Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Translation

Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Prologue

The ruins of a building in a devastated land surround by scrapped houses gives the impression that a natural disaster passed through.

Nothing remains suggesting that the area once flourished with people.  Various trees and vines have long since established themselves among the abandoned buildings.  The place was abandoned over one hundred years ago and might even vanish after a few more years of weathering.  Stating that the former civilization was destroyed wouldn’t be a farfetched claim either.  Regardless, everything that can still be seen will fade with the passing of time.

A perfect, clear blue sky, reaches across the heavens where it disappears into the gleam of a hazy horizon.  Lush greenery teems with life underneath the abundant sunlight which ushers in a flood of vivid colors.  The majestic landscape breathes with animals bustling about on the green carpet laid between the many trees.

Someone once claimed, “Humanity is this star’s pest.”  The present situation affirms that statement.  It’s the result of a grotesque and unnatural organism creeping into the realm of nature.  Many hesitate to claim those organism are even actually alive.

The arrival of those grotesque apparitions was like the plot from the middle of a fairy tale.  While those creatures of fantasy granted Earth the opportunity to reclaim its original ecosystem, their arrival also marked a turning point in human history.  They initiated its countdown to extinction.

Those grotesque apparitions are not like the creatures from a fairy tale, they’re sinister, blood thirsty, existences.   They’re proxies of god, but they serve as the planet’s messiah.  They are the enemy of humanity.

Humanity named those grotesque apparitions mamono.

–Bantyo Blade–

A lone young boy is about to engage with several grotesque monsters wielding trees as though they were clubs.  A single hit would be a fatal injury.

He wields a knife.  The shape is distorted, giving the illusion that it trembles with fear.  It is a weapon that exists for the sake of killing those grotesque mamono.  A thin chain links the knife’s hilt to its scabbard on the boy’s waist.  Regardless, it is an unreliable weapon against mamono endowed with bodies several times larger than the boy’s.

Mamono of various different forms surround him.  However, even if they aren’t of the same race, all of them, from beginning to end, have a common trait.  They are hideous.  No one would think they are from their world.  A second common trait among mamono is their matching dark skin.  Those like the one eyed giants and the therianthropes with a human upper body give a positive impression at first, but only until a closer look or a glance towards lower to their halves is taken.

More than ten grotesque mamono surround the boy.  More, however, can be felt hidden further back and in the underbrush.  They hold the advantage of being the absolute predator and likewise toy with the prey they hunt.  No one stuck in that hopeless situation would even consider resisting.

The boy doesn’t feel a spec of dismay.  Instead, his triumphant gait is full of spirit.  His black hair sways with each step.  Right as he smirks, the mamono attack.

Day appears to become night as the giant mamono block out the sun with their large bodies.  Then, the roar of a one-eyed mamono cuts away.  Mamono burst open left and right

The boy stands with his hands pressed together like in a prayer.  The slaughter of mamono began the right when he took the pose.

Dark green blood rains without end, but the fierce mamono refuse to falter.  As such, the boy continues to bisects mamono one after the other with his lightly held knife.  It’s a spectacle where an absolutely powerful entity crushes a cluster of ants.

The boy barely moves.  He holds the knife in his hand and parts with it before anyone could realize.  The chains provide support by zipping around left and right.  The weapon doesn’t move in a straight light, but flies with the purpose of a thread and needle.

The mamono pierced by the knife spray out their insides and remain suspended on the chain without twitching.  They’re so still that whether they’re actually dead can’t be determined.  The only sound that can be heard is the metallic ring of the chains.

The chain then shoots into the thicket of trees where a strange series of the agonizing death screams echo.

The boy finally speaks.  “That’s all of them.”  The words are towards himself.  He then traces the chain with a finger which he then sticks into one of its ringlets.  “207 Sashiki [Resonate].”  (Chain Formula [link])

The boy tauts the chain and plucks it like an instrument.  As a slight tremble comes over the chain, the mamono dangling from it are sent flying all at once.  The landscape dyed by the blood of mamono becomes nightmarish as lumps of flesh join in decorating the area.  The contrast makes it a small spot almost isolated from the beautiful outside world.

The boy himself is clean of blood.  Regardless, because of the repulsive odor hanging around the area, he takes out a canteen from his pouch.  He glances around and sighs as he opens it.  Kept inside is plain, clear water.

The boy looks up at the sky.  The sky is beautiful.  The pure white clouds filling it are each a different shape.  I don’t know how fast they’re flowing or where they’re going.  He envies their freedom.  The irony that such a view can only be seen in the outside world that’s ruled by the mamono isn’t lost on him.

He was given the opportunity to enter the outside world in order to carry out mamono extermination missions.  As such, that scene is unfamiliar to other people.  Regardless, they instinctively yearn for it, the world of the past.  As the common saying goes, the true value of anything is only understood after it’s lost.

While staring at the limitless unending sky, the boy raises his arm and cleanses himself with the water.  The stream only lasts a moment before running out.  The boy shakes his face dry and stares back up at the sky.

This has become his habit.  Staring at the lovely sky while refreshing himself with water creates a different impression of it for him.  It strikes his heart so much that he doesn’t even have words for it.  With a heart full of regret, he leaves that place.  Staying is dangerous.  The blood of the mamono attracts more mamono.

The boy’s name is Arus Reigin.  In the long war against the mamono, his is the name of the person reigning at the summit of the magicians fighting that war.

–Dark Prominence–

A man in a white military uniform with various medals decorating his chest says, “You won’t reconsider?”

Arus declares his intention to his superior officer who sits on the other side of a long desk.  “No, I have adequately completed my work.  The two continents, Zentrei and Kubent, have been recaptured.  I want nothing more than to now live my life leisurely.”

The man rests his arms across his desk and sinks deep into thought.  His aging face furrows from the difficulty of the request.  “Regardless, you are already this country’s, no, humanities most valuable military force.  That you’re declaring your resignation is irrelevant.  I cannot authorize your withdrawal.”

“While that is your decision as the Governor-General, regulations state that after ten years of military service, soldiers who have contributed to war results are free to retire at their own discretion.  Ten years have passed since I joined the military at the age of six.  Or, are you claiming that my recapturing two continents is unsatisfactory?”

While the regulations certainly uphold Arus’s claims, becoming a magician is nothing more than gaining a status.  It is a venerated occupation within society.  More than protecting the country, they have the obligation of upholding humanities dearest wish of recovering their lost land.

Regardless, that is something the black haired youth before the Governor-General is unable to understand.  Or more like he just isn’t interested.  The peculiar circumstances of his birth and upbringing made it so he can’t understand those circumstances.  He was conscripted at the age of six, an event that should have been impossible.  Despite the minimum age for enlistment being fourteen, his talent for magic was recognized at six years old.  Furthermore, his mana capacity surpassed those of high ranking magicians.  The military, having discovered such a promising youth, immediately began training him to become a magician without any consideration to granting him a general education.

The Governor-General, as someone nearing the retirement age for military service, never anticipated that a black haired youth still in his mid-teens would request a leave from military services.  This must be karma from assigning all those missions to a young child.

All magicians associated with the military have the highest incomes within society.  While the money is generated through taxes, all of mankind acknowledges their importance.

Of the seven countries tasked with protecting the Azazael continent, one country in particular, Alpha, has provided exceptional military contributions.  More than half of those contributions, however, resulted from the effort of a single man.  That man stands before the Governor-General.  His black bangs somewhat cover his eyes.  Covering his hands are gloves of the same color.  The Singles Magician, Arus Reigin, is submitting a request of retirement. 

Mamono suddenly appeared one hundred years ago and reduced humanity’s population to 1/10th its original size.  The various countries of the world were also brought down to seven.  Presently, humankind lives on 1/700th of the world’s total landmass.

The concept of utilizing magic within the military is only a recent innovation.  The level of magic back then didn’t stand a chance against the powerful mamono and majuu[1].  It’s only use was in making everyone’s daily life a bit more comfortable.

Magic’s rapid development only occurred because of the mamono invasion.  They ate humans and razed cities as they tore down nations.  The military’s implementation of magic halted the decline of humanity’s population.

Seven country’s formed a circle to create humanity’s final line of defense.  The massive white tower they erected in the center of their shared territories is humanity’s greatest achievement.  From that tower’s summit, the seven countries concealed themselves behind a protective wall that repeals the mamono invasion.  It was the boon of developing magic.  Since then, for the past fifty years, humanity has been training magicians for the sake of reclaiming their lost land.

The Governor-General says, “In that case, how about taking an extended leave of absence?  We’ll naturally provide you with comfortable living arrangements and fulfill your desires to the best of our abilities.  We’ll even back your research by providing you with the proper facilities.”

“In return for appearing whenever I’m needed?”

Wrinkles dig into the Governor-General’s ridged face as he nods.  They form because parting with Arus now would halve the nation’s military strength.  If that were to happen, then simply maintaining national defense would become more of a problem than reclaiming territory from mamono.

While the number of magician’s that die grows on a yearly basis, Alpha has been able to distinguish itself through its war merits.  Furthermore, Alpha has reduced its number of casualties.  All of this is thanks to a sixteen year old boy.  Arus’s ten year military service has resulted in Alpha having the lowest mortality rate of magicians among the 7 nations.

Everyone knows that humanity’s continued existence pivots on 7 nations’ shared goal of protecting the massive white tower.  The actual state of affairs, however, is different.  Countries seeking to cooperate with a foreign nation do so at their own shame.  Asking for help is tantamount to announcing a drop in their national power.  In other words, while the 7 nations have a shared enemy, they are also rivals.

Arus speaks without hesitation, “Understood.”  He realized from the onset that he wouldn’t be able to retire from military service without any trouble.  This is the compromise.

The Governor-General was forced to strike a bargain.  Arus is an excellent magician that cannot just be grown from scratch.  Hence, for better or worse, Alpha is too dependent on him.

The Governor-General lays back in his chair with a ragged sigh.  He anticipated that day’s arrival.  Arus, as an exception within exceptions, had too many self-serving requests pushed onto him by the military.  This is the result of so many people selfishly demanding results from him.  He was raised in a world that wore away his humanity.  Trying to doing anything about it now is far too late.

The Governor-General say, “You will be notified once the preparations are complete.  Until then, remain on standby.”

Arus straightens his posture as he says, “Acknowledged.”  He then gives a deep bow and excuses himself.

He carries himself with no regards to the opinions of others.  Maybe something in him might change if he’s enrolled into an academy.

All Arus can do from now on is immerse himself within the civilization that he never had the chance to experience.  His decision might not change, but the fact that he’s thinking about himself is a good development.  Regardless, the military can be considered humanity’s shield.  So when Arus said he’d “appear when needed,” the Governor-General could only swallow down his regrets and nod.  Losing him is the only thing I won’t overlook.

However, if Arus ever desires to protect something of his own volition, then Berwick, as the Governor-General, will at that time, for the first time, let him do so without orders.

Deep wrinkles form across Governor-General Berwick Sarebian’s forehead as he once more resets his thoughts.  He takes out a register of names from the documents on his desk and holds a card like terminal to his ear.  He succeeded in keeping Arus from retiring, but Arus also moved away from the crucial front line defense.  Should a mamono appear, instantly eliminating it without Arus will be difficult.

Needless to say, Governor-General Berwick busies himself in organizing changes of personal to deal with potential future states of emergency.

–End of Paradox–

The 2nd Magic Academy occupies a vast plot of land in Alpha’s capital city, Beliza.  The entrance ceremony being held within a grand hall is filled with young men and women aiming to become magicians.  One seat is left open, but no one bothers over the missing student’s wellbeing.  They are too excited for themselves.

All the students accepted by the Magic Academy are for all intents guaranteed futures as magicians.  They are the elites. They passed the academy’s vigorous entrance exam through their own talent to enter Alpha’s sole academy.  Each student will continue on to serve as shields to the seven countries of Azazel.

Each nation maintains a magic academy.  Pupils, upon enrollment, cease being ordinary citizens.  By becoming students of a magic academy, they become guardians of that respective Academy’s country and of humanity.  They become spears that will expand their nation’s territory.

The academies promote themselves as facilities for nurturing magicians, but every graduate always continue into military service.  Naturally, no one who enrolls is foolish enough to be ignorant of that fact.  Instead, those students are choosing military life.

The status of a magician comes with an occupation where one will never going hungry.  Furthermore, the occupation grants a high prestige.  Risking one’s own life for the sake of the nation is a very sweet allure.  The populace is intoxicated by the notion and yearns for it.

Furthermore, utilizing magic is prohibited.  Only the rudimentary magic needed for daily life is allowed.  That magic is so basic that it isn’t even considered a classification of magic.

For young people to not be attracted to the power of infinite potential known as magic is impossible.  Therefore, in order to be granted permission to fully utilize magic, they apply to an academy underneath military jurisdiction or enlist as soldiers.  Students at the academy are then issued student I.D.s, their licenses.


Arus arrives early on the day of the entrance ceremony.  His belongings will be arriving soon and there is a lot for him to sort though.  Still, even though he’s only at a magician’s training institution, its size is substantial.

A vast amount of land is dedicated to the hatchlings[2] enrolled within the Academy’s three grades.  More than one thousand magician students are accommodated with on premise dormitories, training facilities, and magical research institutions.  In all, one fifth of Beliza’s territory is allocated to its Magic Academy.

The Magic Academy’s size is such that it can’t even be walked around in a day.  Therefore, transportation magic has been placed within circle ports[3] around the academy.  All that is needed to operate those transition gates and transfer from one facility to another is an academy badge.


Arus might be a new student, but that distinguishment is irrelevant to him.  He has no intention of partaking in the opening ceremony.  He is only at the 2nd Magic Academy because the Governor-General enrolled him there as a last resort.  To him, it is nothing more than a waste of time.  He has decided that up until he graduates in three years, he will be fully immersing himself into his own research.

“Are you a new student, too?”  An innocent voice calls out to Arus.  She has a coquettish smile. Her thin, chestnut colored, hair that sways over her shoulders.  Not a single wrinkle can be found on her outfit.  Hanging and swaying off of her bulging left breast is an academy badge

Arus says, “I am.  You as well?”

“Yeah, I couldn’t wait any longer and came early.”

Her expression relaxes with relief at having found a fellow new student.  A gentle spring breeze ruffles her hair as a gentle smile crosses her face.  She sticks out her tongue with a, “Teehee.”

She and Arus have a pleasant first meeting, yet he opens his mouth with the intention of cutting their conversation short—

“Alice, what are you doing?  The inauguration won’t be for a while, but let’s wait by the school building.”  A cheerful voice calls out to the girl from behind.  Approaching from a distance is a crimson haired girl whose hair sways left and right behind herself.

Alice turns around to face the girl and says, “Sorry Tia, I’ll be right there.”

Arus says, “Well then, I have some business to take care of.”

Alice tilts her head.  Confused by Arus’s odd comment, she’s left wondering how a new student could have business to take care of on orientation day.  She says, “You’re not headed for the grand hall?”

“I have business to take care of.”

Alice smiles and waves her hand before her chest.  “……Then, I’ll see you there later.”

Arus ends the situation with a lie, “Hopefully,” and succeeds on parting with her.  In truth, he has no intention of attending the opening ceremony.

He then greets the redhead a simple nod and turns.  After a bit of walking, he pauses to glance back at Alice.  He prepares himself for his research by saying, “What an unlucky morning.”


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[1] Magical beasts

[2] They are called chicks, but that can be misleading.

[3] Metastatic gates


1. An Unlucky New World>