I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

2. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

All His Highness, the Crown Prince’s, allegations had been proven false. His Highness, the second prince, the Crown Prince’s brother then announced “Irene, whom I was aiming for, has lost her fiancée! I’m so happy.”

The knights peacefully took away His Highness, the Crown Prince, and Maria-san, who were so stunned that they looked soulless. He’s being disinherited, huhー.

After that, the graduation party continued in full swing, thanks to His Imperial Highness’ quick skill. It was as if nothing had happened at all.

…Ehhh, is this really okay? With just that???

Multiple great personages seemed to come towards me, who had become strangely conspicuous because of the scene caused by His Highness, so I kept to the shadows. Ah!! A special desert was lost because of that whole scene.

I thought victory was in sight after the party was drawing to a close. I’d even managed to get a servant to wrap me up a portion of cake to go.

Ah…I felt like my graduation was essentially ruined because of that fiasco, but I didn’t really care. Right now, I just wanted to go home. I had started walking with the mob towards the direction of the exit, when I was called from behind. I was caught off guard. Who was it???

“Rururia Talbot-sama, Irene-sama would like to thank you in person. Would you please come with me?” Irene’s handsome and graceful servant bowed in front of me.

My house felt awfully far right now, oi.

“That’s very kind of you, thank you. But I just told the truth,” I hid my desire to go home behind my smile. But, it’s not like you could go home if you were summoned by a Duke’s daughter!

…I have no choice but to go, huh? There really isn’t…”

“No, you’ve done something amazing. It’s not just something anyone can do, openly standing up to His Highness, the Crown Prince, like you did.” The valet praises me with a smile, but somehow, I don’t feel complimented at all.

I refused to have the guide escort me like a gentleman and instead simply followed him.

Because!!! These servants, even though they were servants, have their own fan clubs. Please don’t involve me!!! I’m trembling!!

I mean, in the first place, that servant’s smile seemed cold.

I mean, this valet’s smile was chilly. I felt like I would get caught if I did anything improper in front of him!

Even though I’m a bonafide daughter of an Earl!!

As I followed him, a cold sweat ran down my back. I want to go back home!

Irene-sama really is loved by various noblemen. Moreover, all of them are handsome (LOL). It’s not like I’m jealous of you! After all, when I get home I’ll get to see my older brother, who’s a handsome guy, so bite me.

It seemed that we had arrived by the time I finished daydreaming.

The servant lightly knocked and then a beautiful and talented maid appeared. That’s Irene-sama’s maid, isn’t it?

“I’ve brought Rururia Talbot-sama.”

“Please come in.”

I was guided inside and entered quietly. I just wanted to leave already. I wanted to get back home soon. I wanted to return right now.

“We’ve brought Rururia Talbot-sama.”

“Please come in.”

But, upon immediately seeing the room that I had entered….

—Can I leave right now?!!

After my soul flew away to another place for a moment, I curtsied, taking care to look as elegant as possible.

“Thank you for your invitation. I am Count Talbot’s daughter, Rururia.”

Yes, yes, but isn’t this too much formality for just Irene-sama?

“Yes, please do not worry about us and relax.”

That’s obviously impossible!! Ah, if I were a lady with a weak constitution, I would have fainted immediately…I kind of hate my unnecessarily steely nerves.

“I’m honored by your consideration, Your Majesty.”

Let me introduce you to the people in the room, from the top.

His Majesty (the King), His Royal Highness (the Second Prince), the second prince of a neighboring country, the leader of the knights (the bastard with the killing intent), the director of the academy (Marquis), Irene-sama (the daughter of a duke), and a valet.

The tension in this room is too high, I can’t speak! It’s painful because there was too much political power gathered in this room. How are the servants so calm…? Are you guys really really servants???

“Please look up. We’re gathered here casually, so please feel free to relax.”

That was His Royal Highness, the second prince. I really want to tear off that beautiful blond hair of his.

“Please sit over here, Miss Rururia.”

But before that, (though I’ve graduated) could you do your student a favor and tell everyone else to leave this room, director?

“Then, excuse me.”

Eh? The designated seat was next to the captain of the knights (the bastard with the killing intent)??! I try to sit as far away from him as possible.

“I’m grateful to you for telling the truth back there, Rururia-jyou.”

“No, as a member of nobility, I’ve only done as was expected of me, Your Highness.”

His Highness, the prince of the neighboring country, who had relaxed the atmosphere earlier, was speaking with me as if we were close for some reason. It was strange, considering that His Highness is quite famous for rejecting and staying distant from women.

“Please don’t be so humble, Rururia-jyou. I was there and you were incredible.”

“Thank you for the compliment, director.”

For some reason, the director of the academy, who was famous for never complimenting anyone, relaxed his strict-looking but beautiful face and complimented me. The suitors were so handsome and endless, that apparently the Marquis had gotten sick of it and become the director to repel them. I don’t understand.

“Even I couldn’t have spoken up in that kind of setting. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you for your kind words, Prince Harold.” The second prince of our neighboring kingdom, Al-Fayed, who was famous for his poisonous tongue was expressing gratitude towards me without a single hint of sarcasm for some reason. He was handsome with grace suitable for a prince, but it was well known in our country and his own that he dislikes women because he thought of them as frivolous. I don’t understand what’s happening.


Oi! Say something Mr. Commander of the Knights (the bastard with the killing intent)! Get with the atmosphere!

Just as his name suggested, the Knight Commander (or bastard with the killing intent), is famous for being ice-cold. Though his lack of expression doesn’t affect his handsomeness. Well, though, his attitude is still preferable, because it’s less creepy than these misogynists suddenly taking such attitudes towards me.

Seriously, aren’t these guys all supposed to dislike women??

“Rururia-jyou. Thank you from me as well…I didn’t expect you to speak up like that…” Although she was sitting down, Irene-sama gracefully lowered her head. At her melancholic smile paired with her last words, the men around me began to comfort her all at once.

Ah…it’s a second farce.

It was so ridiculous that I’m omitting all their comments to speed up the story.

Then, after watching Irene-sama being pampered, His Majesty, the King, called out to me. By the way, why are you here exactly?

“As they have all said, we are very grateful. If you’d like, I’d like to give you a reward. Is there anything that you would like?”

Ah! Something insane was just said!

I don’t need it; I really don’t need it. I’m from a lower aristocratic family. My father, mother and older brother all have weak stomachs, so please forgive us. We can’t handle something like this.

Well, it’s not like I can exactly refuse right here but, I don’t want to take care of this myself. Big brother, it’s your time up to bat!

While I casually thought of turning responsibility to my brother, I imagined him bemoaning the situation as he cried “it’s impossible” while grabbing at his hurting stomach. Wait, that’s right! I’m still merely the daughter of an Earl. I still have a father to protect me!

“Then, Your Majesty, is it alright to be forward?”

“Yes, of course, tell me.”

I felt the surrounding atmosphere becoming a bit colder, but I didn’t care too much. If I paid too much attention to them then I’d lose it. “If it’s alright, I would like for my father, the patriarch of House Talbot, to decide.”

“Are you sure? But, of course it’s alright.”

“Thank you very much for your kindness. Then, I hope you’ll forgive my father for bothering you at a later date.”

Yes, yes. Now, get up and curtsey. Alright, in one move I had thrown all the responsibility over to my father. Okay, I’ll buy some stomach medicine before I head home. Oh god, please protect my father’s weak stomach.

“You know, if you had been a greedier girl, then you could have picked a marriage partner from this lineup.”

“Your Majesty,” His Highness, the second prince, glared at his father, who was speaking happily. No, it’s okay, I don’t like any of you in this room one bit. I can foresee trouble if I get involved with any of them. Like, even if we had an unlimited number of stomach medications at home, it might not be enough.

I feel a little bad for His Majesty, but I ignored his words with a smile. Man, smiling really is convenient.

Ano…if you wouldn’t mind, perhaps we could have a tea party next week.”

Oh, do you want to be friends with me, Irene-sama? Is that why you’re inviting me? Hm, now that I think about it, Maria-san was the same; she had only a few female friends. Wait, so you don’t have anyone but people who worship you, Irene-sama??

Irene-sama, who looks excited at the prospect of the visit, is quite cute. The people around me…Don’t get all affectionate now!!


“Thank you for your kind invitation. Would it be alright if I asked Sara Wales, daughter of Earl Wales, to accompany me?”

Yes, I’ve asked if I can bring a friend. Attending with a close friend would give off the impression that you didn’t want to spend time with anyone else. Sorry about that, Irene-sama. It’s just, if I become friends with you then I’ll have to get involved with everyone else in this room. Irene-sama also seems vulnerable to pushiness, so I might get dragged into something with her.

I apologize to my friend Sara, who I had gotten involved in this mess.

Irene’s face clouded over at my response (that’s just fine with me) and the men in the room began to get angry with me.

“It’s amazing that you’d turn down the invitation of a Duke’s daughter.” Ah, that poisonous tongue is back. Your Highness, this chilly attitude is actually much better than before. I’m not a masochist, though.

You guys expect a woman to give in if you glare at her? Sorry, but, the outcome has already been decided.

“You’re bolder than I thought!” His Highness, the second prince, lamented. Well, I’m sorry about that.

I didn’t know how intentional it looked, but I opened my fan a little and placed it in front of my mouth. “I’m very sorry Irene-sama! It’s just…I happened to have a tea time scheduled with Sara next week, so…”

Well, that’s a total lie, but it’s okay because sometimes I’m Sara’s alibi when she’s wandering around town.

The men seem to be in a bad mood, but I won’t be scared of them anymore. Rather, I feel sorry for them. They’re quite a bit older than me (more like uncles, if we’re being honest) but they’re glaring outright at a sixteen year old girl. It’s pathetic.

Oh no. I see His Majesty looking my way and the second prince is evaluating me with cold eyes, even though we’re in front of the king. Hey, hadn’t you guys wanted to thank me? What’s with this treatment? Oh well, I don’t care anymore, so please let me go back home.

 His Majesty, who seemed more interested in me before, sent some wonderful words to the me – who, no matter how you looked at it – looked exhausted.

“You’re quite the interesting girl! You must be tired today, why don’t you return home.”

“Thank you!! Then, please excuse me!!”

I unconsciously thanked him with all my might, oh well, whatever. I can finally go home!

Though, let’s keep it a secret that because of my joy, I forgot to buy stomach medicine on the way back.

“And that’s how a group of adults tried to threaten a young girl into being Irene-sama’s friend. What a terrible story, don’t you agree elder brother?

“Just what is going on in your head that that’s the conclusion you came to?” Brother mumbled that his stomach was hurting. Well, I just stated the facts so it can’t be helped. “Rather than that, by throwing His Majesty’s reward to father…you made him faint.”

That’s right. We held a family meeting immediately after I had returned home. I reported the day’s events, resulting in father and mother – who always got along so well – to collapse in unison.

Father was helped by our butler and muttered, “Why…why…” the entire way to bed. Mother was carried to bed by brother, by the way.

Well, I didn’t want to get blamed by accepting His Majesty’s reward and be told that I’d done something excessive.

As he looked at me, who shrugged, my brother grabbed his stomach. Oh no, what to do…it’ll be okay, brother.

“Isn’t it usually just a cash reward?”

“If you ask for a specific amount, you might be seen as disrespectful…”

That’s right. This had occurred to me so I’d thrown the responsibility towards father.

“But more than that, what do you think about those troublesome people, elder brother?” I’m reminded of Irene-sama’s entourage (LOL). They seem more problematic than Maria-san, to be honest.

“Ah, that’s right…now that Irene-sama’s engagement has been broken, one of them is sure to propose to her.” Elder brother groans, wrinkles forming between his eyes. After all, now there’s a possibility that the most powerful people in the kingdom will fight for a single beautiful girl (LOL). There’s even the possibility of a civil war.

Well, that’s just how it is.

“Do your best, elder brother!!”

“You think about it some too!! Ugh…my stomach!!”