Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

9.2 It’s Hot


—I unintentionally let out a bizarre-sounding scream.

“My breasts are actually small—! I’m sorry that it isn’t as thick as it felt—!”

Due to the unforgiving act of Captain, the corset slipped down.

And thus, the truth of my breasts got exposed.

The feeling of shame was unbearable!! It feels as if I had been caught red handed participating in some kind of treachery!!

“N… No, Captain, stop… Ah…”

No matter how much I tried twisting my body, the large hand that was stuck firmly on my back restricted any further movement. Rather than helping to retreat, the gap born from those action only caused Captain to advance further as he buried his face in my bosom.

His lips traced the arc from my ear to my neck gently. He switched to using his tongue, licking my collarbone.

His rough fingers moved with mischief, moving around on the top of the fabric that was now thin because of the corset’s absence.

Moreover, since the corset had been lowered—my breasts; no, their peaks were exposed!

Captain’s finger slipped between my onepiece and corset, as he teased my skin. Finally reaching the pointed tip— his fingertip scratched it delicately, stimulating me incessantly;


I let out a loud moan as my body trembled with pleasure.

An intense sensation that I’ve never felt before in my entire life gradually spread from the center of my body, momentarily stopping my breathe.

“Ca-captain, no more…, no…”


As he lightly traced the curve of my shoulder with his tongue, Captain called my name using a tone of voice that directly resonated with the heartbeat within my chest.

“If you want me to stop—then why are you embracing me?”



Unbeknownst to me, my hand that was suppose to be grasping his coat, had actually encircled Captain’s broad back—not to mention, firmly.

‘Fu~’ Captain chuckled, causing me to get goosebumps.

“If you are against this, shall we stop, then?”


“I aim for the agreement of both parties. Through cooperation, a lot of things can be accomplished in a short amount of time.”


Is he talking about some kind of training session? Or is it some kind of a subjugation strategy? My head that was already hot, heated up even further.

—In the meantime, Captain’s finger were back at teasing me ceaselessly.


I was quite satisfied with the agreement, as such I accepted it with utmost joy!

Understood! Let’s cooperate and achieve things quickly!

“Captain…! I do consent to it, but, but!!”

“…What is it?”

…Are you finally getting fed up with my constant demands?

…I know that I’m sometimes fussy—but, oh well! I am a virgin! And this is my first time! There’s no letting this go!

Captain raised his face, frowning while gazing straight at me.

“Touching and being touched, and sometimes, licking, and being licked—that’s it! I think taking a shower first is the top priority for me right now!”


Captain blinked slowly. Ah, the feathers around his ears also twitched briefly…

Uhh, how embarassing…

Before I took a bath, I ought to clean my room first. And then, not only should I wipe my body thoroughly, but also quickly! I’m not even in the middle of lace-knitting; an activity that has some kind of elegant appeal…

—as I lamented, I hid my face and asked;

“Is it okay for me to take a shower now?”

Captain finally released his mischievous grip, and raised his body, creating some distance between us.

I swept a glance across his face—only to find it red.

But why?

“That’s right, you need a bath, alright…”

He covered his face with one hand while apologizing in a muffled voice. This time, no reaction could be seen from his feathers.

Again, why?

“Sorry that I didn’t get the message at first…”

“Eh, oh, no problem—“

What was the cause and where is the sense of embarassment this guy has actually located, I wonder… A mystery.

I hope he didn’t notice the way I was glaring at him right now.

Thus, Captain, still embarassed, helped me to take care of the empty dishes. He placed them properly on the side of the desk, however as he did so, I noticed how loud the clatter sounded.

“Well then, shall we go?”


I didn’t even try to hide the obviousness of the fact that I was staring at him in disbelief anymore.

What did he say?

Go? Where to—!?

The Captain held the plates in one hand, and extended the other towards me.

“Let’s go.”

“Um, if I may ask—where?”

While asking, I blankly put my hand on top of his. Captain held it and answered.

“My room.”

“Captain’s room?”

“There’s a bath there.”

There were large public baths in the basement for the soldiers and the resident of the fort, as well as small ones for women.

But, if we were talking about important guests and figures hailing from the capital city, the rooms used by those people also had a baths installed.

Captain,  the commander of this fort, naturally also had a bath in his room. Yup, indeed, those kind of preferential treatment exists!



While holding hands, we left the room in silent.

Illuminating the narrow passageway, was the light of a lamp patented by one of the demon tribes in the city.

The light shone mildly on Captain’s profile, revealing that he was still red from embarassment.


—I was probably more flushed than he was.