Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Translation

1.6 The Teacher from the Battle Faction

Projected in 3D off the thin card is an incomparable singles digit, 1/119550.

Tesfia speaks out on reflex, “No way!!”

Alice can’t utter a sound, “— — — —!!”

Cisty says, “Do you understand?”

Tesfia points at Alus’s face while saying to the broad chairman, “…Ehh… eh, this guy’s… but…”  A singles magician.  Out of the 100,000 magicians, only 9 possess that status.  The first rank, out of all of them, is the strongest.  That apex of magicians is right before them.  It’s so ridiculous, she can’t even bring herself to groan

“Fufuu… What a nice reaction.  I was just as surprised when I read his profile.”

Tisfia continues to point at Alus’s face.  “Ehh, but… same age…”  Students enroll within the academy to devote themselves to learning magic.  Nobles like Tisfia tend to be exceptions.  In that vein, Alus is an even bigger exception.  The average student truly begins to bloom as a magician only after graduating.

She can’t believe that a single’s magician is the same age as her, yet the first two characters on Alus’s license provide overwhelming evidence to that fact.  Any lingering quarks and leptons of doubt are dispelled by the board chairman’s confirmation.

Alice’s reaction on the other hand makes Alus curious.  She, unlike Tisfia who can’t manage a single decent word, is already recovering some of her composure.  He speaks to her, but not with any intention of boasting, “Alice, you aren’t surprised?”

“…Eh, yes!  What?”

She’s plenty surprised.  Her words are crushed.

He says, “Don’t be so uptight.  It’s too troublesome.”

Her expression crumbles into one of embarrassment as she says, “…Go- got it!”  It is, however, still a bit stiff.

Cisty says, “Alus-kun is somewhat of an exception.  I don’t know what the cause of this dispute was, but he has left behind many achievements on the front lines… his values are probably quite different from your own.”

Tisfia continues glaring at Alus with suspicion despite the board chairman’s words.  Whether her words had any affect is doubtful because she continues to stab him with the same hostility from before the board chairman arrived.

Alus disregards Tisfia’s behavior and says, “Board chairman, weren’t you the one who wanted me to conceal my position?”

“I’ve changed my mind.  I believe it might be better if you could teach these two.”  Her tone suggests that she based her decision off of a whim that said to hell with reason.  She adds, “You two aren’t to reveal this to the other students or teachers.”

Alice gives an immediate, “I understand,” while Tisfia gives a delayed, “…Yes.”

Cisty continues, “Alus-kun, why are you a student here?”

The question is sudden, but he already has an answer.  He’s being asked so the other two can hear it.  He says, “So I can take it easy.”


Cisty releases an, “I know how you feel,” sigh.  Alus’s achievements are abnormal.  Even she struggles to grasp them all.  In the current era, adulthood is legally recognized at 16 years.  Magicians are recognized as such upon graduating from the academy.  In other words, the definition of what is a child has fluctuated many times over the years due to the mamono rampaging in the outside world.

Therefore, there is nothing abnormal about Alus’s life.  The upper echelons of the military are thinking about defense and reclamation.  They do not have the leeway needed to allow a powerful magician like him to stand idle.  Alus, having high magical talent, was raised with military training and education and deployed for combat.

Cisty doubts his request for retirement will be approved.  When she received the notification that the military is enrolling Alus into the 2nd magic academy, she was also ordered to encourage him to return to the battlefield.  She was told that she needed to make him understand that he had to return for the sake of humanity.

She hit her desk with indignation at the request.  Even though her academy produces many excellent magicians for that exact reason, the pigheaded brass want to pin their hopes on a sole, superior, magician.  At the same time, there is no denying that many of her students have been spared from having to journey to dangerous zones thanks to him.  The sharp decline in deceased magicians leaves her unable to fully express her feelings.

Cisty understands Alus’s arguments.  It’s one that would embarrass adults.  Therefore, she chooses to brush aside her instructions from the military and whisper something else into Alus’s ear.  She embraces him from behind and wraps her arms tight around his body.  She creates a lascivious sight, but Alus isn’t swayed.  She blows her sweet voice into his ear, but his expression remains indifferent.

Tisfia and Alice pinch their lips.  They lack the courage to impose on the secret talk between singles magicians[1] (they pay respect to their principle, Cisty).

Cisty says, “Instead of just researching, couldn’t you also relax by making those girls stronger?”

Alus makes a wry smile.  So that’s true reason the she revealed my rank to them.

Cisty’s plan is also out of self-interest.  Regardless of how promising the two girls are, they cannot replace Alus.  If the military insists on his return, then to encourage him even just a little, he should discover what he’s fighting for.

The empathy Cisty feels for Alus stems from her time in the military… from when they first met nine years ago.  Alus was very young and doesn’t seem to remember her.  Also, since it is a bad memory, she intentionally hasn’t reminded him of their encounter either.

Alus glances at Tesfia and Alice.  He admits that they do possess a remarkable level of talent.  They could even give a fight to a third year who’s ready to become a magician.  However… “That’s no good.  I wouldn’t be able to relax training them.”

“And I was hoping you’d be able to graduate from this academy like everyone else.”

Even though Alus doesn’t want to cut time from his research, listening to the board chairman may improve his ability to relax.  “…..What do you want me to do?”

“Teach them how to fight in actual combat.”

“That’s impossible.  I don’t have that type training.”

Alus isn’t being humble.  The ability to teach isn’t a skill most people, unlike the board chairman, naturally possess.

Cisty holds him tighter as she presses her lip close to his ear.  Her words roll within her sweet breath as she says, “That’s alright.  No one can match your combat skills.”

Tesfia and Alice blush at the sight.

I’m not being forced, but I’m also not being allowed to refuse. 

Alus’s only option is folding.  Not only shouldn’t he antagonizing the board chairman of the academy, she’s also currently holding him in place and thus, wasting his research time.   Besides, he can’t picture Tesfia being civil and requesting him to teach her.  He says, “I can do it during the breaks between my research.”

The arm squeezing against Alus loosens as Cisty says, “I thought you’d say so.”  That exchange establishes the hierarchy within the academy.

Now, although Alus is still quite young, he does consider himself somewhat competent in bargaining.  However, thanks to the board chairman, his condition with Tesfia that she no longer meddle in his affairs has been annulled.

Alus says, “Can I leave now?”  He wants to leave a soon as possible to keep from wasting any more time.

Cisty says, “Give it your best.”

Alus, fed up with everything, says, “….My best?” while returning the rolled up brochure to her.  He then walks towards the door.

Tesfia and Alice watch him walk off from around Cisty’s sides.  Tesfia opens her mouth to speak, but no words come out.  She then turns towards the board chairman and says, “That’s the world’s number one?”

A soliloquy flows from Tesfia’s mouth.  She criticizes Alus’s decision to withdraw from the front lines to relax as negligent. — — A wave of bloodlust freezes her in place.  The former single’s magician known as the Witch envelops her with her bloodlust aura.

Alus continues walking.  He views the bloodlust rolling against his back as a childish outburst.

Tesfia, and Alice, however, back away in fear.  They can’t see the board chairman’s expression, but instinctively understand that she’s angry.  They don’t know why, and can’t figure it out.

Cisty herself is who breaks the tension.  She speaks with a bitter smile.  “He has various circumstances.  If you’re aiming to be top magicians, then you should ask him to teach you.  He’s only refusing to use magic because of our silly agreement.”

““— — — —!!””

Tesfia is unable to rejoice at the board chairman’s words, but she can’t hate them either.  The board chairman is much better at making her feel awful than he is.

Alice, however, “Eh!  It’s really alright?”

“—!!  Alice, you want that guy to teach you?”

“Isn’t this great?  We get to be taught by the strongest magician.”

To receive instruction from the reigning top magician would require an unbelievable amount of luck.  Even double digit magicians would have trouble entering such a relationship.  Just getting to meet such a person would require earning enough military merits to fill an entire jacket.

Tesfia says, “That’s true, but…”

Tesfia has confidence in herself.  Her goal is to achieve a rank that won’t bring shame to her noble name.  The dream of becoming a single’s magician isn’t within her sight, but that of a double digit magician is.

There is no denying that this is an excellent opportunity, but it somehow doesn’t feel right.  The caustic words of the singles magician before her left a gap in her heart.  Right now she’s 100 steps away… but could easily advance 2 or 3 steps by reaching out her hand.

Cisty says, “I don’t intent to force you, but you’d undoubtedly be able to obtain something from him.”

Tesfia speaks with unwavering confidence.  “Can’t you teach us?”  Alus is a student just like her.  She truly doubts he’d be able to teach them.

“I am a busy person.  Are you really going to let this chance slip by!?”

“Of course… not.”

Tesfia answers such, but isn’t sure as to what she said.

–Not Cute Star, but Noble Diamond… is what should be here–

Alus searches his room for documents upon returning.  He’ll immerse himself in research to make up for lost time.

The board chairman wants me to teach them how to fight.  Alus isn’t enthusiastic about the idea.  On the contrary, he begrudges the task.  Even if he did teach them, it might be rendered moot.  If the goal is training magicians to fight, then training magicians who can fight mamono is much more efficient.  That’s something Alus himself experienced.

Magicians with powerful spells being trampled down by a grotesque mamono is very common.  Their fear of death keeps them from being able to fight back.  Magicians are numerous, but only half of them possess the spirit to fight mamono.

Magicians must always remain calm.  Regardless of how desperate a situation becomes, it only truly becomes hopeless the moment they stop believing in themselves.  Magicians who can’t cast magic are immature…  No, are defective.

Still, regardless of their aptitude, polishing will make their magic shine. 

He hates himself for making such a promise without consideration the circumstances.  Furthermore, he doubts he’ll be able to relax by doing this.  “I give up.”

Tesfia won’t come, but Alice, 8 to 9 times out of 10, will come.  How annoying.

T/N:  Surprise!  Were any of you surprised to see this here?  I’ve been dying to know what happens next, so I translated the following chapter.  I really hope nothing bad happens to Alice…  Muaha fufufu!  Bow down and praise me!

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1 I get the feeling this is an idiom.  I get the feeling I misunderstood it.  テスフィアとアリスが一桁魔法師の内緒話に口を挟めるほど度胸は据わっていない(主にシスティに敬意を払ってのことだ

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