Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! Translation

48. Felmenia-san’s Explanation

Suimei, now knowing that Felmenia came to Filas Filia to see him, sits back down and sips his grape juice.  “So, how did you know where to look for me?”

“That was a simple matter.  I knew from the start that you were headed for the Empire.”

“Fair enough.”

Was I followed?  Suimei recalls mentioning to both Almadias and Felmenia of his plans before leaving the castle.

Felmenia’s expression turns grim.  “….Suimei-dono, I will be direct with you.  Did you draw out your strength to annihilate a large mazoku army during your travels to Filas Filia?  Or, am I mistaken?”

“Yeah, that was me.”

Awe seeps through Felmenia’s voice and expression as says, “Then, Suimei-dono, you are the one who ravaged the mazoku forces?”

Suimei can’t accept her sudden reverence.  A long time has passed since he’s last had to deal with such a senseless development.  “Well, I did help out.”

Felmenia frowns at Suimei’s words.  “I fail to understand your displeasure.  Are you not the only one capable of such a feat?  After all, at that time, the Mazoku General…”

Felmenia’s words jump out at Suimei.  “…You ran into Rajas?”

“Yes, back when I join with Yuusha-dono, he was engaged with an enormous mazoku on an open plain.  I took the occasion to ask him if the one responsible was a man dressed in black calling himself a magician….  Um, Suimei-dono, just want did you do?”

Suimei begins to rub his forehead to stem his oncoming headache.  Needless to say, it fails.  “I didn’t do anything…  Sorry, right now there’s a lot of things I want to know.  Is it alright if I ask you first?”

“Of course.”

“First off, Reiji saw that battlefield?”

“Yes, he received word that a massive mazoku army had gathered near the Empire’s border and rushed there to save you from it.”

“Huh?  He knew I was there?  Well… I guess it worked out.  I’ve heard stories about how he delivered the finishing blow against Rajas.  Those were true, then?”

“My perspective on the matter is a little different, but I am afraid such has become the general consensus.”

Suimei glances upward towards the sky with an, “Ah ha-” He realizes something is off, but puts resolving it off for later.  Instead, he looks back towards Felmenia with a tired expression.  “Did Rajas say my name?”

“Your name?  ….No, he only spoke of a man dressed in black.”

“I see…”  Him being a magician still hasn’t leaked to Reiji’s party.

A heavy sigh escapes Suimei with his final question answered.  He then signals the waiter and asks for another glass of grape juice.  A moan escapes him as he begins sipping his drink.  “….I failed to kill Rajas.”

“That is your regret?”

“Yeah?  I mean, I couldn’t finish it on my own.”

A strong sense of amazement escapes Felmenia at those words.  “If someone had told us then that only a single man was responsible for that devastation, we all would have fallen to our knees.  As for the lightning magic that escaped from the Mazoku General, Rajas, was that your doing?”

At Suimei’s nod, Felmenia narrates the event.  “The lightning was already overflowing from Rajas’ body before we even encountered him.  He was struggling to contain the spell within itself the entire time we fought.  Then, when Yuusha-dono struck the finishing blow, the lightning surpassed Rajas’ limits and erupted from his body with a thunderous roar.  Nothing remained afterwards.  In conclusion, does that not mean that the Mazoku General would have been felled even without Yuusha-dono?”

“I guess that’s true…  But I still couldn’t beat him with my own power….”

“…..I am unable to understand your disillusionment.  You defeated an army of almost 10,000 mazoku and then severely injured a powerful mazoku.”

Suimei is taken aback by Felmenia’s comment.  There are some words in particular that stand out to him.


“Yes, that is believed to be a reasonable estimate considering the remains surveyed after the battle.”



“Ye- Yeah, they… they were…”  Suimei hides his unease by clearing his throat, but can’t do anything about the sweat rolling down his back.  His inner thoughts are a complete mess.  He didn’t just face an army of 10,000, he defeated it.  No way, did I really do something that reckless?  Then again, he doesn’t regret it.  Even now that he’s aware of what he’d be facing, he’d do it again.

Suimei regains his composure upon noticing Felmenia giving him a strange look.  He apologizes for his behavior and, “…..they were in my way, sorry.”

Felmenia makes a grim expression.  “No, Suimei-dono, I cannot allow you to apologize…  Not considering the circumstances surrounding this issue.”


“That is correct.  An aristocrat from my country is responsible for that assault from the mazoku forces.”


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“—Wow.  That Hadrias guy did a great job making me a decoy…”  Suimei snots upon hearing how both he and Reiji’s party were manipulated and glares at an imaginary silhouette of Hadrias.

Felmenia bows her head as she says, “Suimei-dono, you are our guest from another world.  On behalf of my country, I offer my deepest apologies for the harm inflicted upon you by the aristocrat of my nation.”

Suimei shakes his head at Felmenia’s apology.  “Stop, stop, this isn’t your fault so raise your head.”


“I’m the one who messed up.  I even got an unrelated group of merchants involved…”  Guilt wells up from Suimei now that he knows the truth.  Since he was the one targeted by the mazoku army, he’s responsible for the destruction of the merchant caravan.

“Suimei-dono, you are not the one at fault here.  While the mazoku were quick to mobilize, neither you nor the merchants would have been attacked if not for Duke Hadrias’s actions.”

“Except, if not for me, then Reiji and his party wouldn’t have attempted such a dangerous rescue mission either.  My role in this can’t be waived.”  Suimei drops his head with a sigh.  He then raises it back up with a resolute expression.  “Right, you said Hadrias arranged everything?  Then, I suppose I’ll just have to return the favor.”

“Re- Return the favor!?”

“Yeah, someday.  Although, I probably won’t be able to move freely once I dishing something out.”

“You mean retaliation?”

“Not exactly, though there is someone who would act with that intention.  For me, that guy is just too dangerous to ignore.  He manipulated a person summoned from another world without consulting the king.  He won’t stop just because I disappeared.”

“You cannot mean that Mizuki-dono might be targeted, too?”

“And Reiji.”

Felmenia is shocked by Suimei’s assertion, but voices her disagreement.  “Reiji-dono is the summoned Yuusha.  Not even Hadrias-kyo would dare manipulate him.”

“Yes, he would.  After all, from what you just said, that guy’s quite the sly bastard.  Although, for some reason, I’m not that disturbed.  Reiji must be furious- ah, that’s why.  That’s part of his plan.  I’m just too self-conscious to get baited.  I might not have a clue as to what that guy’s end goal is, but he’ll probably do anything to achieve it.”

“Will he only manipulate Yuusha-dono to protect the kingdom?”

“That’s not impossible.  He might even set Reiji free once he no longer needs him.  Either way, keeping an eye on what he’s scheming will probably be for the best.”

Felmenia is stunned by Suimei’s concerns, but that soon passes as she furrows her eyebrows.

Suimei ponders the situation for a moment.  The decision to maintain a vigilant watch over the aristocrat, Hadrias, is not a mistake.  However, undertaking such a task right now is difficult.  Not only does Hadrias oppose the Maou, he also provides Reiji with logistical support.  There is no merit in angering him.

Suimei gradually moves onto another thought.  “—That’s right.  By the way, are you familiar with black magic?”

Felmenia leans forward at the unexpected question.  “You desire that type of knowledge!?”

“If you want to cooperate with me, that’s a bridge you’ll need to cross.  I’ll compensate you for this, too.  If there’s anything you’re interested in, I’ll show you the basics.”

“Ar- Are you serious!”  Felmenia nods repeatedly while swallowing.  As a fellow true follower of magic, she’ll jump at the chance to broaden her horizons.  Her vested interest in the mystery makes his offer even more tantalizing.

“Perfect, but before that, I need a favor.”

Felmenia seems to have finished considering the request.  “Suimei-dono, you wish to be taught that magic, correct?”

“There is that, but I also want you to teach magic to my companion.”

“Your companion?”

“Let’s go.  I’ll introduce you to each other at my place.”

Felmenia rises from her seat with that encouragement.

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