The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

21. The Returnee Noble Lady (20)

First, she tore off everyone’s bindings using bare hands.

Amazed, Zeke stared at his free hands.

“For a child to tear off a rope this easily… I’ve certainly heard that magic isn’t to be reckoned with.”

“That’s not entirely true, I think there’s something a tad bit weird with this child!”

“…A, aren’t you guys worried about being charged with slander, talking like that in regarding to the Emperor’s fiancée…”

“That’s right, I haven’t heard your name yet.”

Jill, who put her hand on the lookout soldier’s rope, inquired.

“I, it’s exactly as Camila has called before… it’s Mihari…


“People used to joke about it…”

“T, then, all this time, I’ve been calling you your name without knowing—!? Why, your name literally means ‘lookout’—!!!”

Mr. Mihari, who was also a Mihari(lookout) soldier, leaked out a sad voice. Sufia laughed a little when she heard their exchange.

Zeke stood up and started stretching to loosen his muscles.

“So, what’s our plan? Even if we manage to find some weapons along the way, with this much manpower, we would only succeed through a surprise attack.”

“First, we get out of here and release the other Northern Division soldiers. They’ve likely been captured like us. We’ll team up with them. I think they’re held somewhere.”

Mihari stretched out his free hands.

“I, I overheard that other soldiers are being held in the cathedral! However, I also heard that many of them are injured…”

“…doesn’t sound like they would be much help. Wouldn’t it be best to just run away with all of us here?”

“We must not abandon them. By being ahead of ourselves like that, what if later we are accused of being spies and that Lady Sufia had been deceived?”

Working hand in hand with the Northern Division to protect Lady Sufia was of the utmost importance. Their joint effort with the Northern Division needed to be recognized.

Camila frowned at Jill’s idea.

“I see your point, but isn’t it too risky?”

“It’ll be alright. We can do it.”

“Since we’ve reached this far already, let’s see what you’ve got. I’ll do anything necessary.”

At Zeke’s laugh, Camila shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, certainly, that would yield the best result—aah, this way, we won’t be able to avoid getting into battle…”

“Then, Mihari, please guide me. Zeke and Camilla will escort Lady Sufia.”

“I have no problem with that, but who’s going to escort you?”

Jill looked back at Zeke. Uwah… Camila’s face seemed to be in pain.

“You may not seem like it, but you must be used to these kinds of situations… In Kratos, by possessing such magical power, would you be drafted into military service?”

“…not really, but my house policy—ah, please don’t worry too much about it, since I’ll be fi—“

“I’d like to see your strength too. Even if you have magical prowess, you’re still a child. It would be bad if you attract unwanted attention from the enemy. How about we move instead of you? You can just stay here.”

Zeke said casually, while Camila patted Jill’s head. Mihari also nodded many times.

While she was wondering what happened, Sufia grasped her hands.

“Let’s just stay here.”

“Right~ if we manage to not only destroy the stigmas, but also protect our future Empress, I’m sure there would be a lot of pluses for us!”

In the words of Sufia and Camila, Jill rethought of her position. Certainly, that would result in the Northern Division being credited for protecting both Jill and Sufia. In addition, Jill didn’t doubt Zeke and Camilla’s abilities.

Although I’m the one who trained their magical prowess to attain a certain degree… well, if I overlook that, it should be fine?

“…Alright. I shall believe in your words.”

Fuun. Why didn’t you say so from the beginning~ first, let’s think about how to escape.”

“Let’s break the wall.”

Releasing her hand from Sufia, Jill touched the wall of the warehouse. Camilla panicked.

“Eh, wait, you’re being serious? You can do that? Wai—“

“—we don’t have much time, complain later.”

Enveloping her right fist with magical power, she proceeded to pounce the wall. After a moment of silence, the wall collapsed, causing enormous noise.

“By the way, I have been called ‘Demon Sergeant’.”

Oops. She almost blurted it out—

—while everyone was stunned, the enemy’s screams could be heard.

“I look forward to seeing everyone’s feats. It’s alright, I’ll follow you two until I die.”

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