Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

2.3 Classmates and Sora

The inside of the classroom is the opposite of what the outside suggests.  It’s clean, tidy, and doesn’t have any holes.  A beam of light shines in through a window and glitters, pika pika, as it reflects off a well-organized desk.

There are three students in the classroom.  The first one is a girl with animal ears and a pink ponytail.  A beastman (beast).  The second has long, somewhat bright, beige colored hair and sharp ears.  A spirit [elf].  Probably a bisonen[1] judging from the face.  The third one is also female.  She’s tan skinned with shoulder length, milk tea ash, hair and sharp ears.  A dark spirit (dark elf).

All three bow their heads to the director [Lydia].

Sora says, “Wow, are you that amazing?”

“I am the most renowned person at this academy.  Don’t you remember how everyone we passed bowed to me?”

The three students raise their heads as she speaks.  The beastman (beast) child looks at Sora and says, “Director-sama, who is this person?”


“Ah, these are Sora-kun and Yami-chan.  They’ll be joining this class as of today.  Introduce yourselves, you two.”

Sora and Yami stand in front of the blackboard.  Sora says, “My name is Sora.  She is my imoto, Yami.  Riding on my shoulder is my pet, Sura.”

Yami says, “Nice to meet you,” and Sura hops on Sora’s shoulder.

Everyone else claps once they’re finished.  Since only 4 other people are in the classroom, this applause is really gloomy.

The beastman (beast) child stands up from her seat once everyone stops clapping.  “We’ll introduce ourselves next, desu no!  I’ll start, desu no!  My name is Asia=Cindel, desu no!  Best regards, desu no!”

Desu no~ must be a pet word…[2] “Nice to meet you.”

Asia sits down and the dark spirit (dark elf) child stands.  She says, “My name is Shiloh=Shularia.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She’s polite.  “Nice to meet you.”

Once Shiloh sits down, the spirit [elf] child stands.  “M- my name is Ray=Sonaldia.  It’s a ple- pleasure to meet you.”

Don’t be so nervous…  “Nice to meet you.”

With the self-introductions completed, Sora turns to the director [Lydia].  Shiloh speaks faster than he can and asks him, “Why are all of you joining this class?”

“That’s because—”

The director [Lydia] says, “I’ll answer.”

Great, cause I don’t know.  In other words, he was saved.

The director [Lydia] says, “Sora-kun and his group are students I enrolled under special conditions.  He is allowed to come for only 1 hour a day.  While the other classes would probably raise various complaints, I believe the three of you will stay quiet.”

Shiloh says, “I see, you have the director-sama’s recommendation.  We definitely won’t say anything about it either, this class already has a lot of other problems…”

“Everything will be just fine.  With Sora-kun, and the others here, you have nothing to worry about.”


What kind of issues are they talking about?  …Well, not my problem.  I’m only gonna be here for an hour.

The bell rings as the director [Lydia] ends her explanation.  She then leaves while saying, “Find a good seat and stick to it.”

Sora takes an open chair while wondering, stick to what?  While he places Sura on the desk, Yami claims his lap.  “Hey, Yami, why are you sitting on me?”

Yami looks at Sora and says, “Being with masta is better.”

“That’s no good.  Find an open chair.”

Yami puffs out her cheeks.  “…..”

The phrase “~desu no,” carries over as Asia approaches.  She says, “The two of you are really close to each other, desu no!  Why does Yami-chan call Sora-kun ‘masta,’ desu no?”

“Ah…..”  Damn, I completely blanked on that.  A nasty rumor is gonna pop up if I don’t think of something fast.

Yami takes matters into her own hands while Sora struggles to create an excuse.  “Masta has always been masta.”

Everyone surrounds Sora before he can notice them.  All of them lean their heads forward to keep from missing a single detail.  Sora speaks once he grasps the situation.  “Ah, we came from a really distant village.  It’s customary to call ones elder brother “masta” there.”

Everyone is convinced by Sora’s desperate excuse.  Asia says, “Really, desu no!  What an interesting custom, desu no!  Tell me everything about your village later, desu no!”

Shiloh says, “I want to hear this, too.”

Ray says, “I- I also would like to listen…”

“Yeah, later.”  How annoying.

The classroom’s door opens and in walks a person dressed in a white robe.  The person’s mouth is all that can be seen.  “Sit down~.”

Sounds like a woman.

The three return to their seats and Yami sits next to Sora.

The person says, “Oh, you two must be our transfer students, Sora-kun and Yami-chan.  I will be your magic teacher, Alyndi=Alptei.”

Sora releases a light sigh.  Magic?  I have Elias’s memories.  This class is going to be so boring.

She continues, “Alright, I think we’ll create magic today!”

Create magic?  Elias’s memories don’t include anything like that…  Is it even possible?  This class might not be so boring after all.

Alyndi-sensei’s long explanation makes Sora feel sleepy midway through, but he endures.  He learns that three conditions need to be met by the person in order to create magic.

  1. There must be magic power present.
  2. Combat experience must be possessed.
  3. Must at least be at level 10.

I’ve met the conditions, so I should be able to create magic.  All I have to do I concentrate my magical power into a desired image, but what should I make?

A gust of wind blows against Sora’s back.  He turns around and sees that Ray holds a miniature tornado.  He already made something?  Concerned he might be falling behind, he checks on everyone else.  Shiloh conjured something resembling a sword of light, Asia created a lump of ice on top of her palm, and Yami glows a green light.

Yami surprises Sora.  “Ehh….”  He activates his evil eye.  Yami shouldn’t have any magical power.




Lv -/-



-Full recovery

A being born of dark magic.  She didn’t possess magical power, but through her own volition, was able to manifest it.  All of the experience she gains from defeating enemies go to Sora.  This is under the premise that Sora is nearby.



Seriously, what does it mean she was able to will magical power into existence?  And what the heck does ∞ mean?  This is ridiculous!

While giving a tsukkomi to the situation, Sora also wonders what he should create.  That’s when he remembers about a game from his world.  That game had an absolute defense [Protect] which would block any one attack.  I could create that…  Alright, I’m doing it!

Sora constructs the image in his mind.  Something that can block any attack would be the strongest shield.  He pours his magical power into making his whole body into the strongest shield. 

Sora’s body glows gold for an instant.  Everyone sees the light, but can only wonder its significance.  Sora himself can only wonder if he succeeded or not.  I’d have to get hit to find out…

He says, “Would someone attack me?”


Only Yami and Alyndi-sensei aren’t bewildered by his request.  Furthermore, Yami strikes him with her jet black flames.

Sora is left speechless as her merciless attack envelops his body.  More surprising, there isn’t even an itch.  A rash would hurt more. 

The jet black flames vanish off of Sora without leaving a scratch.  Everyone except for Yami and Alyndi-sensei is left dumbfounded.

Yami looks at Sora and says, “I won’t hold back… but I also knew masta would be alrigh.”

“Well, I am alright.”

Shiloh appears during the middle of their conversation.  “That was amazing!  What was that just now!?”  Her ears twitch, piku piku, from excitement.

Sora says, “Simply put, a spell that invalidates any one attack.”

“Fuee!  That’s amazing!  Please teach it to me next time!”


Shiloh calms herself upon hearing Alyndi-sensei clear her throat.

Alyndi-sensei then says, “Everyone is excellent.  With that said, we’ll be ending class here.”  The bell rings and she leaves.  Sora is also going to leave with the hour’s end, but decides to stay.  The obstinate, “Just one more hour!” repeated by his classmates convinces him to stay a bit longer.

The following lesson is reading and writing.  This is going to be so boring.  Elias’s memories already tell me every possible usage of this language.

Sora again decides to leave once the lesson ends and his classmates once more insist he stay with, “Just one more hour!”  He refuses, but once Yami says, “Just a bit longer,” he resigns himself to staying.

History class…  I already know this from Elias’s memories.  Another boring class.

That class ends and he again gets up to leave.  Everyone kneels down and bows in order to beg Sora to stay.  A lesson on magical knowledge.

Once this class ends— I am absolutely going home!

“Are you hungry?  Let’s get something to eat!”


T/N:  Sora, your [Protect] doesn’t completely negate Z moves.  Also, Yami’s unwavering attack, that was her releasing pent up frustration.  So this is our first time seeing Sora act arrogant, it felt a little weird.  His laid back nature is way too extreme!!  Is that his arrogance, or is this a result of losing his mind after everything that’s happened to him.  To be honest, a lot has happened to him…


-Gandire Alea


[1] A pretty boy.

[2] She actually just says “no,” but ending her sentences with just “no” might get a bit confusing.


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