Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

9.1 It’s Hot

Captain removed my hand from his chest, gently wrapping it with his own as our fingers intertwined.

Just how many times have I said this—Captain’s hand is large and quite rough. It’s the solid and firm hand of someone who chose to take up the sword and fight.

Being enveloped in those hand made me all the more aware of how unskilled my hand is in manual labor—even in an easy task like lace-kniting. The hand that supposedly belonged to the full-fledged, independent, adult witch dispatched to the fort as the Senette’s representative, looked like that of a child’s in comparison.

Furthermore, my skin is dry because I haven’t tended to it properly as of late.

Right! Sennette’s House specially produced beauty ointment—from now on, I shall apply it thoroughly…



I kinda let out a strange voice there!

As a form of escape, my mind wandered away from the situation toward beauty ointment. Bad Captain! Suddenly calling me with a voice softer than his usual one! …Not to mention, captivating too!

“…So, your reply is?”

“M, my reply, huh!?”

“I’ve put it properly into words. Using the same method to reply would be common courtesy, don’t you think?”


‘Common courtesy’, huh…

Those two words are flickering in front of my eyes.

I have to use the same method to reply, you say?


I glanced upward—before abruptly retracting my gaze down due to him staring at me—watching every single and little movement of mine.

…I’m scared. Please don’t pressure me.



With resolution that is akin to someone’s readiness to jump off from the top of a tall tower, I grasped Captain’s thumb while he stroked the back of my palm. The solidness of it resembled that of stone. Other than my grandmother, I had never even once grasped another person’s hand. The sensation of it felt completely different.

The heat on my face rose.

The feeling that is arising within me from touching this rough, strong hand,….I don’t hate it…..Rather,

“Li, Like! I like it! Probably…!”


“—or not, probably not! It’s just so-so!”


I can’t stand up to the pressure!!

Is it the same? Does the meaning have to be the same?!

Because I randomly spewed the word ‘like’, looks like I have missed something—oh, yeah, right! “Saliroza”, he said “Saliroza”!

R-right, I, I am…!

“…Captain too!”

I pulled Captain’s hand with both hand, and pressed it on my own chest.

“Captain too, has always been inside here…!”

In the room illuminated by bright light, silence resounded.


Why is it so quiet all of the sudden?

I got no reply?

In addition, there is no movement either.

Captain’s wide hand is still pressed stiff on top my chest.

Perhaps right now, he can feel how terrifyingly fast my heart is throbbing.

Like, like, I truly like Captain! I really wish I could express it to him much more—..wait,

—isn’t this position weird?

How could I just place the hand of a man against my chest, and afterward make him squeeze it just like that?

Beneath my dress, I am only wearing a corset and my thin underwear. It is developed by Senette Family, with the purpose of tightening the girth. In the breast part, thick cotton was piled up, albeit not much (thank you).


A breast is still a breast in the end, no matter the size.


I pulled my hand off immediately, but I realized that Captain’s hand stayed there…

Quick! Don’t just obey gravity and keep it there!

“…—just for a little bit-!!

With those words, I am suddenly being hugged as Captain swiftly slipped his free hand around my back. His hand gently moved up from my shoulder towards my neck, before softly tugging the hair on the back of my head.

As he pulled me, Captain’s face got closer and closer—and then my lip were blocked by his. His tongue sneaked past the gap between my lips and touched mine.


As it brushed against my tongue, my whole body shooked and a strange sound leaked from the back of my throat. Captain changed his angle, before resuming to lock me in his possessive, hot kiss.



…Breast—! The hand on top of my breast began to move—! It started massaging my breasts—! The cotton stuffed inside the corset was—!

“…—ah, Ca, Captain…!”

I lifted both hand in an attempt to push away the body of the man currently consumed by desire during a passionate kiss. As I thought, it’s hard! The pectoral muscle—..or is it the abdominal muscle?

Of course his body has to be the hard and heavy type, dammit—!! I couldn’t push away his mighty body and ended up stretching his upper jacket instead.


Finally parting away after nibbling my lower lip, Captain asked with a hoarse voice flowed with frustation and saliva.

“That, wasn’t my breast, but the corset…”

“Ah, are you going to take it off then?”

that wasn’t what I meant!!!

What’s with this guy here?!

Words failed to come out of my mouth. Captain took it as some kind of a sign as he seemed lost in thought. In just a moment afterwards, he flashed me a smile.

Judging by how genuine and charming his smile looked like, the man before me couldn’t have been the Captain that I know, but a stranger.

“…Or do you want me to take it off for you?”

“Eh, uhm, ah…”

And before I realize what he meant, the hand on the nape of my neck had slide down to my back. His lips, carved with a smile, pecked my cheeks, gradually moving towards my earlobe. As he moved, the heat from his lip also transferred towards my earlobe.

His wet lips made a movement that I had neither ever experienced nor ever imagined. He grazed and licked my earlobe. Meanwhile his other hand caressed my back, making it feel numb and tingly.

There, that part is no good either, Captaaain! Stop it, don’t bite my eaaar! Do not breath on it either~~~~!


I clung tightly to his jacket, enduring it. This isn’t the kind of eroticness that I had in mind!

But then Captain who had been bullying my ear, hooked his finger on my one-piece collar and pulled it down—


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