Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! Translation

55. Epilogue, Liliana, Part One

The tall shadow sneers at Suimei and everyone else from the second tallest place within the Empire, the side of Filas Filia’s cathedral’s bell tower.  Having helped Liliana escape, it ended its confrontation against them, and placed some distance between themselves.  It now watches everyone aimlessly run about while staying vigilant against Suimei Yakagi’s unusual sense of sight and intuition.

The soldiers secure the area while the Yuusha rushes to Suimei’s side.  While he asks Suimei to explain the situation, his attendant tries to heal him with recovery magic.  Suimei, however, refuses them both.

The tall shadow takes in how they’re reacting and considers how to move next.  This marks my second failure.  The military police aren’t worth considering.  The Yuusha’s strength would make him a threat, but I should be fine ignoring him.  He’s always too late, after all.

However— Suimei Yakagi, I cannot be negligent against that man.  He traced Liliana’s movements and made contact with her while disrupting the progress of the Yuusha’s party.


I don’t know what happened in the territory Liliana created, but she and Suimei have already met several times.  He may have persuaded her to stop during the middle of their battle.  If so, then this is getting dangerous.

The danger Suimei poses, however, is no longer a problem.  The amount of dark magic he received will kill him— No, it’s quite likely that he’ll manage to heal himself.  Still, that will keep him from moving around and affect his ability to cast magic.

No one saw the aristocrat get attacked this time, but Suimei Yakagi and the Yuusha both saw Liliana’s face. 

The tall shadow melts into the darkness.  “That blind and dumb girl has out lived her usefulness…”


T/N:  Wow, this chapter was short.  I’ll do the prologue of this volume too.  But, for the sake of appearances, I release this one a few minutes afterwards.  *Grins*  That means I’ve finally completed the equivalent of the third volume.  This took a few months, but it’s finally finished.  I’ve learned quite a lot translating the series so far.  Thank you all for your (mostly) kind words of encouragement.  Please continue to support American Faux by reading and leaving your comments below.  *Places hands on skirt, bows*



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