Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Translation

2.1 Acknowledged as a Magician

Alus decides on dealing with the two, troublesome, first class, hatchlings[1] directly after school.  Needless to say, his plans undergo a major transformation.  He’s already sacrificing sleep time for his brain.  Furthermore, he can only skip 5 to 6 lectures at most.  He doesn’t, however, perceive missing class a sacrifice.  He never considered attending them in the first place.

Alus looks through his bags in his room.  “I’m positive I brought it with me…!!”

He stuffed it in an enormous box that could comfortably fit a person inside back when he transferred to the academy.  Having always been on duty, he never had time to spare on fashion.  He’s also had zero interest in the matter.  He’s a talented individual, but he doesn’t have many interests.  Too bad no one here would be interested in this stuff.  No, this would be a mountain of treasure for anyone pursuing magic. 

An out of place object— one resembling garbage— sinks deeper without drawing attention to itself.  It looks like a stick, one that could be found anywhere.  Touching it, however, reveals that it isn’t wood.  It also gives people the sensation that they don’t want to hold it.

“Bringing you with me was the right choice.”

The item isn’t completely his personal belonging.  It was used as a training tool back when he was in the military.  Therefore, while it resembles a stick, no one should be surprised that it isn’t made of wood.  It isn’t a weapon either.

It is a salquroit[2] Alus made from the carcass of a mutated, estimated rank A, mamono that he killed.  The custom made tool uses the properties of the mamono’s shell to disrupt the flow of mana.  It reacts to mana by emitting minute oscillations that scatters said mana.

This tool, more than aiding in the training for Tesfia and Alice, will grant Alus precious time.  The training menu is offhanded, but it’s also force majeure[3].

–Imagine a Nobel Diamond conga line here–

Chimes curtain the day’s ruthless session of classes.  Regardless, the academy’s students are highly motivated.  Even with the lectures over, nearly zero return home.  The single, most lively, place for them to gather is the training grounds.  Students assemble there regardless of their year. Yesterday’s assembly was limited to only three people +α because of the strange circumstance where the entire area was reserved.

All students need to reserve a place in advanced.  Third year students, who are on the brisk of becoming magicians, are given priority treatment.  Many students also watch from the spectator seats.  They use the opportunity to study the magic techniques of their senpai.  As a result, the spectators are predominantly composed of first years.

Tesfia and Alice proceed to the training grounds with such circumstances in place, yet find it completely divided among the upper classmen.

Having already changed into their training clothes, they can only stare and find that not a single area remains open.  Tesfia says, “Ahre!?” as she and Alice drop their AWR.

Their arrival gathers the crossfire of everyone’s attention.  Many students stop moving their hands simply because of their appearance.  They either stare because of their admiration at the arrival of two beautiful girls or because of how out of place they seem at the filled training grounds.

Tesfia denounces Alus and his position as number 1 with a bitter smile, “No way, did that guy actually run away?”  Her word choice in “that guy” however stems from being too embarrassed to call him “Al.”

Alice says, “That can’t be right.  He probably just couldn’t reserve a space.”

“Yeah, well where the heck is he?”  If not for the quarrel that broke between them, she’d be referring to him with respect like Alice.

Alice can only tilt her head in response to the question.  “……”

A new research building was established earlier that school year.  It isn’t too far from the school and occupies a vast area of land.  Seemingly assigned to there are newly hired teachers.  As a result, students have little opportunity to approach the building.

Tesfia and Alice reach the building’s top floor after a great deal of time.  Figuring out where Alus goes when he skips class was harder than they thought it would be.  The first place they tried was naturally the boy’s dormitory, but upon asking the receptionist for Alus’s room number, were told no such person lived there.

Then, after walking around the school, they found themselves stopping outside of the director’s office.  The director was bewildered by their sudden entrance.  Even though the place is an overwhelming blind spot, forgetting to knock was too unreasonable.  As students— more so as part of the aristocracy— there is conduct to which they must adhere.

Cisty discerned that Alus ditched them.  Such an action would be dangerous for any other student to perform, but wants to believe… there’s more to the situation.  The two left the office upon learning Alus’s location.  Their flustered steps as they left were charming to Cisty’s eyes.

Alice voices a question she doesn’t expect answered.  “Are we actually here?”

Tesfia herself has no doubt to the answer.  They heard it from the director herself after all, the top floor of the research building.  It was as if she were saying the entire floor was customized for the sake of a single person.

Only one door is equipped with the latest security, but it doesn’t give off a profound sense of oppression.  Instead, its simplicity makes the two girls feel out of place.  Before them is a normal door with a panel security system lock on the side.  It functions by placing the palm against the panel and letting the device read the user’s mana.  It will not open unless the individual has been given proper clearance.

Tesfia presses the bell at the bottom of the panel to convey their arrival.  The door slowly slides open and reveals that its simplicity is nothing more than a façade.  It is as thick as the length of her palm.

The two hesitate as they peek inside and find never before seen equipment. Despite the place being newly made, an old musty scent wafts towards them.  Piled on top of shelves to create many small mountains are an innumerable number of old books.

The overall color of the walls are white.  They’re have such a brilliant luster that they themselves appear to emit light.  The room can easily accommodate 40 students from 4 classrooms.[4]  It’s much too big for a single person.  Even with the various devices setup, about half the room is free.

Alus’s click of his tongue strikes their eardrums. “Che, you’re already here?”

Tesfia finds Alus deeper within the room behind a long desk and seated on a reclining chair comparable to the director’s.  The moment she sees him, the indignation she’s feeling is pushed aside by a new frustration.

She can’t help but adopt an overbearing attitude.  After all, his true rank isn’t something that can be discerned at a glance.  Faculty members have even made direct appeals to the director about his insolence.[5]  She says, “Why are you here?”

Alus says,  “…Isn’t this my laboratory?  It’s also my room.”

Tesfia tilts her head.  The room is spacious for research purposes, but the actual bedroom isn’t very different from a dorm room.  He also has a kitchen unrivalled in its setup, but it’s a wasted treasure since he doesn’t cook.  She more or less understands that he emphasized that it’s his lab first because his research takes priority over his daily life.  As such, she isn’t questioning his communal life when she says, “What are you… even though this is a dormitory?”

Alice says, “Tesfia, Aru…”

Alus interrupts Alice who’s speaking up for him.  He does so for the simple, childish, reason of making Tesfia understand the hierarchy that exists between them.  He says, “Of course.  Even this is rubbish once you consider everything I’ve accomplished.”


Tesfia’s words are blocked with that remark.  She has no idea to how far his achievements reach.  Nothing she can imagine comes close.

Alice changes the topic to the main issue.  Time is a pressing matter at the moment, and changing clothes will take up even more.  While Alus might not have to worry about time due to being in his own room, she and Tesfia have their reputations to consider.  They want to avoid staying out too late.  She says, “But Al, we thought we’d find you at the training ground.”

Tesfia clenches her fist.  The action isn’t a threat, but it expresses her anger as she says, “That’s right!  I don’t know how much time this will take, but I’ll be the first to say this.  We won’t be staying here all night!”

An hour has passed since class ended.  While the current season is one where sky is still sunny, Tesfia spoke in regards to her dorm’s curfew.

Alus’s gaze wanders around in search of something as he says, “Understood.”

The hearts of the two girls beat with uncontrollable excitement as their training with the magician crowned as number 1 is about to begin.  They tighten their grips over their AWR.

Alus holds a stick in his hand as he says, “Those are dangerous, put them away.”

The two let out a stupid, ““Eh!!”” but the situation doesn’t change.

Alus, once he has their attention, adds, “I’ll only be teaching you mamono suppression techniques.  Well, your rank might somewhat rise, but you’ll be better off training yourselves for that.”  This is his final warning for them.  They now have to choose whether they want to continue or not.

Tesfia is the first to express her disappointment with a glare, “Eh?”  Her arbitrary behavior is then met with Alus striking her head with the stick.  “Uuw~!!”

Alus says, “Are you an idiot?  How do you think ranks are calculated in the first place?”  That question was asked in class earlier.

Tesfia says, “I’m pretty sure it’s the amount of mana coupled with the number of difficult incantations that can be cast, the suppression of mamono, and the completion rate of missions and requests!”

Her superior judgement gives an answer that barely covers the rudiments.  I guess she more or less passes.

Alice supplements the answer with information that was learned in the day’s class[7], “Doesn’t it also depending on the subjugated mamon’s ranking?”

Alus says, “Well, you’re on the right track, but that isn’t enough.”

Question marks float over the two girls’ heads as they recall everything that was covered in the lesson.  Can’t be helped. 

Alus gives further supplementation to their information.  “You’re not wrong.  So, what do you think is the most important aspect when it comes to raising your rank?”

He receives an immediate reply.  Tesfia speaks with a tone that radiates self-confidence, “Naturally, it’s the amount of mana possessed[9] coupled with your mastery over magic.”

Alice’s tone, however, is frail as she says, “I think it’s through your mana and spells?”  It is enough for Alus to read her inner thoughts, My reply isn’t that different~

Alus sighs at their answers, just as he anticipated he would.  They both failed to realize that he didn’t want such simple answers.  Not even challenging them helps make any progress. 

All he did was confirm the limitations of the academy’s so called honor students.  Tesfia is a disappointment to their hopes.  However, where Tesfia is simple minded, Alice was able to read into the true nature of my question.  She could judge that there was more to my words.

Alus says, “No, the most important criteria for raising your rank is mamono subjugation.”

Tesfia is shocked, “…!!”

Alice, however, isn’t as surprised.  She must have been expecting something like this.

He adds, “Subjugating a countless number of small fry might not amount to much, but eliminating a high ranking mamono will result in a major change.”

Tesfia says, “Then, we won’t be raising our ranks?”

“It’s not that your ranks won’t raise, but that you won’t be able to match magicians who face mamono in actual combat.”

Alus recalls what the director told him.  The reason they’re considered excellent quadruple digits is because people have been placing their hopes on them due to nothing more than their mana quantity and being able to wield high grade magic.  Alus doesn’t have any expectations for the two, but the director does.

He continues, “As a result, these mamono subjugation techniques will raise your ranking in the future.  I wouldn’t mind if you stopped being dazzled by your present ranks either.  Actually, I’d prefer it.”

While Alus’s provocative tone motivates Alice, it has the opposite on Tesfia by fanning her rebellious temperament.  But whether it’s one or two people, he doesn’t care.[10]

He says, “It’s not about being first class.  Your rankings will go up without any problems.”

Alus isn’t concerned about Tesfia’s worry about her ranking.  Magicians facing actual battle in the military aren’t all that mindful of it.  Having a high rank does means more pay along with a guaranteed livelihood, but mostly, it’s just a symbol of honor for magicians.  Furthermore, the present situation is one where a high rank also comes with the responsibility of more dangerous missions.  That might be a blessing for humanity, but it’s just rushing to one’s own death.

Alus preferred having a high rank until recently because that meant he received preferential treatment.  Him taking missions prevented others from needlessly risking their lives.

Those, however, are his own values.  Something he doesn’t intend to push on the two girls before him.  Telling them isn’t his place either.

Alice nods to show her consent as he goes on to explain the training.

T/N:  I may be starting to get an idea on how I’ll be narrating this story.  As you can tell below, there’s a lot I wasn’t sure on this time.  It’s part of the reason this one was delayed.  The other, well, going abroad takes a lot of work.

I don’t have much to say on this chapter.  Maybe it’s because I’ve read the manga, or it might be because it’s been so long since the previous translation.  I am a bit sad that it just left off there considering what their training is going to entail though.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it,

-Gandire Alea

[1] It actually says superior chicks, but that would lead to unnecessary confusion.

[2] The katakana reads “sa ru ke ro i to”.  I don’t know what the proper translation for that is.

[3]An act of god, inevitable.

[4] 部屋の中はいつもの四十人が収容できる教室四つ分はある。

[5] 威圧的な物言いなのも仕方ない。これをアルスの順位を知らないものが見たら不平を洩らすに決まっている。現に一部の教員から理事長に直訴があったほどだ。
だからアルスの素性を知っている二人には不毛な説明になる。  The last sentence wasn’t needed, so I left it out.  I could be wrong though since the first two confused me quite a bit.



[10] 挑発的な物言いが逆にテスフィアの反骨精神を煽った風になっているが、アリスはやる気だし一人見るのも二人見るのも大した違いはない。

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