Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! Translation

59. The Tectonic Emperor, Grazellia Firas Rizart

A park in the south side of the Imperial Capital, Filas Filia, is known as the “Noble’s Plaza.”  Its location is within the middle of an upper class district and as the name implies, almost all of its visitors are people with high status.  Due to the aristocrats dwelling in that area, its construction received a high amount of investment and turned out much more lavish than other plazas.  Such can be seen with how well maintained the brick flower beds are kept.

Unlike in the center of town, no shops surround the plaza due to it being adjacent to a residential area.  The people who live there view their district as one enormous estate.  As such, the plaza is treated like a courtyard.  It is both very large and covered with a layer of beige[1] bricks.  Furthermore, fanned open stair cases surrounding pockets of foliage are placed about to create a place of relaxation for humans with high standings and their children.

At the moment, however, the military police and soldiers have taken full control of the plaza.  Their presence is a clear indication to the current crises.  Yet, since the purpose for their occupation isn’t very clear, the aristocrats continue as usual and protest the hindrance to their daily lives.  Each is cordially sent away by the military police.

Suimei and Felmenia arrive while they are displaying such an imposing presence.  The military police officer who guided them there requests that they wait in a corner of the plaza while he enters a tent at the plaza’s edge.  Graziella must be inside.

They find a familiar face at the designated waiting area.  That person has blue eyes complimented by long eyelashes, blond hair, and an elegant body line that diverges from that of a man’s.  He is the handsome Yuusha that could easily be mistaken for a girl at the first glance, Eliot Austin.  He and his retainer, the magician priestess, Christa, converse with one another atop of a bench next to a red bricked flower bed.

Suimei calls out to him on reflex.  “You.”

Eliot recognizes his voice and stands.  With surprise flashing across his face, he say, “So, they called you here too?”  Afterwards, a smile laced with sarcasm spreads across it as he runs a hand through his blond hair.  “Are you going to be alright with those injuries?”

“What, are you worried about me?”

“Are you joking?  Not one bit.”

“I guess not.”

While the two exchange trash talk with one another, Suimei feels someone staring at him with condemnation.  He turns his neck to look around and spots Christa with a sullen expression.  Hidden underneath her green braids is a stern stare.  Looks like she doesn’t even like it when people argue with him.

Eliot then spots Felmenia and gives her a smile without any delay.  “You as well, it’s been a while since we last met.”

Felemnia displays respect to Eliot’s social position with her response. “Yes, a long time has passed since we last spoke, Yuusha-dono of El Meida.”

“You don’t need to worry about being so formal with me.”

“That is incorrect.  I cannot be disrespectful towards Salvation’s Yuusha-dono.”

He gives her a cheerful smile and speaks with an amiable tone that clearly contrasts with the one he used with Suimei.  “No, not at all.  Talking is just easier when neither of us are tense around each other.”

What is this?  Is he trying to loosen up Felmenia’s respectful attitude?

Eliot then makes an expression indicating that he remembered something.  Saying, “Fuu,” he refines his conduct.  “Excuse me for the delay, but my name is Eliot Austin.  Might I ask for your name?”

“I am called Felmenia Stingray.”

The pleasant tone lacing Eliot’s following words demonstrate that he isn’t just giving lip-service.  “Felmenia-san?  You have a lovely name.”

While he’s given a good impression of Felmenia, Christa recognizes the name and knits her eyebrows together.  She says, “The Aster Kingdom’s White Flame, Felmenia-dono…”

Felmenia gives a cold, “……Fumu, is that a public figure per chance?”

“No, just a name I’ve heard on passing.” Christa maintains her expression steady as she adds, “You are quite modest for someone who brought down a cocadrille at the age of fifteen and was appointed a Court Magisterium by the Aster Kingdom.”

There’s nothing modest about any of that.

Eliot, unfamiliar with anything that was just said, turns towards Felmenia.  “What’s a cocadrille[2]?”

“An enormous mamono that lives in the desert.  I encountered one by chance during a journey south and defeated it.”

“Christa, is that mamono dangerous?”

“Very much so; they are considered secondary class mamono.  They have large bodies, spray deadly poison with their mouths, and make the south a dangerous place to travel through.”

Admiration fills Eliot’s expression upon hearing about Felmenia’s valor.  “Hee… That’s amazing.”  He then turns away from her and glances towards Suimei.  “What about you?  Are you her pupil-san?”

Saa?  What are you going on about?”

Eliot snorts at Suimei’s provocative reply.  He then returns his attention to Felmenia and says, “Regardless, Felmenia-san, you have lovely platinum blond hair.”

Felmenia gets embarrassed at having her hair complimented.  Her cold expression crumbles as she blushes. “Eh… umm, thank you very much.”

The lady-killer continues to extol praise.  “While your cool and composed side is nice, that bashful expression is pretty charming too.”

Felmenia gets flustered.  “Fuue!?  That’s, this is…”

I guess she’s weak to compliments.

Eliot’s continued praise is cut short by a throat getting cleared.  Reproach laces Christa’s tone as she says, “Eliot-sama.”

Eliot, not understanding his mistake, says, “Yeah?”

Christa retrains herself and adopts an expression of indifference.  “Are you trying to befriend them?”

“I’m just being cordial with her?  Or did I do something wrong?”

Christa is perplexed at Eliot’s reasonable statement.  “That’s…”

Eliot picks up on her doubt.  With a mean spirit smile, he says, “Fufu, are you jealous, Christa?  You tend to get like this whenever I praise other girls.”

“Wh- wh-wh- what are you saying, Eliot-sama!?  Not at all!”

“In that case, what’s bothering you?”

To Suimei who watches from the side, the scene looks like one where a handsome man and a beautiful woman are flirting.  It ticks him off.  …I was forced to come here, in my condition, just to watch this? 

With a glare, he says, “Just explode.”


“You’re so noisy.  Just what is all this?”  He then mumbles, “Explode, explode…” as though he’s reciting a curse.  The three people unable to understand the significance of his words can only tilt their heads.

Felmenia leaves Suimei aside while he is lost to his own frustration and turns to the other two.  “For what reason are the two of you here?”

“…You haven’t heard?”

“The military police who escorted us here only mentioned that Her Highness, the Imperial Princess, Graziella, requests our presence.”

“That was it?  Well, in all honesty…”

Despite Felmenia asking, she was also considering the conjecture Suimei shared with her on their trip to the plaza.  Since Eliot is there, the most probable reason is that it relates to the coma incidents.  That, after all, is their only point of contact with Eliot and the only reason he would also be there.

Christa then realizes something and lowers her voice, “Eliot-sama.”

Eliot looks over his shoulder at her whisper.  “…mu.  I see, it’s finally time.”

Everyone else, including Suimei, look in the same direction as him to see a woman accompanied by several others emerging from the tent at the edge of the plaza.

She doesn’t look any older than twenty.  Her dignified presence makes calling her heroic more appropriate than graceful.  Furthermore, she is also beautiful.  The outfit she wears is that assigned to the Empire’s military personnel, but much more extravagant.  Just from its appearance, it’s of higher quality than of other soldiers present.  The basic tone is crimson like a deep summer’s burgundy.  Draped over her shoulders is the Imperial Military’s coat.  As such, the coat’s inner embroidery is free for everyone to see.

Felmenia all of a sudden spots her and speaks with a tone laced with vigilance.  “Her highness, the Imperial Princess, Graziella.”

She must be the one who called us here.  That she dresses like a soldier despite being called the Imperial Princess must be because she’s part of the Empire’s Elite Twelve.  The curt way with which she brushes aside her long, wavy blond hair is quite crude considering her status.  More than everything else, looking in to her blue eyes gives me a bad feeling.

The atmosphere changes as she gets closer.  The words relentless and imposing flash through Suimei’s mind.  He wonders if it’s because she exudes an aura of military might, or if because it is something she was born with.  Either way, she might be standing above everyone else, but she’s still human.

While Suimei builds his understanding of Graziella, Christa kneels to show her respect.  Eliot stops at just nodding at her.  That he can remain standing is because he’s the Yuusha.  Just like with Reiji back at Camellia.

Suimei and Felmenia also kneel on the spot.

“—Is everyone here?”  Clear annoyance laces Graziella’s words as she stands before them.  The sloping plaza’s staircases are right behind her.  A lording glare fills her almond eyes as she looks down at those kneeling before her.  The first person she directs her gaze towards is Eliot.  “I’m pretty sure you’re the bastard who came to report his findings of this affair.  That must make you the summoned Yuusha-dono.”

Eliot disregards her rudeness.  “You look radiantly lovely today, your Highness, Imperial Princess, Graziella.  I’m delighted that you called us despite how busy you must be right now.”  Yet despite his tone, he stares at her with an impudence that screams, “How dare you summon me.”  His words were nothing more than veiled irony.

Graziella herself also picks up on his mockery.  The way she narrows her eyes dismisses his words as unimportant.  “I see you’re still a droll bastard.[3]

Once the two finish greeting each other, Christa offers her greetings in a voice loud enough for everyone to overhear her.  “Your Highness, Imperial Princess, Graziella, what were you thinking when you forcefully called the summoned Yuusha, Eliot-sama, to appear before you at your own convenience?”

That’s true, calling on the Yuusha like this belittles his position.  The way she called him kisama[4] completely captures this point.

Graziella brushes the condemning inquiry aside with an expression that refuses to answer.  “A mere priestess is questioning me?  You’re over stepping your bounds.”

Christa is undaunted and goes to retort, but Eliot intervenes by placing a hand upon her shoulder.  It’s his way of saying that now isn’t the time for such a confrontation.  As such, she can only unwillingly back down.  “…Excuse me.”

Graziella then turns towards Suimei and says, “…I’ve heard there’s a man competing with the Yuusha for some reason or another.  Are you that bastard?”

Suimei lowers his head with a, “Ha,” but doesn’t follow with anything else.  He has no interest in continuing.

Graziella then says, “Unbelievable, I didn’t realize the White Flame-dono would be here.”

Felmenia imitates the harmless greeting given by Eliot.  “You look to be in excellent health.[5]

“Why are you in the Empire, spell caster of Aster?”

“Because my application of residency was approved.”

She had an irritating answer prepared for the situation.  That’s no different than sighing and then saying, “It can’t be helped.”

Graziella says, “I want to hear your reason for being in the Empire.”

“…Under the guidance of the goddess, Alshna, I was directed to assist Suimei-dono.”

Hou?  Last time you said you were moving under His Majesty Almadias’s imperial command.  Was that a lie?”

“When I gave His Majesty my report, he gave me the order.”

Fumu… so it’s like that.  Then, is that the guy you’re here to assist?”

“Your suspicion is correct.”

“I see.  Well, everything does fit… and the goddess often gives vague oracles.  This situation is also one that already involves the goddess.  What you’ve said is plausible.”

Does this mean Graziella believes her?  While the gaze she sends towards Felmenia is still full of doubt, the urgency of the current situation forces her to move on.

Graziella says, “I’ll be quick and get to the main point.  I didn’t call the two of you here for nothing.  The search for the one responsible for the coma incidents, that which you two are competing over, has fallen under my jurisdiction.”



Nothing can be read from the expressions of either Suimei or Felmenia.  I thought this might have something to do with the coma incidents.  Looks like I was spot on. 

Eliot and Christa vocalize their agitation.  A stern expression crosses Eliot’s face as he glances towards Graziella and says, “Your Highness Graziella, was summoning us here for just that necessary?  You would be able to conduct your own investigations even without informing us.”

“No, that would be pointless since both of you are already involved.  Instead, I’ll be able to settle this affair much faster by having the two of you fall under my command.”

As expected, Eliot objects to be drafted.  Still, he’s so shocked that words fail him.  “Wh—!?”

Suimei also raises his head in order to voice his complaints.  “Hey…”

Graziella, despite seeing their reactions, demands their consent.  “Any objections?”

Eliot says, “There’s no way there wouldn’t be any.”

She smirks as denies Eliot’s objection without any hesitation.  “Hou?  What is it?  Or is this about my considerations towards your pathetic dispute?”

Is she riling him up like this because she enjoys it?  Although, by taking our quarrel into account, she’ll be able to conduct her investigations without any objections from the church.[6]

While Eliot is the one who raised his voice, Christa is the one who answers.  “Your Highness Graziella, Eliot-sama and this man are investigating this incident in accordance to Alshna-sama’s decree.  Taking them both under your command would obstruct their match.”

“How is that a problem?  Why should I care about something like their match?”

“That statement goes against Alshna-sama’s will.  Am I correct in assuming that the royalty of this country makes light of Alshna-sama’s words?”

“Nothing about that is correct.  Their game was originally the Empire’s problem.  While I do not belittle the words of Alshna, I refuse to fool around with the citizens of the Imperial Capital.  I believe I should at the very least hurry and resolve this situation with the next victim?”

Christa too is lost for words after suffering Graziella’s rebuke.  Her lips are tied shut.

A different conversation takes place during that moment with Suimei saying, “…Despite someone objecting this much against a member of the royal family, is no one going say anything about it?[7]

“…Yuusha-sama, having been sent by the goddess, can be considered saint.  Right now, the legitimacy of Her Highness Graziella’s dubious statement is being called into question.  It’s reached a point that it can even be interpreted as insolence.  Christa-dono, as the Yuusha’s attendant, has the same protection as him…  Also, please look over there.  As evidence, the military police and soldiers are terrified that something might happen.”

Suimei looks around at Felmenia’s suggestion and discovers that like she said, the military police, soldiers, and even Graziella’s attendants have turned blue from fright.

Graziella attention falls upon Suimei.  “What about you?”

Suimei doesn’t care whether a storm will follow or not, he flat out states his rejection.  “I also decline your request.  While this affair probably would end faster that way, I have no reason to cooperate with any of you.”

“This is a public draft.  Aren’t you currently residing within the Imperial Capital?  As someone who lives here, you cooperating with us is only natural, you bastard.”

“In that case, will you jail me for not complying?”

Fumu… I could make that threat, but such an approach would be too high handed.”  Graziella then pauses, cupping her chin as though she’s thinking up an ingenious solution.  “Alright then, if you’re going to say that, how about adding some conditions to my draft?”


“I called you lot here in order to bring you under my command, but I also first need to confirm your merit.  So, how about this?   I’ll let you freely continue your investigations just as you have been if you beat me.  Sound good?”

Eliot and Christa groan at Graziella’s difficult conditions.


“How arrogant…”

She is the Empire’s strongest practitioner.  She put up such a condition only because she’s confident in her own ability.  Whether Eliot is aware of Graziella’s strength is unknown, but a curious expression crosses his face.  He says, “Is Her Highness, the Imperial Princess, herself coming out to fight?”

“Is me fighting amusing?”

“That’s not what I meant…”

His hesitation on replying displays his doubts.  Usually, subordinates are who gets sent out in order to complete tasks like measuring someone’s true strength.  However, I get the feeling that nasty look in her eyes is her true nature. 

While Suimei reads into Graziella’s character, Christa can be seen whispering something into Eliot’s ear.  Probably about Graziella.  Eliot’s ignorance induced sloven expression quickly tightens.

In response, Graziella gives him a daring smile.  “That’s right.  Now, how about we have… Yuusha-dono show me his power first?”

“You sound pretty confident there.”

Graziella casts aside Eliot’s trifling remark with a self-assurance that doesn’t enter the stage of being over confident.  “Do I?  Well, I properly understand of my own strength.  There’s no reason for me to not be confident.”

Eliot radiates with fighting spirit as he takes a half step forward.

“Eliot-sama?  No, are you really accepting her challenge!?”

“Yeah, I get the feeling indulging her Highness-sama’s willfulness might be pretty fun.  Besides, I doubt she’ll allow us to go home just like that.”

Christa’s expression twists from nervousness as she says. “Eliot-sama…”

Eliot says, “Relax, Christa,” before urging her to step back into a safer distance.

Suimei and Felmenia also retreat.  With quick steps, they move to a location where they’ll be able to watch without worry.

Eliot says to Graziella, “You’re going down.”

A nearby attendant hands Graziella a pair of silver gauntlets.  Everyone can see that it matches her white coat as she puts it them on.  “Try to entertain me, Yuusha-dono.”

On the gauntlets’ knuckles are a polished black material that Suimei doesn’t recognize despite all his magical training.  It doesn’t look like metal.

Suimei says, “Felmenia, what’s that black material on her gauntlets?”

“Black Wood.  It is wood with steel like hardness that is harvested from trees located in the northern regions.  Not only is it just as strong as metal, but it is also lighter.  Furthermore, it is very resistant against magic.  It is often used in armor for spell casters.  Sometimes, it is also used as a weapon.”


Suimei is more interested in the unknown material than the fight occurring between Graziella and Eliot.  Regardless, as Graziella’s attendants and escorts fall back, she jumps on top of one of the fanned out staircases and checks the condition of her gauntlets.  She claps both of her fists against each other and a dull sound echoes.

Eliot just looks up at Graziella from where he stands and draws his radiant oricalcum sword.  At the same time, his magic power swirls around him as it’s stimulated by the blade’s brilliant rays of light.  He taps the tip of his sword into a brick as he invokes his spell’s key word with a voice like that of a silver bell.  “Armament(Call) Deployment(Arming).”

Dense magical power coils around Eliot’s body and he’s soon clad in listless silver armor.  His entire body is protected, starting from the eye catching metal helm on his head.  The boorish heavy equipment is a reverse from Eliot’s usual elegant appearance.  It must have been crafted out of his magical power right after he invoked the keyword.  From the looks of it, mobility was sacrificed, but it probably isn’t as heavy as it appears.

Eliot’s spell allowed him to materialize matter, but the particular formula used is one Suimei has no knowledge about.  While it does resemble magic he is familiar with, it is a spell born from another world’s system.  Is this a mystery from Eliot’s world? 

The tempering of the armor’s design and color conclude with the manifestation of a kite shield emblemed with a geometrical coat of arms.

Graziella’s expression openly displays her appreciation to Eliot’s exercise of magic.  “Hou?  Is this magic from Yuusha-dono’s world?  You have a fascinating technique.”

Eliot’s muffled voice reverberates out of his helm.  “You honor me, but you don’t really appear that interested in it.”  His posture radiates in self-confidence.

Graziella takes in his attitude and makes the first move.  “Let’s start with a small test.  Earth, harden your body into rocks that will break my enemies.  Stone Raid!”

An earth attribute spell like one Felmenia once used is cast against Eliot.  The caster this time, however, is the strongest wielder of earth magic.  The title is not for show.  The size and number of stones Felmenia produced can’t compare to the sharp stones floating around Graziella.

A vast barrage of stones pelt Eliot, but he blocks them with his kite shield.  Then, as the attack ends, Eliot casts his own spell.  He mumbles a chant and a lightning bolt flashes from his sword.

Whether Graziella perceives the fluctuation of magic power is unknown, but she avoids the attack without any difficulty.  “I see, not bad.”

“I’m still not finished— I extol the high spirit’s decree more than my dearest wish.  Respond to my prayers, Force Grant!”[8]  Eliot’s appearance doesn’t change upon stating his keyword, but his magical power and physical abilities surge.

Felmenia is astonished at Eliot’s display of magic.    “So much magic…”

Wielding so many spells in parallel deviates from this world’s grasp of magic.  Present magic theory states that spell casters can at best only utilize two spells concurrently. 

Eliot’s plan is to raise his combat ability through the continuous use of magic.  It’s a popular style of fighting, but probably a curious decision in this world. 

Graziella closes in on Eliot despite his heavy armor.  Not of a trace of fear can be found in her steps as she punches him with her gauntlet.  Her body is also reinforced with magic, one that isn’t the slightest bit inferior to Eliot’s.  That’s unusual for a spell caster of this world.  Seems like close quarter combat might be her forte.  She also utilizes earth magic as she attacks.

Eliot counters with his shield and lightning bestowed sword.  His style of fighting is both solid and imposing.

Felmenia says, “Yuusha-dono is an excellent warrior.”

“He feels exactly like how a yuusha should.”

“Are you also in agreement, Suimei-dono?”

“I am.  There is a solid foundation to the basics within his technique.”

Judging from the battle, the self-confidence Eliot displayed earlier wasn’t just braggadocio.  His sword skill is clear for all to see and his magically produced armor has a considerable amount of durability.  Furthermore, while the duration of his body strengthening magic is short, it’s very effective.  Yet, because of that, his style is too monotonous.

Felmenia says, “He has defensive techniques for both his shield and armor.  Then, by considering his physical strengthening magic along with his attack magic, the result is a flawless style.”

“That much is to be expected from his combination of close quarter combat, magical combat, and armor.  His performance is steady, but—”

Graziella has the advantage in both quantity of magical power and the velocity per effectiveness ratio with which spells are chanted.  Furthermore, while Eliot only uses lightning magic, Graziella has a relentless offense that constantly utilizes earth magic.

Suimei says, “The spell casters of this world don’t give me the impression that they’d know martial arts.”

“Her Highness, the Imperial Princess, Graziella is unique.  She is one of the few people who can call herself a spell caster and yet also have a solid understanding of martial arts.

During that conversation, the battle between Graziella and Eliot enters a stalemate.  Both of them thus create distance from the other and prepare for the next round.  Graziella says, “I see, so that’s how it is.”

“…What are you talking about?”

With a self-satisfied expression, she says, “Your armor and shield have different properties.  While your shield protects you from magic, the armor protects you from physical attacks, right?”

The expression Eliot must be making underneath his helm is anyone’s guess.

Felmenia says, “How is her assessment, Suimei-dono?”

“Yeah, it’s just like she said.  No doubt about it.”

Christa, at that time, lets out a loud shriek.  “Eliot-sama!”

Graziella blows away Eliot’s shield with an over powering punch.  She then maneuvers herself between him and his shield to keep him from retrieving it.  As a result, Eliot is forced to retreat in the opposite direction of his shield.

“…Suimei-dono, Yuusha-dono’s shield has not disappeared.”

“Looks like the spell that created it is one that releases after a time limit is reached.  It’s a technique that can’t be maintained unless a constant supply of mana is being provided to it and comes with the potential drawback of being disarmed.”

“I see.  That is a wonderful analysis.”  Felmenia speaks a second doubt the moment her first one was answered.  “Who do you believe will win, Suimei-dono; Her Highness, the Imperial Princess, Graziella or Yuusha-dono?”

“I’m not sure, but it will probably be the Imperial Princess-sama.  They’re both evenly matched in close-quarters combat and possess similar magical capabilities.  Unless something happens to overturn that, it’ll all come down to who whoever is more determined to win.”

“Something that can overturn…”

“That Yuusha still has magical power saved up.  Something might be stopping him from using it. That, or maybe he doesn’t want to use it here…”

Suimei’s perspective is that the yuusha isn’t fully committing to the match.  Graziella, however, utilizes her over whelming fighting prowess.  With her displaying strength comparable to that of a yuusha, many come to wonder whether summoning a yuusha was necessary.

In the middle of the exchange, the lightning emitted by Eliot’s sword vanishes.  His spell’s time limit was reached.  He immediately goes to bestow lightning to his sword again, but—

“Earth!  The crystallization of my tyranny!  The power to crumble authority!  Erect a monument in praise to your destruction!  Crystal Raid!”  Crystals break through the plaza’s bricks and surround Graziella.  Then, with a swing of her arm, columns of crystal pillars deluge forth.

Eliot’s shield is far from his reach and his magical defenses won’t make it in time.  Christa can be heard screaming from the side.


“It’s decided…”

A thick cloud of dust billows upward.  Even though it obscures the visibility, the outcome is clearer than recognizing a fire.[9]

T/N:  Wow, this chapter was a line from entering the 12th page.  This note is being written on the beginning of the 12th page.  Anyway, first thing is first, for those of you who are still at the corner, you are free.  You’ve actually been free for a while now~  Anyway, it’s been over half a year since chapter 58, but I haven’t not updated Isekai Mahou.  I’ve just been filling in some of the missing chapters 27-35.  Three more left until that gap is gone.  Those updates was where you were freed from the corner~

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[1] The literal translation is palm colored bricks, but that just sounds weird in English.

[2] Something like a cross between a chicken and a lizard.  Believed to live in France.

[3] Every time she refers to anyone, she calls the person a bastard.  I’ve tried to fit that insult in with my translation, but English isn’t well suited for this method of speaking.

[4] Back when she called him a droll bastard

[5] The text actually does repeat his words, but the context is slightly different between them.  The wording changed some, but they both still compliment her physical wellbeing.

[6] I think I got this part right: 「ほう? 何故だ? こちらとしては貴様らの争いを考慮してのことなのだが?」


[7] 「……王族にここまで反発してるのに、誰も何も言わないのか」

[8] 「まだまだ――我が讃える高き知霊に言祝ぎてより願い奉る。応えて来たれ、フォースグラント!」

[9] I get the feeling this is some sort of saying.  The original translation says, “seeing a fire,” which I’m interpreting to mean as recognizing a fire.  If anyone is familiar with the true meaning, please let me know.

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