My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled Translation

8. My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled

It took some time for Melissa to process what he had just said.

He requested the Goddess?

To release me from the role of saint?

There were too many questions in Melissa’s mind.

“…Can I ask you why?”

After blurting that out, Melissa regretted it—she shouldn’t have said anything at all.

She had unconsciously stood up. She was scared that His Highness would tell her that she was not up for the task.

But, His Highness Jeid blushed and averted his gaze for some reason…

“…Because I wanted to marry Melissa faster.”


His Highness Jeid covered the bottom half of face with his palm. It was Melissa’s first time seeing him that flustered. She was stunned.

“Ever since we met, you’ve only fulfilled your duty as the saint. We missed our chances to do any couple-like activities… Now that the kingdom has attained peace, I want Melissa to live her life as an ordinary woman, not a saint.”

“I want to see my grandson’s face, soon.”

“Melissa will be so cute at the ceremony. I can’t wait to see you dressed in a bridal gown…”

Towards what the royal family had to say, Melissa was stupefied.

“…Even though I’m no longer His Highness Jeid’s fiancée?”

She thought that after she had lost her power, she was unfit to stand beside His Highness Jeid. She believed she should just disappear.

With the arrival of the new saint, Melissa was convinced he had gotten a new fiancée and her own engagement had been annulled.

“Why would you think that…?”

“Melissa, you should be more confident in yourself and be more aware of the affection from your surroundings.”

The king and the queen admonished her together.

His Highness took Melissa’s hand.

His grip was strong even though she had no intention of escaping. Then, he gently whispered to Melissa.

“Why can’t I let you go? That’s because I can’t love anyone but you anymore.”


A few months later.

The wedding of His Highness Jeid and Melissa was celebrated all over the kingdom.

The day before, the Goddess appeared again within her dream.

Her divine visage was full of compassion.

“Congratulations on your marriage. But, is that person really good? If you want to run away, now’s the chance?”

Melissa laughed at the Goddess who made such a mischievous remark.

“Fufu, I know that the Goddess acknowledges His Highness.”

Otherwise, the Goddess wouldn’t have appeared before His Highness and fulfilled his wish.

That day when Melissa returned to the castle, His Highness Jeid told her that he regretted everything. Even though they had been together for many years, that side of him was new to Melissa.

“Melissa, don’t you know? When I applied for our engagement eight years ago, it was before you became a saint.”

“What do you mean?”

His Highness sipped his cup of tea to conceal his embarrassment. Then, he began to tell the story of old times.

“If I remember correctly, it was when I was still 10-years-old. Around that time, I was already involved in political affairs. In the remote area that I visited for inspection, there was a beautiful lady. I fell in love with her at the first sight. Her beauty and her gorgeous smile caught my eyes. Thus, I suggested the idea of the engagement to His Majesty. Despite the difference in status, the Robert family had been friends with the royal family for many years. As such, it isn’t difficult to get His Majesty’s approval.”

Robert. It was the name of Melissa’s late house.

“Didn’t you notice that I went to see you several times under the pretense of an inspection? You didn’t know because you were always cheerful and busy. I’ve always cared about you. However, I just didn’t have the courage to call out to you. Bram, who has been watching me for many years, always made fun of me. Then, finally, you and I were of the right age. Thus, I applied for an engagement. I didn’t have the of sending you the formal letter when you were bestowed with the power of the saint. You came to the royal castle and desperately pledged to devote yourself to the kingdom as a saint. I was relieved. That was wrong of me. Instead of focusing on my own feelings, I should’ve known how much your house and your people were suffering. It was my obligation as a member of the royal family. You said that it’s all thanks to me that the kingdom was saved. But that can’t be farther from the truth—for I’m simply a man who dreamed of a future with you rather than the kingdom. I only realized that after you thanked me.”

Melissa shook her head—she believed that wasn’t the case. She knew that His Highness also thought about the kingdom and went all over the kingdom to help the people.

“Since then, it’s been one dizzying day after the other. You struggle to save lives with the power you had just acquired. There’s also the fact that I was busy every day. Despite that, you were always cheerful and smiling. Because of that, I grew even more fond of you. For eight years, you’ve served as a saint. Melissa, that’s more than enough. You’ve did enough for the kingdom—hence, I requested that of the Goddess.”


“Yes, this man requested me to release you. However, it seems that before he could express his feelings to you, you run away. I have never seen such a sloppy man… what have you guys been doing for eight years?”

“…I’m also partly to blame.”

Melissa realized that despite having been talking with His Highness Jeid for so long, she had been oblivious towards his feelings. It seemed that it never occurred to her.

Sometimes, it was necessary to convey those feelings in words.

At the same time, because of her busy schedule, Melissa didn’t have time to consider a future with His Highness.

Finally, Melissa admitted—

“—I don’t have a family anymore. I don’t have anyone—anyone but him. As such, if he were to declare that he no longer needs me, I’d have no one. That’s why, I’ ran away from the possibility of having to face that reality. I’m no longer a saint or a noble lady—I’m afraid of being abandoned by those I have share bonds with, thus, I fled. But, the truth is different. I already have people who worry and care for me. Because of them, I’m able to live as ‘Melissa’, instead of ‘the saint.’”

“I see.”

The Goddess’ eyes were filled with satisfaction.

“You have been through a lot until now. Hence, I will release you from the role of the saint. From now on, be happy.”

The corner of her view shone with glitter. While being enveloped in the Goddess’ soothing air, Melissa woke up.

Melissa shed tears due to her overflowing emotions and her unleashed sense of loss.

As she wiped her cheeks and closed her eyes tightly, Melissa turned around.

She heard a knock on the door.

Maria came in and said with a big smile.

“Melissa, today, I’m going to turn you into the most beautiful bride in the world!”

***T/N: Holy shit, after that long, essay-like, explanation, the prince might need more than just a cup of tea.

…Hold on, if I were to put myself into Melissa’s shoes, then the situation roughly goes like this;

I, a tadpole, got recruited into a high-profile company through sheer luck. But, cuz I’m a potato, I messed up a lot at first. However, throughout the entire process, I realized my true calling, began to love the job, and devote myself into it because even though it’s full of hardships, it’s the kind of hardship I’m willing to endure. Finally, I became expert at the job, which at that point in time, had become both my passion and second nature.

Then, outta nowhere, I got a notice of dismissal from the higher-ups, saying that I’m no longer necessary, and that my substitute has been found.

Apparently, it’s the work of my sexy af boss. He’s hot, he’s rich, and most importantly, has hots for me, to the point he has planned our future til the great hereafter. As a reward for my hardship, he has envisioned a life where I needn’t work for a single day for the rest of my life, where all I need to do is be his merry wife.

All without consulting me.

…Now why do I feel annoyed?

I could’ve liked that job and wanted to keep doing it, y’know…

Also, Goddess-sama, the role of a saint is tedious because you refused to give every new saint a handle on how to do the job!!! Are you too busy reading BL or something!?!?!?

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