President-Elect Trump’s Military Loyalties?

Conspiracy Questions
President-elect Trump has tweeted two “out of control” military spending comments in regards to aircrafts this past month. The first was December 6, 2016 about the new 747 Air Force One. Developing a new Air Force One takes 4-8 years. The outcome of his decision will not result in any potential harm for himself. Instead, his successor, the future president of the United States, will be at risk. The president-elect’s most recent critique was over the F-35 jetfighter on December 12, 2016. Many western allies along with the United States military already have orders in place for this new line of stealth fighter. Not only is this major break from what he promised during his campaign, cancelling development of the F-35 will also weaken the military might of America and its allies of the Western World. Furthermore, this action harms the American economy. To develop these planes, the Pentagon issues thousands of sub-contracts across the country. Ending them takes jobs away from American manufactures. This development sparks a question. Orders for the F-35 spanning the next 20 odd years have already been placed. Will the United States refund, or even be able to refund, them? If not, why? Was the money already spent on something else? If so, what?
            Another troubling issue also needs to be considered. What are president-elect Trump’s ties to Russia? The president-elect does not seem bothered by the fact that Russia may have influenced the election in his favor. Many may recall that he himself asked Russia to interfere with the election by tasking them to find democratic representative Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails. The most recent development is the appointment of Rex Tillerson as his next Secretary of State. Tillerson, the outgoing chief executive of Exxon Mobil, has close ties with Vladimir Putin, the current president of the Russian Federation. Back in 2013, Putin awarded Tillerson with the Russian Order of Friendship. The question that arises here revolves around Russia’s aggressive military development in Northern Europe. Is president-elect Trump purposefully weakening the western military power? The U.S. military, as it stands, is still the most powerful in the world. It possesses the world’s first and second most powerful air force. The North American continent has no need to fear from an invasion. Europe is another story. If the European continent falls into war with Russia, what will the United States do? Of course, America will support its allies, but to what extent and effect? Is the weakening of the military connected to some unseen war?