An Angel's Thesis Original

SS) Summoning a Sword

The evening’s first stars peak into the sky as the sun begins to set.  Long shadows stretch across an open field that was gradually created and expanded upon through the testing of various spells.  On the large rock in the center of the field sits Aiden. Scattered on the grass around him are physics books, his notebooks, advanced spell books, and a doll he lost when he was five.

He’s oblivious to the passage of time as he mulls over a new spell.  Fengshui links quantum mechanics with relativity which should let me create a wormhole to my zweihander.

He glances at the items surrounding him.  “Should let me, assuming that’s what I want most…”

Aiden lays back on the rock with a sigh and looks up at the few stars.  “Letting fengshui direct the spell by reading my feelings makes the observer effect too much of a wildcard.”

Aiden traces a circle of fire in the air with a finger and reaches into it.  His hand vanishes inside of it instead of appearing on the opposite end.  He reaches straight into the circle and grasps what he wants most.  “Dinner cooked by my mother…”

Well, it has been almost a year since I last went home… and I am getting hungry.

He starts to eat with a sigh and tries again.  This time, when he reaches into the circle, he hears a shrill scream.  He grabs his desired object and pulls it out.  “A soapy shampoo bottle?”

He recalls that he is low on shampoo while looking at the label.  “Isn’t this Kairi’s favorite brand…?”  It then dawns on him that the scream sounded familiar.

Using fengshui to manipulate the observer effect when creating the wormhole is too unstable.  But, it’s also the most flexible when it comes to locating something when it’s coordinates isn’t known.

“And it’s also the most economical when it comes to a mana to spell ratio.”

He places the empty plate with the other failed summoned objects as he stands up.  “Once I’m in actual combat, my survival instincts will help me focus my desire and link me to my sword, probably…”