The Disappointing Lady’s Daily Life Translation

48. Women Are Courageous

First half: Ryuune Shinonome’s POV
Second half: Hitomi Maeshiro’s POV


I talked about it… I wonder if it was okay to talk about it?

Red Rose listened to me gently while sometimes patting my head. Her hand reminded me of the way Takkun used to caress me.

She is a little, no not a little… She is quite a weird person. Unlike her usual elegant smile, her expression changed frequently. Her nose wrinkled up, and she looked like an old man while saying “hehehe” and stretched out the bridge of her nose, making a dumb face. I never get tired of watching her. According to Sumire, Red Rose is good at making strange faces.

I got into the Shinonome family’s car that came to pick me up and watched the scenery outside the window as I hugged my rabbit puppet.

I’ve done Japanese dance, Koto, and calligraphy, just like what my father told me. Although I had achieved a certain level of success, it was my younger sister who was always praised, even though she hadn’t achieved as much as I did.

My younger sister, innocent and always smiles, is always surrounded by people and spoiled by my parents and the adults around her.

“Hey, Sis. Why are you talking like that?”
“Err… W-What do you mean by why?”

I couldn’t answer my sister’s question while looking down.

“Hey, why are you so scared? Why can’t you speak clearly? Why do you always look down and never make eye contact?”

I was scared of my sister asking me “why,” as if she was blaming me.
This seemed to irritate her even more, and she grabbed me by the face and forced me to look up.

“I’m embarrassed to be your younger sister.”

I didn’t want to see you. I didn’t want to hear you. The truth of what she thought was written in my blood sister’s loathing expression.

My sister entered a different school starting in middle school. I didn’t need to ask her why. It’s because she doesn’t want to go to the same school as me. I guess she is ashamed to have an older sister like me.

“You don’t have to push yourself. It’s okay to take your time. I will wait until you are done talking.”

The words that Takkun said to me when he was still able to smile were also a treasure for me, so I could speak with peace of mind knowing that Takkun would listen to me.

And the rabbit puppet that Takkun gave me was the only thing that supported my heart. When I tried to make the rabbit puppet talk, I was strangely able to talk and communicate using it. After that, I started to talk through the rabbit puppet even though people said it was creepy.

“How long are you going to rely on that thing?”

Takkun’s older brother, Kei, said to me tiredly, but I couldn’t help but feel uneasy without it.
Come to think of it, Red Rose also told me that it’s okay to talk slowly, just like Takkun. For some reason, whenever I speak, Kei also listens to me silently and doesn’t urge me.

But I know. Not all people in the world are such kind people.
Some people are not as good at talking as other people. Some people are frustrated by other’s who don’t speak well. Not everyone is willing to wait.

I know that.

I don’t have the power to change the people around me. So the only thing I can do is to change myself.

“…Women are courageous.”

It’s meaningless if I don’t tell Takkun with my own mouth.

I noticed an electronic sound, and when I took out my phone from my pocket, I received a message. Nowadays, everyone uses a messaging app that allows you to create a group and talk with multiple people.

It didn’t have any close friends except for Kei and Takkun, but I was invited to a group for the first time.

“…Red Rose is a real idiot.”

The group name is “Takkun Smile Production Plans”. To such a group name, Sumire says, “It’s a funny plan to eat Takkun’s sweets.” They are really strange people.

I’m not very good at socializing and thought it would be easier to be alone, but I guess everyday life like this is fun too.

I didn’t know they were such amusing people. I guess I’ve always had a narrow vision.


I left Maria’s house and went straight to Sumire’s house.

“How rare. For Sumire to rely on Haruto.”

I didn’t think Sumire would ask her brother, Haruto, to help her.

“After all, it’s for Maria and Ryuune’s sake.”
“I see.”

Even so, I guess Haruto will be happy. It’s not often that he gets asked for help by Sumire. While thinking about that, I walked into the Mizutanigawa’s foyer and realized how naive my thoughts were.

“Welcome back, Sumire. Hitomi too, welcome.”
“Haruto…this is.”

What awaited us was a smiling Haruto and a mound piled high of toppings and ingredients for making sweets on the table.
…I didn’t think we would need that much. Also, the video cameras that were being set on the left and right were scary.

“Now, Sumire, you can choose any of the ingredients you like from here. Also, you can worry about it and snack on it sometimes, but please keep your eyes on one of the video cameras, okay? Next is, ah! Wait, what are you doing, Sumire? You can approach the video camera, but you can’t touch it…… Ah! Please don’t fold up the tripod.”

Sumire turned off the video camera and folded up the tripod with a blank face. This kind of thing happens every day in this house.
Sumire’s brothers like to take pictures of her, so they want to record her in various appearances.

“Are you sure you want to do that? Sumire”
“The kindness in me has to keep this a secret from Leo and Shion. They would have been in an uproar if they knew.”

There it is. Haruto’s refreshing nasty smile. Among Sumire’s brothers, Haruto seems to be the most decent, but he is actually quite troublesome.

“Now then, sit there, and then please beg me.”
‘Please teach me how to make sweets, Haruto,’ you can say that, right?”

Haruto, who has a video camera set up in his hand and pointing it at Sumire, looks very happy. Her face grimaces in humiliation. She said something like “Pleaseee, Haruto, Brother,” but she was made to do a retake.

“Come on, Sumire, say it properly.”
“…Please teach me…h-how to make sweets! Haruto, Brother! You bastard!”

There was a curse at the end, but Haruto seemed to be satisfied and nodded as he finished recording. I walked behind Haruto and took the video camera from him.

“Eh, wait, Hitomi!?”
“Please don’t bully Sumire too much, okay? Also, it’s not Sumire but me who needs to be taught how to make them. Can you please teach me how to make them, Haruto?”
“…Of course. I will help you, Hitomi.”

Even though you just want me to give back the video camera that I took from you. I know that, but I tighten my face, which is about to slip up because I find myself happy to be talked to like that.

It’s not fair that Haruto says things that make me happy so easily. I know that he doesn’t notice me at all, but I can’t give up on him. When I’m with Haruto, I feel like I’m being treated in a special way.