the Ascension Ritual?”


“Seriously?  Wow, Camillia is a bigger idiot than I thought.  That’s the sort of thing you keep to yourself.”

Aiden doesn’t respond.  While Wulf did ask a question, the intention behind it wasn’t one seeking an answer.

A vulgar grin spreads across Wulf’s face as he looks down at Aiden.  “Bark.”

“Arf, arf, arf!”

Wulf laughs and stomps down on Aiden’s back.  He forces his face into the dirt and says, “Tell me everything I need to know for my ascension ritual.”