Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

1.2 The Adventurer’s Guild and Sora

The adventurer’s guild; the different world’s templet dictates that the main character will appear between a pretty receptionist and a vulgar ossan[1].  Said main character getting up and picking a fight with the ossan— doesn’t happen.

The adventurer’s guild is a splendid, stone, two story building.  Written in charming letters on the front door is, Entrance.

Sora’s eyes are first drawn towards the cute girl at the receptionist’s counter upon entering the building.  Her tan skin is complimented by her waist long, vivid black, hair.  Next to her gentle eyes are a pair of sharp ears.  According to Elias’s memories, she is a dark elf, one of the various races in the world.

Eight types of races exist within this world.

Humans, as the comparison, are the most common.  They have inferior statuses, but that can be mitigated with training.  For example, the previous Yuusha.

Elves are beings capable of wielding spirit power.  There are a beautiful race well known for having sharp ears.  Unlike humans, they can live up to at least 500 years.

Dark elves are the same as elves.  Just like them, they wield spirit power, are beautiful, have sharp ears, and are long lived.  Their darker skin is the only difference.

Dwarves are beings like short humans.  They have similar life spans to humans, but are also powerhouses.

Demons are beings known for their black horns and wings.  They have an abnormally high amount of magical power and a relentless devotion towards obliterating their targets.  Just like monsters, they have mana stones within their bodies.  They also don’t have life spans.

Beastmen resemble humans, but with animal ears.  They have high attack power and can live up to at least 500 years.

Dragon newts are the dragon version of the beastmen.  Their power is extraordinary.  They’re a legendary race with no life span.

Gods… that guy.

Rowdy young folks drinking alcohol in the pub is what Sora sees next.  Looks like this adventurer’s guild comes with a bar.

A young girl crying is what he sees last.  What’s a kid like that doing in a place like this?

Sora tries saying, “Are you alright?” to the girl, but a bad-looking onii-san[2] walks up to her instead.  She opens up to him upon being given a smile that is nothing like the grim expression he was wearing beforehand.

The scene fills Sora with a gentle warmth.  With it in mind, he turns for the receptionist.  Her sharp ears move, pikku, as she smiles with her whole face.  She says, “How can I help you?”

Cute…  Sore doesn’t let the thought show on his face.  Instead, he says, “I’d like to register for a guild card and to exchange some mana stones.”

“Etto, you wish to register for a guild card and exchange some mana stones.  Understood, please pass me your mana stones.  I will exchange them for you while I create your guild card.”

Sora digs through all his pockets and fishes out 30 mana stones.

The receptionist gives him a warm smile as he hands them to her.  She then puts the stones into a magic stone bag.  Sora isn’t very familiar with the mechanisms behind the bag, but understands that it takes care of the exchange.

The receptionist then pulls out a pen and paper from a desk drawer and hands them to Sora.  “Well then, if you’d like to create a guild card, please sign this.  If you’re unable to write, please dictate your name and I will write it for you.”

What a nice place, but thanks to Elias’s memories, I’m very familiar with the language.  Wait… is that what the… divine protection of the Dai Maou means?

Sora writes down his age and race on the form, but hesitates on with his name.  Should I honestly write, “Basard” here?

 The receptionist notices his hesitation and says, “You have nothing to worry about.  I am the only one who will see what you write.  Unless you reveal the contents yourself, not even this country’s king will be able to read it.”

Wow!  The Adventurer’s Guild really is amazing!  But, should I really trust them?  Whatever, wicked people with black hair and tan skin don’t exist.

Sora scribbles his signature with those thoughts in mind.  His hand writing is atrocious, but, It’s always been like that.

The receptionist says, “Thank you very much.  I will now issue you your guild card.”  She then takes the form to the back and returns a few minutes later.  “Here you are.  Furthermore, the exchange of your mana stones is complete.  The total comes to 1 silver and 85 bronze coins.”

“Thank you!”

One silver and 85 bronze.  This world’s currency is divided by gold coins, large silver coins, silver coins, large bronze coins, and bronze coins: 100 bronze coins yield a large bronze coin, 10 large bronze coins yield a silver coin, 10 silver coins yield a large silver coin, and 10 large silver coins yield a gold coin.

Sora receives his guild plate:







Good, it’s nice and neat.

G is the lowest guild rank.  The highest is MAX SSS.  Furthermore, the higher a person’s rank, the cheaper a night’s lodging becomes.

The receptionist says, “Now I’ll explain the purpose of the guild to you.”

Anything she’ll say will mimic what’s inside of Elias’s memories.  “No thanks, I’m good.  A friend already explained everything in minute detail to me.”

The receptionist gives Sora a quiz.  His response seems to have made her unhappy.

How annoying… but I guess communication is important?

Sora says, “Well then, here I go—”

The receptionist becomes teary eyed at Sora’s instantaneous completion and perfect score.  Many surrounding adventures regard them strange and confused looks.

The receptionist regains herself and says, “—And with that, the explanation is complete.  Thank you for coming.”

“Th-thanks for your hard work.”

Sora leaves the adventurer’s guild with heavy feeling, kuta kuta, in his heart.  She went on for 3 hours… 

Once outside, he enters the stone building next door, the inn.  The inside is very clean and tidy, complete with a counter and a small bar.  He reserves a room for 2 nights from the energetic ossan.

The room Sora is then guided to is ordinary, furbished with a bed, a washroom, and a dresser.  He walks straight to the bed and drops onto it like Ru○n Daibu[3].  He lets the warmth of the sheets wash over him with a bofuu.

–Cute Star ★ is Throwing a House Warming Party, You’re Invited!–

Sora awakens to a sunny day with bright light shining through his window.  He sits up while yawning, “Fuwaa~.”

Someone knocks on his door.  Who could that be, so early in the morning? 

The door opens and in enters the energetic ossan from the day before.  “Ohh, you’re finally up!?  It’s almost noon!  I was getting worried since you never came down for dinner last night or breakfast this morning!”

Ah, that’s right.  This room comes with dinner and breakfast.  “Sorry, I was exhausted yesterday and sleep through all of it.”

“Se- Seriously?  Don’t push yourself so hard.”

“Will do.”

The energetic ossan turns at those words, leaving Sora to wash his face and make his preparations for the day.  The first thing I have to do is buy a weapon. 

Sora leaves the inn for the weapon’s shop.  A jii-san[4] holding a weapon sketched on a wall tells him he’s reached the right shop.  To his surprise, the interior is tidy.  Various weapons lean along the wall.

A white haired ojii-san appears at the counter while Sora looks over the weapons.  He looks at Sora and beckons him.  “You, are you here to buy a weapon, yeah?”

Uwo!  It’s the same face from the picture… I’m staring at the same face on the picture… wait a sec. 

Sora, aware that he has small hands[5], says.  “Yes, I’d like something cheap, please.”

“You’re an honest brat.  Fumu, it’ll be just a sec.”  The ojii-san enters the interior of the store and after a few minutes, emerges with two, pitch black, daggers and their sheaths.  “Here, these are the perfect match for you, yeah.”

Sora equips them at once.  Apparently, they classify as a sword.  He holds one in each hand and swings.  As for anyone’s impression…  No one would be able to tell it’s his first time wielding a weapon.

The ojii-san says, “How are they?  By the way, that’ll be 3 large, bronze coins, yeah.”

Sora buys the two daggers because they’re cheap, but is confused.  Elias’s memories don’t have anything about weapons.  He gives the ojii-san a silver coin and is given 7 large, bronze coins as change.  For some reason, he’s also give a waist scaffold.

Sora equips his new items and leaves the store.  His daggers swing, bura bura, at his sides as he wanders around.


“I’m hungry…hmm?”  A delicious smell wafts past Sora’s nose.  He follows it to a food stall named Skewered Goblin.

Concerned by the name, he scrutinizes the stall.  Written on the large menu is Huge, skewered goblin, 50 bronze.

Skewered goblin’s the only thing on the menu!

Sora, without knowing if skewered goblin would be tasty or not, buys two out of hunger.  He takes the two skewers out of his bag upon moving from the stand and looks at them.  They look pretty good, almost like pork.  But what’s it going to taste like?

Sora takes a timid bite of the goblin meat.  The meat feels like it’s melting in his mouth as the juice spreads across his tongue.  Delicious!  It’s almost like eating kuroge washu[6]!  Not that I’ve ever eaten it before or anything.

Sora gobbles down the two skewers while crying out within his heart.  Now that his stomach is bulging, he goes to the adventurer’s guild to accept a request so he can level up.

The receptionist from yesterday smiles, nicori, upon seeing him and waves.  Sora forces a smile and waves back as he remembers, yestersay’s sermon from Hell.

He then goes to the request board.  Various requests ranging from monster subjugation, to collecting medical herbs, to escorting assignments are listed.

Ehh~, there’s a lot to choose from.  Which one should I take….?

The receptionist notices his trouble and approaches.  “What kind of request are you looking for?”

As the receptionist helps Sora select an easy request, he thinks, This adventurer’s guild is great.  The one she selects is goblin subjugation.  Sora says, “Yeah, this one’s perfect!”

Goblins, this really follows the templet of another world.  Yep, not bad.

The receptionist processes the request and gives Sora a dazzling smile.  “Please come again!”

 According to Elias’s memories, goblins inhabit the grasslands near the field I was hunting slimes in yesterday.

Goblins, also known as imps, are short, have faded green skin, and are ugly.  They also have their own unique language, something only superior races can attain.  However, if I were to talk with them in my language, we wouldn’t understand each other.

“Got it!  The gist of this world is like a game— Uwa!?”  An orange slime bubbles out in front of Sora.  He draws his weapons, but the slime makes no motion to attack him.  “Hm?”

The slime doesn’t attack Sora.  Even though he maintains his vigilance, the slime’s color entices his curiosity.  He takes a pose and in a needlessly loud voice, “Awaken my evil eye!”


Original Slime

Lv 1


-language comprehension



What?  Original Slime?  According to Elias’s memories, they’re one of the seldom appearing neutral monsters.

This slime has the language comprehension skill…  Hold on, can I speak with it?

“Hey, you there, Slime.  Can you understand me?”

Even though I’m speaking normally, as a human who doesn’t speak slime, I have no idea what it’s going to say in return.

The slime makes a noise, pyon, and bobs its head, becha.

Looks like we can communicate with each other.  This guy is kinda cute… I want to make it into a pet.

Sora takes a half joking tone as he says, “Hey, how about becoming my pet?”

The slime spins around Sora, going, guru guru.

“Etto… does this mean you’ve become my pet?”

The slime rubs it body, suri suri, against the back of Sora’s leg

I’m convinced, this is now my pet.

“In that case, I need to give you a name…  Your name is now Sura.

Even though it’s a lousy name derived from slime[7], Sura leaps in joy at receiving the name.

“All right, then let’s get to hunting, Sura!”

T/N:  I don’t know about you guys, but I’d so try eating goblin skewers.  If you think about a gobi-chan’s daily life of running around and eating fresh food, it’s probably healthier than pork too.  But, how adorable, Sora now has a pet named Sura.  I honestly thought he derived the name from his own at first.  Anyway, can any of you imagine returning home from school and your mom going, “What is that?”

“My new pet.  Her name is Gummy.”

“No, absolutely not, take it back or I wash it down the drain.”

“But, mom!”

Good times… RIP Gummy  T.T


[1] Uncle or middle aged man

[2] Older brother

[3] I have no idea who that is.   ル○ン ダイブ

[4] Grandfather or elder

[5] I think this is supposed to be interpreted as being inexperienced

[6] Kuroge Wagyu is one of Japan’s four types of cross bred cows.  Their meat has a genetic predisposition of having a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than normal beef.

[7] Slime, スライム, can be translated as suraimu or sulaimu.


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