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58. A Bad Premonition that Can’t be Dealt with

The clang of the door knocker announces the arrival of a visitor to the Yakagi household within the Imperial Capital.  Felmenia puts her study of magic on hold and proceeds for the door.  She returns from the entrance after a while and reports to Suimei that, as he expected, it’s for him.  She speaks with a grave expression, “Suimei-dono, the Imperial Capital’s military police are here.”

Suimei’s condition is much better now after devoting several days to healing.  He’s still a far ways off from returning to full health, but he is at a level where he can resume daily activities.  Now that he can move again, he’s been wondering on what his first move should be in order to make up for lost time.  With a calm tone, he says, “Got it.”

Lefille is next to Felmenia.  She also heard the report and has a rigid expression.  They’re both worried?

Lefille says, “The military police?  What do we do, Suimei-kun?”

“Well… let’s start by meeting them.”

“But, meeting them…”

Suimei heads for the entrance where the military police are waiting while saying, “I know.”  Keeping them waiting is pointless.  Depending on how the situation unfolds, it might even escalate into a problem.

Suimei calls out to the military police officer waiting at end of the hallway.  The man turns around and greets him with a bow.  He gives off a clean impression with his well-kept uniform, brisk conduct, and polite speech.  He says, “Meeting you is a pleasure.  I am a member of the Empire’s third regiment military police.”

Suimei feigns ignorance by saying, “I see.  What business do you have with me here today?”

“I’ll be frank.  Yakagi-san, we want you to come with us after this.”

He said, “us.”  That means there are several more people outside.  Are they planning to take me to the station?  I might be able to get some information with everything going on.

Suimei adopts a troubled attitude as he says, “Even if that’s what you say…  I’m sorry, but my body isn’t in good condition.  Can we do this another day?”

“That’s… we cannot allow that.”

“These are orders?”

“Yes.  In the situation that you do not comply, we’ve been commanded to bring you along through force.”

What a bothersome command.  From the way the military police officer rubs his temple, he’s also troubled by it.  He’s probably sympathizing with my condition and doesn’t want to come off too strongly.

…There’s nothing he can do since this is an order.  I could slip past this with magic, but then they’d just send someone else.  Nothing will change unless I do something.

The military officer once more reiterates his troublesome invitation.  “We are aware of your circumstances.  Are you able to comply with our request?”

Lefille, standing behind Suimei, tugs on the hem of his shirt.  Once he lowers his face towards hers, she makes a grim expression.  “…Suimei-kun, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“Yeah, me too, but I don’t think I have much choice here other than going.”

“Is that fine?”

“Going to the search site now will give me an idea to the current situation.”

That is something Suimie wants to understand more than Liliana’s whereabouts.  Even with Felmenia gathering information, the present state of the Empire’s search remains unknown.  Since he was already planning to make a move, this opportunity is perfect for him.

Even so, Lefille is unable to agree and frowns.

Felmenia steps forward to convince her.  “Lefille, there is no need to worry for I shall accompany Suimei-dono.”

Suimei says, “Is that alright?”

Felmenia gives him a scornful glare at the stupid question.  “It’s for Lefille.”

Suimei forces a smile as he says, “…I see.”

Felmenia says, “Lefille, please wait for us here.  Suimei-dono will be under my strict supervision.”

Lefille squeezes out a dead voice.  Combined with her worry is sorrow and impatience.  “…Alright, I understand.  I’ll sincerely entrust Suimei-kun to you.”  Ever since she shrunk, she had no choice but to withdraw from fighting.  Even the things she still can do give her difficulty.

Suimei glances back at Lefille as he turns and finds her trembling with mortification.  Her lonely figure engraves itself within his heart as he and Felmenia leave the house.

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Suimei and Felmenia step onto the street where they are escorted by several military police officers.  The military police surround them from all sides, including the front and back, to create a false impression.  The military police officers, however, are not treating them poorly.  Since they are neither criminals nor suspects, they are being treated with curtesy.

According to Felmenia, that is because the soldiers and military police of the Empire adhere to strict regulations.  Therefore, their conduct and appearances are of high standard.

Suimei recalls hearing such a thing from Lefille back when they first came to the Empire.  The strict discipline of the imperial army allows them to raise soldiers of high quality in comparison to other countries.  Suimei is reminded of the strict discipline given to the German army.  If the Empire is similar to that country, then it will probably modernize as a military state.

The Imperial Capital, Filas Filia, has a much more modern approach to developing its residential districts and the livelihoods of its citizens compared to the Aster Kingdom’s royal capital, Metal.  From what Suimei has heard, there’s a consensus that that also applies to most other countries.

…If industrial development progresses like in the other world, they’ll probably repeat the same mistakes from the Primary and Secondary Industrial Revolutions.  Right now, humans are still in harmony with nature and Mystery, but the advancement of modernization makes knowing what will happen difficult.  As the humans of this world embrace science and technology, as they discover the laws of physics, areas full of mystery will be destroyed and spiritual places will vanish.  Choosing between the two will be difficult—

Felmenia says, “Suimei-dono, awhile has passed since you’ve taken in fresh air.”

“Mn? Yeah, you’re right.”

As Felmenia stated, a long time has passed since Suimei ventured into town.  He’s been bedridden the entire time due to the damage to his astral body.  Something like a relaxing stroll outside was out of the question.  Now that he’s out and about, he senses that a restlessness has overcome the citizens of the Imperial Capital.

Suimei steals glances around the neighborhood and sees that everyone is staying vigilant against some unseen threat.  The children running about remain carefree only because they lack the ability to properly assess the situation.

He goes to express his thoughts on the matter, but Felmenia guesses what he’s going to say.  She says, “Suimei-dono, during the time you were incapacitated, Liliana Zandyke became wanted by the military police for questioning.  The Imperial Capital has been like this ever since.”

“…As expected, this place is in a frenzy.”

His response of “as expected,” is contrary to what Felmenia anticipated.  She continues, “With the suspect’s identity revealed, everyone’s sense of danger has also increased.”

“Even though she’s a soldier from the same country as them, they’ve become this scared…

“Liliana Zandyke began by wielding an unidentifiable type of magic, is part of the Empire’s Elite Twelve, and was granted a unique position within the military.  She is recognized as a target of fear within the Empire.  Thinking about it, this change among the people is only natural.”

“Is that how the people are taking it?”

Felmenia nods.

Suimei sighs at her confirmation and says, “Even though she’s only a child…  No, it’s because she’s a child.”

Usually, a person’s strength is proportional to their years of training.  Liliana turns that rule over by having been born with a high level of magical talent.  Being so young and wielding that kind of power must have terrified everyone else.  Not to mention her overbearing speech and attitude, those would spurred anyone’s emotions.

From the beginning, Liliana had many enemies.  Now, the entire populace of the Imperial Capital has turned against her.  Walking around in the open is impossible.  With the world lacking in moral development, I don’t know what would happen if she doesn’t stay hidden.

While the tall shadow could be sheltering Liliana, that would also be a problem.  The words the tall shadow spoke to Liliana that night were meant to entice her.  If that tall shadow is just using Liliana, then there’s a possibility that she’ll be discarded,

Felmenia speaks to Suimei while he stares off into the distance, lost in his thoughts.  She uses magic whispering to limit who can hear her voice to just him.  “…Suimei-dono, you are quite concerned about that girl.  Why is this?  My understanding is that you and Liliana Zandyke have only had a few interactions.”

“Is it strange?”

“No, I meant nothing of that sort…”

“It’s fine.  I know I’m a strange person.” Suimei gives an awkward smile as stares off into the distant sky and continues, “…How do I say this.  In this world, aren’t there situations where people say they have no choice but to give up?  I don’t like that sort of thing.  No one needs to cry.  As long as they don’t give up, they’ll be able to smile.  Like I said, strange, right?”


In this world I absolutely can’t forgive people who think like that, who feel they can only despair and drown in their tears.  That’s the reason sorrow continues to spread.  That girl is the same.  She’s also tethered to those bonds.

Suimei ruminates on the words Liliana spoke to him that night.  –Fighting is all anyone needs me for.

Those words she spoke were out of grief to her misfortune.  They were words fired off in an attempt to cling to her place in the world after being shunned by everyone.  They’re the reason Suimei can’t leave her alone.

While Suimei wonders about Liliana’s whereabouts, Felmenia says, “Suimei-dono, is the reason you wish to return to your world as I suspect?  Do you wish to return because you left a battle unfinished?”

“…Why do you think that?”

“I surmise as such because of your conduct and speech since your time in the Royal Castle to coming here.”

Suimei looks around as he give a short and vague, “Well… yeah.”  That is when he notices that while tensions within the city is higher, the residents seem able to move about unimpeded.  “Thinking about it, was martial law not imposed?”

Although the castle walls impose some restrictions on the cities of this world, unlike in the modern world, there is still a high possibility of bumping into thugs and criminals.  Usually, up until a suspect is apprehended, unnecessary movement is restricted and people are encouraged to act in groups.  The Imperial Capital betrays Suimei’s expectations by maintaining its everyday lively appearance.  The tradesmen of the commerce district and dwarves are quite energetic.

Felmenia says, “About that, the Salvation Church’s Yuusha-dono’s… Elliot-dono’s parade is approaching.  Imposing martial law now would become a hindrance.”

Suimei says, “So that’s why…”

Orders for imposing martial law haven’t been given because it would interfere with the parade.  Keeping the citizenry from this activity after this much preparation will destroy a precious opportunity to give them inspiration.  Furthermore, many foreigners are entering the Imperial Capital for the parade.  Obstructing it would also deal a blow to their finances.  Therefore, they decided to just shut their eyes to the situation.

Suimei, now that he understands the city’s position, turns to the military police officer.  He says, “Excuse me, isn’t it time you tell us where we’re being taken to?”

“We are bringing you and your companion to the Filas Filia Southern Plaza.”

Suimei frowns as the response.  “The Southern Plaza?”  He was certain they were being escorted to the military police station for questioning.  Why are they taking us to the plaza?  Military police, apprehended suspect, and plaza… 

The term guillotine flickers into his mind.  No way that’s the reason.

He says, “Why the plaza?”

“Her Highness, Graziella-ojou is waiting for you there.”

Suimei can only knit his eyebrows together at the response.  “……?”

That many unknown factors have accumulated to lead to this outcome is quite clear to him.  Since the current situation is beyond him, there’s no point in thinking about it.  However, for her to be waiting means that she summoned them.  But why does someone like that want to meet me?  I’ve never involved myself with such an influential person.

Felmenia draws her face closer to Suimei’s and says, “Graziella-ojou is the Nelferian Emperor’s third daughter and is claimed to be Empire’s strongest spell caster.  She once destroyed the footing of her enemies the moment she set foot on the battlefield.  Her mastery over earth attribute is great enough to grant her the title of the Geo Maleficus[1].”

“I see… but why is the Empire’s strongest spell caster summoning me?”

Suimei can’t find the connection between the princess and his being escorted.  The reason can’t be something unrelated to the current problem, but he’s still coming up blank.  He voice his question to the military police, but they refuse to answer.  Is it they can’t say, or they don’t know?  He can’t tell which.

A troubled expression crosses the guard’s face as he says, “Her Highness, the Princess[2] wants to ask you a few things.”

“Like what…?”

“Even if you ask me…”

Is he afraid of telling me?  Looks like I’ll just have to wait and hear it from the one summoning me.

Suimei stops speaking to the military police officer and speaks with whispering magic.  “Hey, Felmenia, what kind of woman is this Graziella-ojou?”

 “As I said earlier, she is the Empire’s strongest master spell caster.  Not only does she nonchalantly succeed in accomplishing the absurd, she also has a severe personality.  “

“…That reminds me, I heard that she was also there when Reiji defeated Rajas?”

“Yes, I also happened to be present and was able to exchange a few words with her.  She is a willful person.  Please keep in mind that ordinary methods will not get through to her.”

Suimei rubs his chin while saying, “I see…”  He feels the presence of a storm as the southern plaza comes into view.

Like Lefille said, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

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[1] I actually translated this wrong way back in chapter 40.  The katakana reads ジオ・マリフィエクス.  I misread it as Malfield, I’ve gone back to make the correction, but if anyone else notices something wrong, let me know.

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