I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

80. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Ending: Second Half

I adjusted my breathing.

In retrospect, his words had been highly passionate, but this was the Knight Commander we’re talking about.

Maybe it was just jargon with a different meaning than what I thought it meant.

“Uhm… So you mean like marriage or something?”

“Yes, that’s right. That would be best.”

Huh… Why are you so calm, Knight Commander?

Did he just propose to me?

I couldn’t get my thoughts together, so I just expressed the doubts that came to mind.

“But the King said I couldn’t marry you.”

“Yes, I know.”

What a calm reaction!

This was the King of the whole country we’re talking about!? The lord to whom you’ve sworn allegiance, right? Were you really okay with that? Proposing to me after it’s already been forbidden!?

“I consulted with my master about what to do, so don’t worry. It’s perfect.”

…It sure doesn’t sound perfect.

Though… I’m glad, he asked around in advance!

Did he threaten him… or did they threaten him… That’s all I could imagine.

“I’m not so good at politics, so I consulted with the Crown Prince as well.”

The Knight Commander said he had been offered titles to bring me back from the other world.

I can’t even imagine what kind of titles that evil god would grant.

Ah… He must have told Sara-chan as well!?

She hadn’t said anything when we had tea yesterday! But looking back on it, maybe there was something in her eyes.

The Knight Commander’s expression was solemn as he watched me dig through my memories.

“I like you, Rururia. I’ll ask whoever I have to, to be at your side.”


The Knight Commander’s words went in one ear and out the other.

Huh!? What… What did he just say?

“…Uhm… Now… Juuust now… Did you… Did you just confess to me!?”

“Hm? Oh yeah… I guess?”

“What do you mean ‘I guess‘? This is a big deal!”

So he did.

Was I taking this all wrong?

Confessions were supposed to be sweet and lovey-dovey, at least they were in romance novels. This wasn’t how it’s supposed to be, right!?

The Knight Commander’s complexion did not change, so I placed my hand on my heart.

To tell the truth, I couldn’t feel my heart beating.

I was worried it had stopped from the heavy load the Knight Commander had just dropped on me.

“…What do you think, Rururia?”


The Knight Commander started to fidget.

Oh… Oops! I was supposed to reply, wasn’t I?

I looked squarely at the Knight Commander.

At his infinitely expressionless eyes, at his twisted mouth signifying as though he’s enduring something, and lastly, at his fidgeting despite being said to be an iron-skinned man.

…Things were different than when we first met.

I wanted to say how I’d seen his bloodlust come out, how I felt about him inviting me here, how I’d learned to make a magic circle, how I’d ridden a dragon, and what kind of people we’d both become…

But instead, I couldn’t help but smile.

At some point I realized, he had become the one I could depend on.

I could feel the needed words and attitude coming to me.

But I’m not like the others. I’m different from Solan-kun or Irene-sama, or Sara-chan.

They all came to save me, they’ve all encouraged me… But I’m just a dummy.

That’s all I could think of, so I let out a puff of air.

I tried to think about what else was different, what made him special to me.

I couldn’t come up with any real reason.

It was just everything about him.

…I recognized my honest feelings and let them fly out of my mouth.

“I… I like you too, Knight Commander.”

After saying that, I looked right at him.

His mouth hung open with a slightly dazed expression… Love must be some force to make him look that way.

Lionel-sama snapped out of his daze to give me a huge smile, picking me up right after.

I felt panic as if his emotions would overload and I’d be thrown in the process.

“Put me down! Put me dooown!”

“Sorry… I’m just thrilled.”

Lionel-sama lowered me down, however, this time, onto his lap.

That’s not what I meant by put me down!

I wanted you to put me back in my seat!!!

“…It’s a bit weird to be on your lap.”

“Hmm…? But my master always said it’s important to keep the things that matter close to you?”

Vidika-san apparently holds her husband in her lap sometimes, with him loving it.

‘He always covers his face with his hands pretending to be embarrassed,’ Lionel said.

…I think I could understand that exact same feeling.

Lionel-sama seemed to not pick up on my complex expression as he confidently kept speaking.

“Leave it to the Crown Prince. He’ll definitely persuade the King.”

“No way…”

Surely he must be mistaken.

Lionel was trying too hard to get ahead on his own, trying to control everything.

“There’s two of us. I should be involved, too.”

Lionel-sama clammed up a little as I said that. Huh? Why’d he tense up?

Well, at least now I have space to think about what to do.

This was the ruler of a country we’re talking about.

Although I was in a high position, it was not nearly high enough to bend the will of His Majesty, the King.

Would it be the King’s weak point to ask Vidika-san for help, then ask someone with knowledge of politics like the Crown Prince, or Sara-chan, or Irene-sama, and leave the negotiations to Lionel-sama?

…And I’ll have to do what I can as well…

“Oh, I’ve got it! We spread a rumor that if anyone marries me, they’ll get carried off to another world! Hehehe… No one would want me to be their bride then!”

That’s it!


You can’t become my husband unless you know how to bring me back from another world, otherwise, it will be hopeless. No one else could possibly propose to me, right?

The King won’t tell me to pick someone else… Oh, I’m so clever!

When I shared my perfect idea confidently with Lionel-sama, his hardened expression cracked into a smile… Aha!

“Good one, Rururia! That’s perfect.”

“I know, right!? Hey, you can stop squeezing my cheeks now! My heart!”

I struggled as he clung to me when I heard someone clear their throat from the opposite side of the room.

…Are you are done talking now?


I totally forgot that the Heavenly Dragon was still here.

He was fidgeting awkwardly like he didn’t know what to do with himself.

I was still being clung unto by Lionel-sama. I was wondering if I should start resisting to get back to my seat when I heard the Heavenly Dragon sigh.

I thought you were already a pair, was I wrong?

“My master taught me that it’s important to put these things into words.”

Lionel answered without hesitation.

What does he mean pair!?

No one ever said anything about that before!?

I was trembling at his words, but Lionel and the Heavenly Dragon continued speaking without noticing my reactions.

Words may be necessary, but aren’t actions more so?

“So I’ve heard. What would be a good gift? I’ve got a unicorn horn that broke off when one stabbed me a while back.”

Lionel withdrew a shining horn as he said that. If he was speaking truthfully, then the thing he’s holding would be a legendary unicorn horn.

Why did he have such a thing in his pocket?

And what kind of a person talks about presents in front of the person they’re going to give them to?

I have no idea how much a unicorn horn was worth. It must be more expensive than dragon scales, surely. After all, it is a legendary artifact.

…That’s not the kind of thing you just give away as a present!

I was screaming internally, but that didn’t stop the two of them.

Hmm, it certainly does sparkle beautifully in 7 different colors, but rather than just the broken horn, wouldn’t it be better to have it made into something new?

“You’re right! I’ll place an order immediately.”

Gifts are good, but daily care is necessary, too.

“Right. That’s right.”

So they’ve already decided to give it to me.

And yet they’re ignoring me just so they could keep rambling on with each other.

I was frustrated so I grabbed Lionel-sama by the collar.

I looked him dead in the eyes and spoke sternly.

“…Since this is a gift for me, please listen to me.”

‘If you don’t listen, I’m going home right now, so nod and show you understand.’

…Huh? Wha… What’s happening?

Before I had time to be stunned by my own sudden burst of outrage, I felt my own body floating into the air again.

A lot higher than last time.

“My bad, Rururia!”

“Oh, it’s fine! Just put me down!”



“I can’t stop my hands for some reason!”

“Wh… Why!?”

I was being lifted higher and higher as he kept apologizing.

Lionel seemed happy as he kept apologizing.

The Heavenly Dragon had a warm look in his eyes as he kept sipping his wine.

…But I’m done with this.

I’m being serious right now.

Can’t you see I’m serious!?

My screaming echoed throughout my entire body.

“…That’s it! I’m going home! I’m going back home!